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Newtown anniversary ad:

It’s been almost one year since Newtown.People across the country will be observing a moment of silence for the 20 children and 6 adults who were murdered at Sandy Hook Elementary. But with 26 more school shootings in the past year, is silence what America really needs right now?

Watch our powerful new TV ad and make a donation of $26 or more to help put it on the air:

We need this message to be seen everywhere — because even though we’ve seen a lot of success in states around the country this year, Congress still hasn’t enacted common-sense laws that would prevent gun violence and save lives.

We can’t let another moment of silence pass by without meaningful action that will keep our communities safe.

Please watch our Newtown anniversary ad and make a donation of $26 or more today:

Thank you for helping us share this message.

Mark Glaze
Mayors Against Illegal Guns

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in the pursuit of change … GUN REFORM

 All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.

-Edmund Burke

repost …

 another day another shooting!!!

we need folks to push for Gun Reform



As more Americans watch, wait and wonder when Congress will take a stand on gun control, more say there is absolutely no reason a civilian should own or have access to an assault weapon. The fact is assault weapons; the standard infantry combat choice for most modern armies has no place in a civil society.  Police already have trouble protecting and serving our communities against illegal guns, legislation that broadly regulates the firearms industry (ammunition) and firearms owners let alone automatic weapons solely made and meant to kill people quickly.

We have also been asking for some time now, at what point will our (rational, sane & educated) members of Congress, the firearm industry(ammunition) and gun owners stand up speak up or out over the current stalemate to move gun laws into the 21st Century. The NRA has clung on to power by holding an archaic law over the heads of Americans, as well as being a thorn in all our sides, spending millions lobbying for gun rights while controlling votes in Congress.

The Second Amendment, states: “A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a Free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

Is it possible that this amendment is in dire need of a revaluation for the lives of our citizens.

In 1994, Congress added a background check system to strengthen our existing laws to keep guns out of the hands of felons, drug abusers, and the mentally ill.

In 2004, Congress let the assault weapons ban expire. It is time to recognize and change the flaws in the background check system that have been exposed again and again over the years, in the massacres at Columbine, Virginia Tech, Arizona, Michigan, Washington state ,Colorado, Indiana, Portland, China, Chicago, Newtown CT,DC ,LAX airport, families all over this country, Young Black Males and some White males

If not now when, is a good question.

written 7/26/12