by The Thinker-Writer January 31, 2010
The belief that women are and should be treated as potential intellectual equals and social equals to men. These people can be either male or female human beings, although the ideology is commonly (and perhaps falsely) associated mainly with women.The basic idea of Feminism revolves around the principle that just because human bodies are designed to perform certain procreative functions, biological elements need not dictate intellectual and social functions, capabilities, and rights.Feminism also, by its nature, embraces the belief that all people are entitled to freedom and liberty within reason–including equal civil rights–and that discrimination should not be made based on gender, sexual orientation, skin color, ethnicity, religion, culture, or lifestyle. Feminists–and all persons interested in civil equality and intellectuality–are dedicated to fighting the ignorance that says people are controlled by and limited to their biology.
Feminism is the belief that all people are entitled to the same civil rights and liberties and can be intellectual equals regardless of gender. However, you should still hold the door for a feminist; this is known as respect or politeness and need have nothing whatever to do with gender discrimination.
by The Thinker-Writer January 31, 2010

So, why did I go to urban dictionary for the definition of Feminism?

 I got my Cosmo in the mail and while the fashions are fun some gaudy others worthy of a second look or two most are out of my price range but then when I see the hair and beauty products well now that is a whole different response entirely. Then, an article about feminism popped up and yes folks are questioning Beyoncé among others with headlines such as … “Can you be Sexy and a Feminist” or as Cosmo asks, “Can you be a Sexy Feminist? It was a quick read and in all honesty I don’t spend a whole lot of my time dissecting labels, but I will say that being a feminist used to be defined as a woman who didn’t appreciate men some said they despised them. I don’t subscribe to hating on men, I like men on several levels, admit that dancing to music with lyrics that say negative things about women is not a great thing because I do get upset about their meaning as well. However, it does appear that the word feminism and or being a feminist in this 21st society is ever changing ever evolving to being about a belief in equality and the rights of everyone. Cosmo asked stars like lady gaga, lana del rey and taylor swift just to name a few, but when Pharrell was asked he stated, “I don’t think it’s possible for me to be (a feminist). I’m a man, but I do support feminists.”

Anyway, an article worth reading in Cosmo September 2014 ~~ Nativegrl77

What do you think? Is being a feminist gender specific?


Join Amazon Watch at the People’s Climate March

On September 21st, hundreds of thousands of people from around the world will descend on New York City for the Peoples Climate March to call on world leaders and insist on immediate and drastic action to avoid climate catastrophe. Will you join them?Amazon Watch will accompany several grassroots leaders from the Amazon – including Patricia Gualinga, indigenous leader from the Kichwa community of Sarayaku in the Ecuadorian Amazon, and a group of youth representing the civil society collective, Yasunidos.

We are joining thousands in NY to promote the global call to Keep the Oil in the Ground, from the Amazon to the Arctic. We will also be calling on global leaders, institutions and companies to respect the rights of indigenous peoples, who are key stewards of the environment and hold many of the keys to stopping climate change. In the coming weeks, we’ll send you more information about events planned in New York and how you can join us.

Please support this action and share it with your friends so that together we can amplify the voices of those on the front lines of the battle for the planet.

For the Amazon and our global climate,

Leila Salazar-Lopez
Program Director

What’s an inversion, and what’s it costing you?

Last week, President Obama called attention to one kind of corporate tax loophole in particular — called an “inversion” — a word you might be seeing in a lot of news headlines lately.

It’s not the most intuitive name for a corporate tax loophole, so we’re breaking it down for you.

Click here to find out what it is, how it’s costing you, and how to fix it.

Learn more about what inversions are.

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Update about Support Fair Investigat​ions of Police Officers’ on Change.org


Michael Bell Team : Plea for a Change

Change in the institution of law enforcement is difficult however,  50,000 of us are willing to bet it isn’t as difficult as losing a child and being barred, ridiculed and threatened for seeking an unbiased investigation and review of the death of that child.

What kind of parent wouldn’t want all stones turned?

What kind of leader would keep a parent from that information?

Anyone who claims unbiased investigations and sobriety tests make the tough job of officers even tougher should consider this:  An intoxicated or mentally unsound or dishonest officer makes a tough job, deadly.

Nothing chips away at the honor of the police profession than negligent oversight.  AB409 would protect the honor of the police profession in an honest way.

Please help us continue to get this petition before people.   AB409 makes sense.

Thank you so much and Happy New Year!

The Michael Bell Team

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Senator Burr’s VA voting record …


We’ve long fought against the right’s underreported attempts to undermine veterans care in this country. Usually, while they talk about honoring veterans, they vote against funding for veterans, like the recent vote to kill Senator Bernie Sanders’ $21 billion dollar package to improve veterans services.

Now, the right has decided it’s time to make veterans the enemy.

Tea Party darling Senator Richard Burr used Memorial Day to launch an attack at Veterans Service Organizations (VSO) who are refusing to call for VA Secretary Eric Shinseki’s resignation. Senator Burr smeared them as not caring about the veterans they represent.

Never mind that Burr left a committee hearing about VA care, before the VSOs testimony, and has long voted against veterans care. Apparently, the right fringe believes veterans are now the enemy when they don’t join in a political witch-hunt to get an Obama Administration official fired.

He needs to hear from veterans, military families, and their supporters about this cheap shot.

Sign our letter calling on Senator Burr to apologize to veterans and VSOs for his disgusting remarks – we’ll deliver it to his office.

In their response to the senator, the Paralyzed Veterans of America – one of the groups attacked by Senator Burr – wrote to Burr, “You clearly represent the worst politics in this country.”

We agree, and we’re joining them in their outrage. We need to speak up now, before public attacks on veterans from the far-right become more commonplace.

Jon Soltz
Iraq War Veteran and Chairman

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