Climate-Friendly Gardening in Action

Are you interested in creating a climate-friendly garden? These videos can help get you started. Follow UCS analyst Karen Perry Stillerman on her visit to Eden Place Nature Center in Chicago to see how the same practices used to create this urban oasis can transform the American agricultural landscape.


Use yard waste and table scraps to turn your garden into a global warming mitigation machine.

Urban Trees

They provide shade, lower air conditioning use, and store carbon.

Today the Backyard, Tomorrow the World

What we do in our gardens, farmers can do in their fields.

VP Biden goes to Costco …


whitehouse has uploaded The Vice President goes to Costco.
The Vice President goes to Costco
Vide President Joe Bident visits the grand opening of a Costco store in Washington D.C., where he was able to shop for some gifts, talk to shoppers and speak on the need for congress to extend tax cuts for middle-class Americans

Judd Legum


ThinkProgress (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When partisan lawmakers are holding our country—and our economy—hostage, Rep. Keith Ellison relies on ThinkProgress to hold them accountable. So do millions of others.

But hard-hitting, fact-based coverage requires a lot of resources—and we don’t have the Koch Brothers or Super PACs to foot our bills. We rely on people like you, and we need your help right now. To continue providing the important economic coverage that you and Rep. Ellison depend on, we need to raise $50,000 by midnight Friday.

ThinkProgress’s survival depends on your support. Rep. Ellison is supporting ThinkProgress, so we can continue our critical work. We hope you will too.


Judd Legum

Ask an Entrepreneur: Strengthening Immigrant Pathways for Job Creators.


whitehouse has uploaded Ask an Entrepreneur: Strengthening Immigrant Pathways for Job Creators.
Luis Arbulu explains Entrepreneur Pathways, a new resource center that provides entrepreneurs looking to start a business in the United States with a more intuitive way to navigate the immigration process.

Welcome to West Wing Week


whitehouse has uploaded West Wing Week: 11/30/12 or “#My2k, Tweet it!”.
West Wing Week: 11/30/12 or “#My2k, Tweet it!”
Welcome to the West Wing Week, your guide to everything that’s happening at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. This week, the National Christmas Tree arrived at the White House and holiday decorating got underway, while the President marked Small Business Saturday, and met with leaders of businesses large and small to discuss the importance of avoiding a middle class tax hike next year. He also welcomed the President-Elect of Mexico, his Cabinet, his science and technology council, and the 2012 American Nobel Laureates.