My sister was arrested for going to a volleyball game

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Iman Ghavami
London, United Kingdom

Virginia Cop Sentenced To A Mere 3 Years For Killing Unarmed Woman

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When policemen break the law, then there isn’t any law – just a fight for survival. Billy Jack

(Hat Tip to Joseph Norton for the following case)

She has a name; Patricia Cook. She was killed in Culpeper, Virginia on February 9, 2012.

patricia-cookPatricia was 54 years old. No one knows why she was in the parking lot of Epiphany Catholic School, but while there, she was approached by Culpeper Police Officer Daniel Harmon-Wright.  Officer Harmon-Wright said he received a call of a suspicious vehicle.

Wright fired two shots into Patricia’s vehicle. The first two rounds, fired at point-blank range, tore into Cook’s face and arm. Patricia managed to drive away, but Harmon-Wright did not stop shooting. He shot Patricia 5 times; a round entered her brain, and the another round severed her spine and veered into her heart.

Harmon-Wright claimed that he shot Patricia in self-defense, opening…

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Mitch McConnell’​s Groundhog Day

Jon Soltz,

According to census data, Mitch McConnell represents over 300,000 veterans in the U.S. Senate. So why did he vote against legislation to fund veterans’ health care during a time of crisis?

As leader of the Tea Party Caucus, Senator McConnell blocked a $21 billion lifeline for veterans in need of care and turned it into a partisan football. We’re dead-set on making him pay for it.

Name: Carmen C
Deadline: Midnight Tomorrow Night
Suggested Contribution: $5.00

Can we count on you to contribute $5 to VoteVets ahead of tomorrow night’s fundraising deadline?

Our ad featuring Vietnam Veteran Charles Erwin lays out the case quite clearly, and we hope Mitch McConnell sees him walking up that sidewalk, cane hitting the ground, over-and-over again… his own personal groundhog day.

Thank you for standing with VoteVets.

Jon Soltz
Iraq War Veteran and Chairman

Montanans … Support John Lewis , democratic party

John’s race is within SINGLE-DIGITS!

It’s clear the momentum is on our side. But we have to keep this up. So we’re launching our newest ad to get John’s message of protecting Medicare out to Montana voters.

Click here to watch the ad, and then chip in $5 or more to help us keep it on the air >>

daily kos recommends … Worst secretary of state in the nation hits a federal bump in the road in Kansas

Worst secretary of state in the nation hits a federal bump in the road in Kansas




















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