My mom, Dawn Hochsprung, was the principal at Sandy Hook Elementary School.  She was murdered almost a year ago today, and there’s nothing anyone can do to bring her back.As painful as this anniversary is, I’m also grateful to have joined this movement of millions of Americans like you who are standing up for common-sense gun laws.  And I want to take a moment to thank you for your commitment to passing stronger gun laws so others don’t have to experience what my family has been through.Today, I’m changing my profile picture to the image below. It’s a show of solidarity with supporters around the country, and it will remind our friends and families that we’re serious about making meaningful changes to our nation’s broken gun laws.Please join me, and stand with supporters around the country by updating your profile picture on Facebook and Twitter:

To download a copy of the above image, click here. If you’re not on Facebook or Twitter, sign up to attend a No More Silence remembrance event here.

It’s because of people like you that we’ve seen so much progress on this issue in the last year.  But this fight isn’t over, and changing your Facebook photo is a simple way to show your friends and family that you’re in it for the long haul.

Change your profile photo –  for the 26 children and educators, including my mom, who were killed one year ago, and for the 33 Americans who are murdered with guns every single day:

And if you ever feel disheartened by the politics in Washington around this issue, think of my mom and all the people we’re doing this for. We can’t give up before we pass the common-sense laws that will make us all safer.

Thank you,

Erica Lafferty

a message from Gov Inslee

In 1994, I faced a difficult decision: do the right thing and cast the deciding vote for the Federal Assault Weapons Ban — likely losing my congressional re-election in the process — or take the politically easy route and vote against it.

I voted for it. And to this day I stand by my position supporting commonsense, responsible gun safety legislation.

Now in the state of Washington, we all have a chance to do the right thing by supporting I-594, an initiative requiring criminal background checks for gun purchases in our state.

Passing I-594 won’t be easy. Our opponents are rallying to try to stop us, even going so far as to declare December 15 — one year and one day after the Sandy Hook massacre that left 20 people dead — “Guns Save Lives Day” in an effort to build opposition to sensible gun reform laws.

Don’t let the gun lobby and the gun makers profit off the anniversary of one of the worst tragedies our nation has ever known. Sign the Washington Alliance for Gun Responsibility’s open letter today, and demand the gun lobbyists cancel their outrageous “Guns Save Lives Day.”

Look, we have plenty of responsible gun owners in Washington, and an overwhelming majority of them support criminal background checks because they’re responsible gun owners.

Not the sponsors of “Guns Save Lives Day.” There is nothing responsible about exploiting the death of innocent little children — even worse when it’s done to stop reforms that could prevent future tragedies. They should cancel this horrific excuse to celebrate guns, and stop spreading misinformation about responsible, reasonable reforms like I-594.

Join me and tell the gun lobby this is completely unacceptable. Sign the Washington Alliance for Gun Responsibility’s open letter now, and demand the gun lobbyists cancel “Guns Save Lives Day” now.

Responsible gun owners know there are sensible things we can do to keep guns out of the hands of people like Adam Lanza, and they’re eager to stop the next tragedy — not exploit the last one.

Thankfully, the Washington Alliance for Gun Responsibility is leading the charge to fight back against “Guns Save Lives Day” — spearheading efforts to educate Washingtonians about I-594 and why it’s the right thing to do for Washington and our kids. I’m proud to join them, and I hope you’ll help out, too.

Sign the Washington Alliance for Gun Responsibility’s open letter today, and help them fight back against “Guns Save Lives Day.” now.

Thanks for your support.

Very truly yours,

Jay Inslee

It’s in the numbers


It’s all about numbers.


Elections may seem complicated, but they’re really just a simple math problem. We know 80% of Washington voters support making our state safer by extending criminal background checks to all gun purchases. We’re going to need 50% + 1 of the votes next year for something called I-594.

Slam dunk, right?

Not so fast. We also know our opponents will do everything they can to scare and confuse voters.

To make criminal background checks a reality, we need to reach out to millions of voters to let them know what I-594 will do — and to defeat the scare tactics and misinformation the gun lobby will use to intimidate folks into voting against a measure that even gun owners overwhelmingly support.

That takes a lot of work, a lot of planning, and a lot of support from thousands of committed people just like you.

Thanks to the generous support of more than 2,500 donors we are in good shape — but to keep on track, we need 594 more to stand up for a safer Washi‌ngton by Novem‌ber 22.

We’ve set a goal of recruiting 594 donors by November 22 — click here to contribute $3, and help ensure that we have the resources to make Washington safer!

594 donors by 11/22/2013 to help us get 1,600,000 votes in 2014.

Those are the kind of numbers we’re dealing with — and we need your help to get there.

Thanks in advance!

Zach Silk
WA Alliance for Gun Responsibility


One year ago , Zina Daniel was murdered by her abusive ex-husband. Even though he was prohibited from buying a gun because of a restraining order, he avoided a background check and bought a gun from a private seller online.
Will you join people across the country in remembering Zina and standing up for the 46 women shot to death by intimate partners every month?
Please tweet to #RememberZina, and feel free to use the samples below:

 Zina Daniel was murdered one year ago today: A background check could’ve saved her life. #RememberZina
 #RememberZina: Her abusive ex-husband shot her to death one year ago Background checks #SaveWomensLives
 38% fewer women are shot to death by intimate partners in states with comprehensive background checks: #RememberZina
 American women are murdered at alarming rates thanks to our weak gun laws: #RememberZina
 Firearms play a special role in increasing lethality rates in #DomesticViolence incidents: #RememberZina

Adding your voice to the conversation on Twitter will help bring this story to a wider audience. This Domestic Violence Awareness Month, it’s more important than ever that we educate our friends, families, and communities about just how frequently women are murdered with guns.
Please tweet to #RememberZina and help raise awareness on the one-year anniversary of her fatal shooting.
Thanks for adding your voice,
Kevin Call Social Media Director Mayors Against Illegal Guns


Last October, my sister Zina was shot and killed by her abusive estranged husband, even though she had a restraining order against him.

A criminal background check would have stopped her murderer from buying a weapon, but he simply avoided one by going on the internet and finding a private seller at

Domestic abusers like my sister’s murderer tend to become more dangerous after a victim leaves or seeks a protective order against them — which is why federal law prohibits them from buying guns. But loopholes in our laws make it too easy for them to get their hands on guns — it’s time for Congress to take action to prevent this from ever happening again.

Please click here to automatically add your name to my open letter to Congress. Join me in asking them to pass common-sense gun laws that will save women’s lives.Automatically add your name to Elvin Daniel's letter
Read the full letter below

The first anniversary of my sister’s murder falls during Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Signing this letter will help give a voice to women who might not be able to speak for themselves. Women like my sister Zina.

You can help put the pressure on Congress to save the lives of women who are at the greatest risk for murder with a gun. Later this month, I will fly to Washington and deliver this letter — and your signature — directly to leaders in Congress.

Click below to automatically add your name to this open letter today, and tell Congress to support background checks and save women’s lives:

With your support, our stories can change minds in Washington and save lives.

Thanks for joining me,

Elvin Daniel


Dear Members of Congress,

One year ago, my sister Zina was murdered with a gun by her abusive estranged husband. Zina had a restraining order against him that prohibited him from buying a gun, but he was able to go online and buy the murder weapon without a background check. This loophole made it easy for him to get a gun to kill Zina and two others and shoot four more people at the spa where Zina worked in Brookfield, WI.

Domestic abusers like my sister’s murderer tend to become more dangerous after their victims leave or seek protective orders against them – which is why federal law prohibits them from having guns. Since its inception, the background check system has stopped more than 250,000 domestic abusers from buying guns. But loopholes in our gun laws continue to let too many stalkers, rapists, and other domestic violence offenders get their hands on guns.

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month, and I’m writing to ask for your support on legislation that would require background checks on all commercial gun sales and to strengthen laws that would prevent violence against women.

Background checks have proven effective in reducing the risk of homicide for women in situations like my sister’s. In states that require a background check for every handgun sale, there are 38 percent fewer women shot to death by intimate partners. But domestic violence is a national problem, and Congress should take the steps that we know will protect women in abusive situations in all 50 states.

I urge you to stand with me, the families of those at risk, and the 90% of Americans who support background checks in supporting common-sense solutions to this tragic problem.


Elvin Daniel

Click here to automatically add your name to Elvin’s open letter to Congress.