Voting is a Right NOT a Privilege ~~ 50 yrs ~~ The Struggle continues

Dear @ChiefJusticeRoberts

Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” -George Santayana


On March 7, 1965, hundreds of brave unarmed nonviolent women and men dared to March for African Americans right to vote.

The fact is that less than 1% of eligible Blacks voted or registered to vote.

People organized a Peaceful Protest March from Selma to the state capitol in Montgomery. However, as those protesters crossed the Edmund Pettus Bridge to Montgomery. The police, some riding horses were ready for violence decided to engage in excessive use of force, which included brutally beating protesters with billy clubs, others sprayed water as well as tear gas at these kids, while journalists and photographers witnessed.

The brutal reaction by the police was not only caught on tape it forced then President Johnson, who was once against civil rights programs as a Senator to call on Congress for equal voting rights for all on March 15.


The Voting Act of 1965 was signed into law on August 6; is a landmark piece of national legislation in the United States that outlawed discriminatory voting practices that had been responsible for the widespread disenfranchisement of African Americans in the U.S.

That day that started out peacefully quickly descended into an awful ugly March of death for the right to vote called ,”Bloody Sunday”.

Now, some 48 years later, a new “Jim Crow” era has emerged with a major step backward in the fight for civil and voting rights. There are conservative states targeting not only African Americans but also Senior citizens, first time voters, early voting, Students, low income, immigrants and the undocumented though Republicans call them (illegals) Dreamers. In addition, Governors from RedStates are allowing election officials to purge voters, people without birth certificates were given limited or completely denied access to the voting booth failing to meet new voter ID regulations in time and were treated like possible (illegals). This  is the 21st Century; we should be on a progressive path toward equality for all not one that will re-engage folks in the act of racism or exclusion leading to suppressing participation in the election process. This year, new stricter voter ID legislation is pending in thirty-one states. This includes, voter ID proposals in thirteen states with proposals to strengthen existing voter ID laws in ten states, and eight states that will amend the new voter ID laws passed in 2011.

We need to push back  on all attempts to suppress the right to Vote.

With so much at stake, it is time to stop sitting on the sidelines. If we are going to succeed, Conservative lawmakers NEED to hear our Voices.

We cannot let the naysayers turn back the clock on Voting Rights or the next generation.

Thank You for Taking Action


Has your state implemented a ban or reduction plan for Plastic Bags? 2014


More shopping means more plastic … unless your State is going green

So, if you live in LA remember to BYORB …reusuable bag! because plastic is banned and paper bags will cost you .10cents.

  Poly-bags are made from petroleum, are non-biodegradable and manufacturing paper bags requires large quantities of wood. The problem and question, is whether the attempt to clean up our act state by state has a great department where folks are determined to  regulate the use of these environmental killers properly, so that our next generation has a chance.

Do you know how many states are banning plastic bags ? The ban or reduction of plastic bags was implemented on July 1 of 2012 in Seattle, WA.  It’s now 2014 and as spring& summer time weather begins, folks start shopping.  I get it, it is not lucrative to ask for reusable bags or to inform the public about the .5 to .10cent charge for each bag, but given the idea that we all should be concerned about the environment; I do expect a little more effort to push reusable bags.  Some states have implemented their Ban or Reduction plans, but not much information is available about who will or is enforcing the new rules or how they are measuring the reduction rate, if at all. The struggle to clean up our environment should not be this complicated or hard and hopefully our city councils will keep at it with great zeal as the plastic’s industry has big $$ incentives to stall or stop it …

They need to think about the next generation …  the Seattle City Council rules and regulations on plastic bags are below

How will the plastic bag ban work?

It’s simple – retailers are prohibited from offering plastic  carryout bags to customers. Paper bags may still be provided to customers for a  minimum of five cents – stores keep the nickel to help cover the cost of  providing bags. Everyone is encouraged to bring, sell and use reusable bags.

What bags?

Banned Bags Include: plastic bags provided at checkout of all  retail stores (bags less than 2.25 ml thick and made from non‐renewable sources). Exclusions: bags used by shoppers in a store to package bulk  foods, meat, flowers, bakery goods or prescriptions; newspaper, door hanger  bags and dry cleaning bags.

What stores?

Where the policy applies: all retail stores including but not  limited to grocery stores, corner and convenience stores, pharmacies,  department stores, farmers markets, restaurants and catering trucks. Where it’s not applicable: for take‐out food where  there is a public health risk if a bag is not provided.

What about paper?

Retailers may provide paper bags made of at least 40% recycled  paper for a minimum 5 cent pass through cost that retailers keep to offset the  cost of providing bags. Low income customers who qualify for food assistance programs  shall be provided paper bags at no charge.

We have a couple of great bags as well, much larger

April 15


taxpayerbigoil_giveawayTAX DAY …

It’s a day that warrants stress, sadness and if you listen to the teabag members it’s all about anger and complaints, but it doesn’t seem to have much to do with taxes … it’s strange, slightly crazy and while most of us may hate paying taxes if we have to we are also seriously happy if we get a refund. The anger coming from well-known Republican Politicians who support the TeaParty agenda seems steeped in ugly politics, policy and race least we talk about their move to abolish the IRS while their Chairman continues to spend taxpayer money on IRS hearings that are not only embarrassing, but he and his GOP co-horts actually rationalize Chairman Issa’s behavior .

Those who choose to be a part of the teaparty of today seem to hide the reasons for why they joined the movement. I wonder, did the original movement’s attitude include distain over a President who is African American or an economy that was shoved into the ditch. The house of Bush was given a surplus, but who cares right? The leaders of whatever the movement is called include SPalin/rlimbaugh/bachmann/tcruz and others like them have an agenda about something but it is not all about taxes. The fact that SPalin has raked in millions since losing her bid for the White House makes me wonder … is she still playing both side of the financial issue 6 years later.robin_hood_tax_bt duh

We continue to watch listen to conservative talking heads stir up trouble about why health-care is not working or being accepted by the public. It’s annoying frustrating and sad; people are afraid of the unknown people who talk don’t seem to understand what healthcare reform means for them or their families until they need it and well, over 7Million signed up and as the CBO has stated over 20Million will be signed up for Obamacare(ACA) by 2017. It’s important to know that our health care system needed to be fixed and because it has a 16% impact on our economy it needed to be moved into the 21st Century after decades of companies like AIG and others who have corrupted our American financial system. The notion that the crash is the fault of the current President is not only absurd one would think that after the SCOTUS decision Republicans in Congress would stop spending taxpayer money to rile their base with those fake votes on the floor that have no chance of a #ACA removal ~~ as it is PBO bill. I have to say it’s puzzling sad and embarrassing to know Republican members of Congress don’t care about how they look dragging a bill that is now a law onto the floor of Congress for the 55th time when so much work is needed to be done.

The downward spiral that our economy took started a long time ago; the problem is, no one tried to take care of it because folks were used to the status quo. The Party of NO wants Wall Street and big Banks to continue as before … is this what mainstreet Americans want? Hell NO

People need to listen to what is being said by Republicans because conservatives; specifically mitch mcconnell, speaker boeher, cornyn and others are manipulating the truth on the right.   We need to ask ourselves who in their right mind asks for money from Wall Street, attempts or manages to make a deal to try and stop or slow down new and stricter financial regulatory laws when it would be for the greater good. It’s obvious Republicans or IRS haters are making those so-called back room deals but from where I sit the deals are with the devil; specifically Wall Street, big Banks, lobbyists and other AIG types that got Americans into trouble in the first place and continue to do so

Now, we need a Democratic majority, which means getting off the midterm sidelines in 2014 vote for DEMOCRATS! They need to find the courage to implement tougher tax financial rules regulations policies that will keep those “partners” who helped ruin our economy honest.


Say it isn’t so …


So, I got an email on Monday, saying oh… there’s more that Justin Gammill has to share about “natural flavorings,” turns out , so do I. I was informed by my fams that icecream more often than not  was homemade and our mom only used pure vanilla extract when vanilla was needed! Whew! So, at least 20years of my life were “Vanilla flavouring,” free, though the fact is anything that has a scent probably includes … Castoreum ~~ from you know where. I also came across a 2011 article from and that is posted separately, below is my first post … continuity for updates of course

 I was looking through my email a few days ago and came across an article about ice cream and the heading gave me the impression something seemingly vile was being put in it and had to find out. I love and eat all kinds of ice cream all year around because of its ice creamy goodness. I was still am in the reason rationalization phase, thinking ok, I can find out which ice cream brands actually list all of their ingredients and omit that “natural flavoring” disclaimer because they don’t use …you know what! From you know where! A secretion sac. Then I found out that Castoreum,  used for beauty products and sadly, that was not all.

The article by Justin Gammill, was well written I laughed but I cannot lie it pissed me off to find out that my obsession for vanilla was … extracted from my heart. I have been a vanilla lovin fool since my crayon days second to coconut and included in my group of extraordinary smells I love obsess over and have used for years. While I love cinnamon and almond too, vanilla was … yes, was my go to after Shea butter for the skin the others for all things used on our skin eat and drink. I admit the article brought out feelings of sadness as well as sounds of ick eeep ugh of what must happen to the animal giving up their secretions let alone who how why did someone decide, uh um  uh let’s take that beaver sac and see what we can do with its stuff. I am definitely frowning about the slap of ugly reality of “natural flavorings” knowing it had to come from somewhere and that was bad enough, but to research it a little more and read what has to say:

“Where you’ll find it: On both female &male Beavers ~ Castoreum! “While it sounds downright disgusting, the FDA says it’s GRAS, meaning it’s “generally recognized as safe.” You won’t see Castoreum on the food label because it’s generally listed as “natural flavoring.” It’s natural all right—naturally icky.”

Today, Castoreum used as a tincture in some perfumes[5] as a food additive, perfumes cigarettes, bee keepers use it and there are medicinal uses as well. Apparently, back in the 18th Century, they thought Castoreum induced abortions among other things and helped headaches too … goodness, don’t tell your favourite Republican because they will suggest putting that between your knees too !

All kidding aside, this stuff is worth a lot per sac.

Resources: wiki, the internet, and Justin’s article












climate change realities …


Haitians_fill_ferry_in_Port-au-Prince_2010-01-16                        SandyStrom


While we all watched in horror as SE Asia endured yet more storms following Haiyan …or Yolanda, we can all agree - it was definitely a catastrophic Typhoon. The number of deaths reported has reached beyond 6000, lest we even dare whisper about the number of folks missing from the Philippines or not.  There are several questions to ask ourselves about climate change.  I am no expert but American members of Congress need to listen to the People of the Philippines, the Marshall Islands and the Maldives, who have been screaming at us for quite some time to accept it … Climate Change is real.  I know we will never ever forget about Katrina Ike, Moore, Camille or Sandy. There were plenty of storms before Sandy but it is a great example of how climate deniers are hurting us while some in Congress were making insane stupid comments and generally showing just how unqualified they were eventually deciding to fund Sandy’s recovery, though Americans gasped in horror at how any Public Servant was able to say well the amount is too much let alone vote NO when  the next natural disaster is just as close as the vote or the next storm. These members of Congress debate vote, give foreign aid all the time… get a clue we are in a new phase, and the American experience called Climate Change has become a sad slap of reality. The question is, will these members of Congress, these Public Servants these Government workers who debate vote discuss challenge federal rights and promote states rights learn that a disaster like Katrina, Ike, Sandy, Haiyan or any of those in between tornadoes, hurricanes or snowstorms are telling us to pay attention NOW

A rude reminder …. and example of what could be if folks in Congress don’t accept Climate Change …

FYI: Haiti still needs Help

On Tuesday, January 12, 2010, a catastrophic earthquake struck near Port-au-Prince, Haiti.  Citing UN statistics, 400,000 are still homeless three years after the Haiti earthquake and for-profit companies having found their way into the game, reportedly were/are building temporary housing leaving out internal walls while one emergency after another is forcing those genuinely committed to helping to provide temporary solutions, only a tourniquet for the long term problems

Yes, Haiti experienced the worst earthquake to hit the area in more than 200 years. Entire communities, torn apart and as many as 3 million or more people directly affected, including tens of thousands of American citizens who are in Haiti.

In an article in the Miami Herald written on 1/13

“The country is becoming more and more difficult to live in,” said Simin, sitting outside a friend’s one-room home, where she sleeps on the floor with her two children. “We haven’t seen change. People have problems with food, problems with schools, and problems with housing. Once you have a problem with finding a place to sleep, you just might as well just die. There’s no living.”

In April of 2013, hurricane Sandy left a trail of destruction which started in Haiti and until the issue of housing is resolved, Shelter Box has been there providing shelter. Shelter Box not only was there when Tropical Storm Isaac struck just a couple of months before but Haiti was, and still is, recovering from the 2010 earthquake that left over two million homeless and led to a widespread outbreak of cholera and food shortages. This complex environment made it challenging for the Shelter Box Response Team (SRT) that assessed the need following Sandy.

Haitian aspirations are to have a better life not to live in tents, but with all the money being pulled back, broken promises and Haiti’s still unreformed property laws prevent the sale and transfer of government land three years later proves a whole lot a folks broke their promises

The fact is the people of Haiti are migrating to other Caribbean Islands and those who created this mess, made promises, built sub marginal housing … need to step up and fulfill their obligations.

Read more here:

Haitians are determined

Read more here:

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They say the more you know the better prepared you can be … Tell that to your member of Congress !


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