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Undercover Audio Exposes Anti-Abortion Activists’ Alarming Scare Tactics

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VIDEO: John Oliver’s Brilliant Rant on Why Police Must Have Their Military ‘Toys’ Taken Away

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The Police Harassment I’ve Faced Has Left Me With Psychic Wounds

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Sunday shows and Senator McCain

If Senator John McCain had his way, we’d be arming ISIS in Syria and fighting them on-the-ground after they cross over the border into Iraq.

It’s enough to make you wonder why television news shows have him on so often.

Last year, as President Obama considered arming Syrian rebels fighting against President Bashar al-Assad, Senator McCain snuck into the country to meet with opposition leaders. While he was there, he paused for some photos — including some with ISIS militants.

Today, just over a year later, he wants to fight ISIS in Iraq – ostensibly against the weapons he wants to provide them in Syria.

It’s sad to say, but John McCain has exhausted his last measure of credibility.

Sign our petition calling on the Sunday talk shows to stop having John McCain on as a foreign policy guest.


(Pictured: Senator McCain poses for photo with ISIS Fighters)
In 2013, John McCain made twenty-five appearances on various Sunday network talk shows — often criticizing those opposed to military intervention in Syria.

After taking photos with ISIS rebels in Syria, he told CNN’s Anderson Cooper that “It was a very moving experience to meet these fighters who have been struggling now for over two years.”

It’s not that there shouldn’t be voices critical of the president on Sunday shows, but a bit of diversity from the McCain-Graham view of more war, everywhere, would be nice.

Sign our petition if you agree >>

We’ll deliver all the petition signatures to producers for CBS, NBC, and ABC Sunday shows. Hopefully they’re willing to listen to veterans, military family members, and VoteVets supporters on this issue.

All the best,

Jon Soltz
Iraq War Veteran & Chairman

Jeff Merkley for Oregon


Growing up my Dad worked hard days at the mill to make a better life and build a strong

foundation for our family.

I’ve decided that our next TV ad should be about him — and our fight for men and women just like him.
Watch the ad.  Share it with your friends.  And please make a small donation to help make sure that Oregonians see it.

Jeff Merkley for Oregon

CBO ~~ August 2014