Stephanie Miller “Sexy Liberal Comedy Tour” is coming to Seattle December 14

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Stephanie Miller “Sexy Liberal Comedy Tour” with John Fugelsang and Hal Sparks Saturday, December 14 at 8:00 pm The Paramount Theatre, Seattle

Norman Goldman is coming to town on Jan. 18 to “Party on for Progressive Radio”

“Party On for Progressive Radio” A Festive Reunion for AM1090 Listeners, A Shout Out to AM 1090 Advertisers & A Rally to Support the Future of Progressive Talk in the Greater Puget Sound!

Featuring National Progressive Talk Show Host Norman Goldman!

Saturday, January 18 at 7:00 pm

Impact Hub Seattle/220 Second Ave South Accessible building served by major bus routes

Advance Tickets: $10.90   Additional donations gratefully accepted.

Stay tuned for details! Tickets go on sale soon.  Please invite your friends and help spread the word!

On #GivingTuesday Help Protect the Amazon from Big Oil

Amazon Watch
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Photo of Patricia Gualinga by Boris Andrade in Gatopardo magazine
Photo of Patricia Gualinga by Boris Andrade in Gatopardo magazineWonderful news for Giving Tuesday!

Ecuador‘s 11th Round Oil Auction that threatened millions of acres of rainforest and indigenous territory is over and it ended last Friday as a dismal failure! Because of your support we were able to see a reduction in the initial oil blocks from 21 to 13 and two extensions to the auction – doubling its original duration – because the bidders weren’t bidding. Of the hundreds of international oil companies that were invited to bid, only 4 ultimately did so. In part due to the tremendous pressure generated by Amazon Watch once we accompanied our indigenous allies around the world demonstrating that communities will oppose every effort to drill on their lands.

Please celebrate on this Giving Tuesday by contributing so we may continue to stand with our allies in defending the Amazon from Big Oil.

For the past two weeks we have highlighted the work of our partner and friend, Sarayaku-born activist and leader Patricia Gualinga. While she is pleased that the 11th Round is over and failed overall, Patricia remains concerned about the future of her community, the Amazon and our global climate.

Upon hearing the results of the 11th Round, she said:

“Petro Andes, a Chinese company, has made an offer in the 11th Oil-Licensing Round that affects 6,000 hectares of the sacred territory of Sarayaku, sacred land of our ancestors. From Sarayaku, we once again express our whole-hearted rejection of oil development on our territory. This company will not enter our territory. We will defend it with our lives.”

Please continue to stand with us to make more victories possible and keep up this integral fight for the future of the Amazon, for the indigenous peoples there, and for our global climate. Help us to support Patricia Gualinga as she continues to be one of the powerful voices of indigenous leadership and justice in the Amazon.

Thank you from all of us at Amazon Watch on this Giving Tuesday and every day.

Branden Barber
Branden Barber
Director of Engagement

Giving Tuesday: Your Chance to Save the Asian Elephant

On Giving Tuesday — a worldwide effort to act for the common good — you can do something amazing.

You can save the Asian elephant. And, working together, it may be our last chance.
With their populations already endangered due to human expansion, deaths by high speed railroad trains are driving elephants over the brink.
On November 13, a high-speed train in the Jalpaiguri district slammed into a herd of elephants crossing India‘s wider faster “Killer Tracks.” Five adult elephants and two calves were slaughtered and 10 more were severely injured, their bodies so demolished that at first officials could not take an accurate death toll.
With thousands of miles of railroad tracks passing through areas inhabited by elephants, train deaths are mounting and the NYTimes reports that activists and wildlife officials have repeatedly met with transportation officials in hope of minimizing collisions.
Now, Earth Day Network’s India office has launched a large-scale emergency campaign to save the Asian elephant.
Community leaders, lawyers, school children, elephant experts, teachers, and local government officials have joined with Earth Day Network in this ambitious effort.
With your help, we will:

  • Implement a simple but effective early warning system to prevent elephant deaths from railway accidents.
  • Initiate a citizen suit to eliminate the environmental impact exemption for railways.
  • Build and mobilize a broad national citizens’ movement to support environmental impact requirements and protect Asian elephants.
  • Work to develop a lasting stewardship program among local community leaders.

But we can’t do it without you. Please act now to save the Asian elephant!
Celebrate Giving Tuesday by making a donation to help save one of the world’s most incredible species.
Thanks for your support,
- The Earth Day Network Team

Rudy Lopez, Reform Immigration FOR America … Starving for reform

Eliseo and I

         Support the fasters by sending a message to House leaders calling for on them to make reform a reality!

Send a postcard!


I have seen firsthand how our broken immigration system tears families apart.  Now that we are so close to passing immigration reform, I am pushing myself to do all that I can to demand that Speaker John Boehner and other House leaders bring reform to a vote. I am taking part in the Fast for Families on the National Mall.

We fast as an act of faith — faith in the power of our communities, and in our country’s ability to pass reform that will keep our families together. But our fast alone will not bring about change. We need support and action from our movement to make sure that the message of our fast has the impact it needs in the House of Representatives.

Today is a Day to Act, Fast, and Pray — a national day of action.

It is our moral responsibility to do everything we can to show our leaders the urgent need to stop family separation and to make immigration reform a reality. Help ensure that our message is heard in Congress right now.

Some fasters have gone more than three weeks without food. I am now on the 13th day of my fast, and I will take part until my body cannot continue. Although we face physical pain from hunger, we know that it is nothing compared to the pain thousands of families face from deportation.

As my friend and fellow faster Eliseo Medina said, “We’re tired. Feeling weak. But you know, as tired as we are, there is still a hunger within us for justice. A hunger to be heard. A hunger for the end of this suffering.”

I have faith that we can move our leaders to act, but we need your prayers and your voice. Send a message to leaders in Congress now.

With faith,immigration

Rudy Lopez Reform Immigration FOR America

PS: You can learn more about the Fast for Families at

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