Now he’s after abortion access – stop Speaker Boehner from taking away our rights

  Tell your Member of Congress to reject the Smith bill and protect women’s access to abortion.  

Speaker Boehner’s priorities:

#1: Hold a vote to repeal the health care law, which will harm women’s health;

#2: Threaten women’s access to health insurance coverage of abortion, even when it is paid for with their own private dollars, which would harm women’s health.

Sense a trend?

 Tell your member of Congress to Stop Speaker Boehner and other anti-choice members of Congress from threatening Women’s health.

It’s no coincidence that this week, leading up to anniversary of the landmark Roe v Wade decision, anti-choice Members of Congress introduced the Smith bill (H.R. 3). This bill:

  • Increases taxes on millions of individuals and small businesses that keep the insurance plans they currently have;
  • Attempts to shut down the private market for insurance coverage that includes abortion, even though the coverage is paid for with private funds;
  • Makes dangerous restrictions on abortion coverage permanent;
  • Prevents some rape survivors and women with life-threatening pregnancies from obtaining insurance coverage for abortion.

I know — you probably have to read the list above again, but it’s true — Speaker Boehner and other anti-choice Members of Congress have decided to vote on a bill that is this dangerous for women. The truth is, he’s on a roll to make sure that his special interests are taken care of. And his special interests? They don’t have the interests of women’s health in mind.

Tell your Member of Congress to oppose the harmful Smith bill (HR.3) and protect women’s health

Today, as we celebrate everything that the Roe v Wade decision has meant for women, we also need to remind ourselves that access to abortion is continually threatened, and we must do all we can to protect it.

Thank you for helping us protect women’s access to reproductive health services.


    Judy Waxman
Vice President for Health and Reproductive Rights
National Women’s Law Center

P.S. Want to learn more about how the Smith bill harms women’s health? Check out our new fact sheet.

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