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Does Dogma Destory Our Oceans

Oceans are being put at risk by anti-government dogma. We need all federal agencies to be fully involved in ocean planning efforts to ensure coastal communities are prepared for natural disasters.
            Please sign the petition today! Don’t Let Dogma Destroy Our Oceans

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Campaign Bumper Stickers!


Dear Friend,

It’s hard to believe, but we are less than ONE YEAR from Election Day in 2014!

I have been overwhelmed by the incredible support I have received in the last year from grassroots supporters like you. Earlier, I asked my supporters to contribute $9 For Nina and become a part of the movement to preserve the right to vote, but now we’re taking it up a notch with the launch of $10 For Turner!

To say thank you for joining my campaign, every $10 donation before December 20 will come with a Nina Turner for Secretary of State bumper sticker!

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My opponent will have millions of dollars from big corporate special interests and fat-cat billionaires to bankroll his campaign, because they know, when more people vote, Democrats win. That’s why they’ll stop at nothing to make sure Jon Husted gets reelected and can continue his war on the right to vote in Ohio.

I’m running for Secretary of State because I believe that YOUR voice is the one that truly matters. Ohioans deserve a Secretary of State who believes in free and unfettered access to the ballot for all registered voters and who will work tirelessly to return Ohio to the Gold Standard of elections in America.

Show your support for my campaign and for trying to expand, not suppress, access to the ballot with a $10, $25, or more donation and get your bumper sticker today!


Senator Nina Turner

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a message from VP Joe Biden

The White House, Washington

Twenty years ago, President Clinton signed the Brady Bill into law.

That law said that if you want to purchase a firearm from a federally licensed dealer in this country, you have to get a background check first. It was a historic piece of legislation — one that’s kept 1.5 million of the wrong people from getting their hands on a firearm in the last 14 years.

But in the wake of the tragedy in Newtown — a year ago this month — we know we’ve got to keep working to build on that progress.

And so even after a minority of Senators blocked commonsense legislation to reduce gun violence this spring, we’re pushing forward.

President Obama laid out 23 executive actions to make sure the Administration took essential and rapid steps to save lives while respecting our Second Amendment rights. And since January, we’ve completed or made significant progress on all of them.

President Obama is keeping his word to make sure our families and communities are safe. See the progress we’ve made.

Those 23 executive actions are keeping guns out of dangerous hands. They’re providing support for communities to hire school resource officers. And they’re reducing the stigma around mental illness.

Now, it’s not enough to take these steps on our own — we still need Congress to pass comprehensive legislation to reduce gun violence. We need expanded background checks, and we need to create serious penalties for gun trafficking. There is no question that these kinds of measures would protect our kids and keep our communities safer.

No parent should ever face the horror of the scene at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Or a movie theater in Aurora. Or a temple in Oak Creek. Or the campus at Virginia Tech.

We’ve seen too much gun violence as a country. And if there’s even one thing we can do to save a life, it is our most sacred duty to try.

That’s where I stand. And you have my word that the President and I are doing everything we can to make sure no parent loses their child to gun violence.

Take a look at the progress we’ve made:


Thank you,


Degrading black professors

Depicting a black professor as a gorilla being sodomized by his white supervisor was just the beginning. Sign my petition calling on California’s attorney general to investigate systemic racism at UCLA.

Dr. Christian Head was a respected surgeon at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). But because he is black, Dr. Head was the target of blatant discrimination — including a public presentation that featured an image depicting Dr. Head as a gorilla being sodomized by his white supervisor.

Dr. Head fought back. After more than 100,000 people signed a petition supporting him on Change.org, his lawyers were able to secure a landmark settlement from UCLA. But Dr. Head was far from the only faculty member to experience racism at UCLA. 

In fact, a shocking new study reveals that the problem is extremely widespread. As a national board member of the NAACP who lives in Los Angeles, I am abhorred that a prestigious public university like UCLA would turn a blind eye to the systematic degradation of its non-white faculty members.

That’s why I started a petition on Change.org calling on California’s attorney general, Kamala Harris, to launch an investigation into racism at UCLA to determine if civil rights laws have been violated and to recommend solutions. Click here to sign my petition.

The Los Angeles Times reports that the recent campus-wide study of racism at UCLA — led by former California Supreme Court Justice Carlos Moreno — said that UCLA regularly ignored complaints about discrimination and retaliation. One Latino professor reported being called a racial slur by a colleague in front of his students. He says he was told that reporting what happened to him would only “cause more trouble.”

Since UCLA refuses to take action to address systemic racism on campus, it’s time for Attorney General Harris to step in. 

As a strong woman of color in California leadership, Attorney General Harris is uniquely positioned to take swift and decisive action to address UCLA’s pernicious culture of discrimination. I know that if thousands of people sign my petition, Attorney General Harris will respond, just as a petition created key pressure to enable Dr. Head to win his settlement from UCLA.

Click here to sign my petition calling on Attorney General Harris to launch an investigation into systemic racism at UCLA. 

Thank you,

Ron Hasson Los Angeles, CA