Road Block – Chris Christie

A one-man roadblock to progress. It’s what I see when I look at Chris Christie.

Just look at the guy’s record as governor:

  • Vetoed equal pay
  • Vetoed marriage equality
  • Slashed family planning funding
  • Vetoed a minimum wage increase
  • 400,000 people unemployed in New Jersey

And he’s the first anti-choice governor of New Jersey since Roe v. Wade.

It’s right there in front of us — Chris Christie is the wrong governor for New Jersey.

Christie’s set on being a brick wall against New Jersey’s progressive values. So let’s beat this guy and elect a pro-choice Democratic woman in his place.

Contribute to Barbara Buono right now and stop Christie in his tracks before he gets the chance to take his roadblock any further.

The guy only gets worse when you look at the company he keeps.
Scott Walker — Wisconsin’s dreadfully anti-worker governor — hosted a fundraiser for Christie, and Christie has called Walker “courageous” for his attacks on working families.

Mitt Romney called Christie the future of the Republican Party.

And fellow extremist-in-disguise Scott Brown fundraised for Christie just a couple months ago.

I’ll tell you what, I wouldn’t mind a repeat performance of a true progressive sending a faux moderate packing — just like Elizabeth Warren did to Scott Brown.
Barbara Buono’s spent her career doing everything possible to improve the lives of New Jersey’s women and families. She’s everything Christie isn’t: staunchly pro-choice, a true friend to workers, and dedicated to real service for the people of her state.

Contribute to Barbara right now. Chris Christie is dangerous to New Jersey women and families — we’ve got to do everything possible to stop him.

The people of New Jersey deserve better. They deserve a true reformer like Barbara who actually cares about the people she represents, not her own self-interests.

Make it happen.

Jonathan Parker
Director of Campaigns, EMILY’s List

Washington​: Stop the approval of GMO apples! a repost

I’m Peter Stocker of the organization Friends of the Earth, and I started a petition to U.S. Department of Agriculture, which says:

The USDA should not approve the genetically engineered Arctic apple. 

If approved by the USDA, genetically engineered apples could end up everywhere from school lunches to grocery stores, posing risks to our health, our environment, and apple farmers across the U.S.

Unlabeled genetically engineered apples could contaminate conventional and organic foods, including fruit slices, juice, baby foods, and applesauce—products predominantly consumed by children and babies, who are at increased risk for any adverse health effects.

GMO apples may contaminate nearby organic and conventional apple orchards and could potentially cause valuable export markets to reject U.S.-grown apples, as happened in the past when wheat and rice crops were found to be contaminated by GMOs. The U.S. Apple Association, Northwest Horticultural Council, British Columbia Fruit Growers’ Association, and other apple grower groups have repeatedly stated their disapproval of these GE apples due to the negative impact they could have on farmers growing organic and non-GE apples and the apple industry as a whole.

This product is unnecessary and poses numerous risks to apple growers, the food industry, and consumers. The USDA should not approve this genetically engineered apple.

The USDA is poised to approve the first genetically modified apple. 

If approved, these genetically engineered apples could end up everywhere from school lunches to grocery stores, posing risks to our health, our environment, and apple farmers across the United States.

Like other GMOs, they won’t be labeled and won’t have undergone independent safety testing—regulators will rely on the company’s sole assessment that the apple is safe for human consumption. 

Worse yet, this GMO apple was genetically engineered via a new, virtually untested experimental technique called RNA interference, which many scientists are concerned may have negative, unintended impacts on human health and the environment.

We need your help today, right now, to tell the USDA to say no to GMO apples.

Click here to add your name to this petition, and then pass it along to your friends.


–Peter Stocker

FDA Partners With Veterinary Labs to Help Animals


03/26/2014 12:05 PM EDT
FDA has formed a web of veterinary labs to assist one another in detecting potentially harmful substances in animal foods and tissues. FDA research biologist Renate Reimschuessel, pictured above, started the Veterinary Laboratory Investigation and Response Network (Vet-LIRN), and has grown the program to 34 state and university veterinary laboratories across the country.

Read the Consumer Update to learn more about what this FDA network is doing to keep pets safe.

Walmart has bowed to pressure from A Better Balance


WALMART: SUPERCENTER” by alphageek is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0
Dear Friend,
Breaking news! Walmart has bowed to pressure from A Better Balance and our allies to improve its policies for pregnant workers! This is a huge development for low-wage working women. As detailed in the Washington Post, “anytime the world’s biggest retailer changes how it treats its workforce–especially women, with whom the company has a fraught history–the rest of the industry tends to take notice.”  
The path to this victory began with an email to A Better Balance in 2012. We heard from Brittany,* a 28-weeks-pregnant Walmart worker who was sent home because she needed a modest accommodation on the job in order to stay healthy. Alarmed by this story, we sent a letter to Walmart’s general counsel, outlining the ways in which Walmart’s treatment of pregnant workers violated the law. After further investigation, ABB, joined by the National Women’s Law Center, and Mehri & Skalet, PLLC, filed a class action pregnancy discrimination complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) against Walmart and its discriminatory policy.     
“Three months before my baby was born, Walmart forced me out the door,” said Kathy,* the Walmart sales associate at the center of the EEOC charge who was seven months pregnant when Walmart refused to accommodate her restrictions despite routinely accommodating workers with a wide array of non-pregnancy-related disbailities. “I was doing my job as a sales associate just as I had been for months, but suddenly I lost the paycheck that my family was counting on—simply because I was pregnant.”   
What happened to Kathy and Brittany is part of a larger national trend at Walmart, in which pregnant workers are treated like second-class citizens in violation of the federal Pregnancy Discrimination Act.
After we filed our charge with the EEOC and after two Walmart workers proposed a shareholder resolution, with our assistance, demanding changes, Walmart announced its new Accommodation in Employment policy, which now explicitly states that temporary disabilities caused by pregnancy are eligible for the same reasonable accommodations as other disabilities. 
Although a major win, this policy change does not go far enough: Walmart can continue to evade its legal obligations and force pregnant workers off the job if they are not considered “disabled” under the policy.
“While we are enthusiastic about this policy change, there is still work to be done,” said Dina Bakst, Co-Founder & Co-President of A Better Balance. “Over and over again, Walmart has failed to accommodate pregnant workers. Many pregnant women without illnesses or complications are advised by their doctors to stay off tall ladders, drink water throughout the day, or take other steps to prevent health problems. Walmart must further update its policy to make clear that it will provide reasonable accommodations for all pregnant workers who need them, regardless of whether they are ‘disabled.’  The Pregnancy Discrimination Act mandates equal treatment, nothing less, and we will continue to fight until Walmart obeys the law in full. No woman should have to choose between her job and a healthy pregnancy.” 
We are thrilled that our efforts will assist hundreds of thousands of pregnant Walmart associates across the country, and we will continue pushing for broader reform. Click here to read the Washington Post’s story about our work on this case and please share this story with your friends.
Thank you for all that you do,
Sherry, Dina, Phoebe, Jared, Elizabeth, Risha, Liz, & Rachel