Meet Kesha Rogers …

running against David Alameel for the Democratic seat who needs to replace Republican and Rep. John Cornyn

Reminder for DEMs … Kesha Rogers is an American political activist in the Lyndon LaRouche Youth Movement …  I have to say  that constituents deserve full disclose if a candidate is running for a Public Servant position … Nativegrl77

On her campaign website, Rogers says she wants to restore the JFK-FDR legacy in Texas.  That’s great, a sign of progress, right?  Think again.  Rogers, who is a two-time congressional nominee, is not your typical Democratic candidate, and not necessarily the type of candidate the Democrats’ progressive, pro-Obama constituency would want to vote for if they read the fine print.  And they’d better read the fine print.

You see, Kesha Rogers is a follower of Lyndon LaRouche, who is, well, a fringe political cult leader of sorts.  LaRouche is a left-wing Marxist-turned-right-wing conspiracy theorist, and believes in off-the-wall policies like space colonization, a quarantine for everyone with AIDS, and opposition to abortion and gay rights.

And LaRouche, himself a former perennial presidential candidate, has been accused of espousing fascist, racist and anti-Semitic views.  As the late Manning Marable once said, “LaRouche appeals to fear, hatred and ignorance. He seeks to exploit and exacerbate the anxieties and frustrations of Americans by offering an array of scapegoats and enemies: Jews, Zionists, international bankers, blacks, labor unions-much the way Hitler did in Germany.”

Kesha Rogers

Not running for political office these days, LaRouche, 91 years old, has his minions on the ballot—people such as Kesha Rogers.  Like other LaRouche supporters, Rogers has compared President Obama to Hitler, complete with the mustache, and likened Obamacare to the policies of Nazi Germany. And she wants to impeach him, too.

Resources UK Progressives … the grio … state- … Rogers official website


Meet Alison Grimes

running against mitch McConnell who stated …

 His only job was to make sure PBO had only one term …ignoring Working Families, Seniors, Students, Vets, Minorities, GUNS, Health Care, UI benefits, Unemployment, Immigration Reform, Climate Change, Regulations for wall street etc. to make sure our financial system doesn’t collapse again

Advocate for Women and their Families

Just as she has throughout her life, Alison Lundergan Grimes will continue fighting for women as Kentucky’s first female United States Senator.  Alison learned the value of public service at an early age, and her passion has always been increasing opportunity for every citizen of the Commonwealth.  She entered public service to give a voice to the voiceless – experience she gained as an attorney for victims of domestic violence.

As Secretary of State, Alison championed the first-ever address confidentiality program for victims of domestic violence to ensure their safety and security are not compromised when they exercise their right to vote.  Alison has also ushered in new laws that maintain the integrity of the democratic process and protect the voting rights of our men and women in uniform and absentee voters.  She is committed to guaranteeing that every eligible Kentuckian has access to the ballot box.

When elected to the U.S. Senate, Alison will work to create good-paying jobs, fight to close the gender wage gap and raise the minimum wage to ensure middle class security for women and their families.  She is committed to:

  • MAKING CHILDCARE MORE AFFORDABLE: Affordable childcare is out of reach for many Kentucky families.  Over 140,000 working Kentucky mothers have a child under 6[1], positioning them as increasingly likely to need childcare services.  Alison strongly believes that we must begin addressing this problem by providing additional tax breaks to Kentucky businesses that create on-site child care centers or help their employees find child care services.  We must also develop federal and state partnerships to improve access to quality childcare for rural areas, where working parents often face unique challenges.Meanwhile, Mitch McConnell has actually repeatedly voted to slash funding for childcare services in Kentucky.  Under a proposal supported by McConnell, approximately 1,700 fewer Kentucky children would have child care through the Child Care and Development Block Grant[2].
  • EXPANDING ACCESS TO QUALITY EDUCATION: Alison will also work with families, educators and schools to ensure our children have access to quality education and are equipped with the tools and resources necessary to succeed.  Education is the passport out of poverty, and every child has the right to a quality education.  A good education is an economic necessity and should not be a luxury.  Education is the gateway to good-paying jobs, economic growth and a strong middle class.Mitch McConnell negotiated a Washington budget deal that caused 1,100 Kentucky children to lose access to early childhood education[3] and cut an estimated $31.8 million from Kentucky schools[4]. He also opposed legislation to hire and preserve jobs for teachers[5] and blocked legislation to preserve low interest rates for students[6].
  • PROTECTING VICTIMS OF DOMESTIC VIOLENCE: As Secretary of State, Alison championed the first-ever address confidentiality program for victims of domestic violence to ensure their safety and security are not compromised when they vote.  In the Senate, Alison will continue to be a voice for victims of domestic violence.  According to the Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services, “a woman is assaulted every 15 seconds”[7] and one in six women in the U.S. will be victims of domestic violence over the course of her lifetime[8] – troubling statistics that must be addressed.    

Despite political attempts to disguise his real record, Mitch McConnell has repeatedly opposed the Violence Against Women Act[9] and even blocked an effort to vote on the bill to protect women[10].

  • KEEPING PROMISES TO KENTUCKY SENIORS: An estimated 600,000 Kentuckians rely on Social Security[11] and nearly 800,000 Kentuckians depend on Medicare[12]. Alison will protect and strengthen Social Security and Medicare as Kentucky’s next U.S. Senator.  Protecting these programs is critical to the economic well-being for the Commonwealth’s women and families.  Women rely more heavily on income from Social Security than men do, and the majority of Medicare recipients are women.

Women have more health care needs, live with chronic conditions and have higher life expectancies than men. Therefore, women are especially reliant on the health care services provided by Medicare. The promise of a secure retirement is one we must keep for our nation’s seniors and make sure these programs are still intact for our children and grandchildren.  Alison is focused on spending smarter, reducing waste in the Medicare system, and improving coordination of care.

Instead of strengthening and preserving these critical programs, Mitch McConnell wants to privatize Social Security and end Medicare as we know it, increasing seniors’ out-of-pocket costs by nearly $6,000 per year[13].

  • ACHIEVING PAY EQUITY: Women are half of the labor force in this country yet still make 77 cents for every dollar – 23 percent less than their male counterparts[14].  In Kentucky, women lose nearly five billion dollars in wages each year[15] – a statistic that is staggering and unacceptable.  With that money a working woman in Kentucky could purchase 78 more weeks of groceries, pay 14 more months of rent, make 8 more months of mortgage and utilities payments or buy 2,477 additional gallons of gas[16].In contrast, Mitch McConnell has called equal pay for equal work just another “special interest vote”[17] and voted against the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act[18] and the Paycheck Fairness Act – not once, but twice[19][20].
  • INCREASING MINIMUM WAGE: In order to grow our middle class, we must raise the minimum wage to help hardworking Americans achieve a basic standard of living.  An overwhelming majority – two thirds – of minimum wage workers in the United States are women.  Consider a single working mother of two who makes the current federal minimum wage who brings home just $14,500 annually – nearly $4,000 below the poverty line[21].

Rather than forcing our own neighbors to choose between putting food on the table, getting to work and paying the rent, all Americans deserve a living wage that is consistent with our values.  Raising the minimum wage would increase incomes for more than 30 million workers in the U.S.[22], and is an important step to ensure workers see the benefits of a growing economy.

Earlier this year, the Kentucky Center for Economic Policy pointed to a report detailing the impact a minimum wage increase to $10.10 an hour would have in Kentucky.  According to this report, doing so would:

  • Lift the wages of over one in four Kentucky workers.[23]
  • Increase annual earnings for the nearly 30 percent of Kentuckians who make minimum wage or just above by $2,369 on average and $863 million in total.[24]
  • Grow Kentucky’s GDP by $546 million by 2015 and create 2,200 jobs.[25]

Mitch McConnell has voted against raising the minimum wage at least 16 times[26], while voting in favor of raising his own government salary[27].

As Kentucky’s first woman Senator, Alison Lundergan Grimes will continue being a staunch advocate for women and their families.  She will seek common ground and work across the aisle for solutions that put Kentucky and our country back on the right track.  The contrast with Mitch McConnell could not be starker.


Developing Kentucky’s energy will provide financial security to families across the state. Kentucky is leading the way in domestic energy development and the industry holds tremendous potential to grow our economy, create middle-class jobs and lower energy costs for families across the state. But Washington’s regulatory barriers and burdensome taxes threaten this critical development in Kentucky.

I strongly oppose President Obama’s attack on Kentucky’s energy industry. This Administration has taken direct aim at Kentucky’s coal industry, crippling our state’s largest source of domestic energy and threatening thousands of jobs. Washington Democrats and Republicans need to be realistic about what powers our nation and recognize that developing Kentucky’s supplies of coal is crucial.

We must secure America’s energy independence and reduce our dependence on Middle Eastern oil. Our nation’s energy approach should rely heavily on coal, oil and natural gas, along with alternative sources of energy.  Kentucky will lead this effort through continued coal production and exploration and development of natural gas. While our nation is running a $45 billion trade deficit, Kentucky’s natural resources remain underdeveloped.[28] In 2011, Kentucky contributed 7 percent of the nation’s total coal exports, but we can do more to develop these and other resources and reduce our trade deficit.[29]

Protecting Social Security and Medicare

I am running to protect and strengthen Medicare and Social Security. I believe in keeping our promises to our nation’s seniors while preserving these programs for our children and grandchildren. But rather than pushing for privatization, vouchers, or simply shifting costs to seniors, we should be looking for ways to spend smarter. We should focus on reducing waste, fraud and abuse in the Medicare system, improve coordination of care between doctors, hospitals and patients, and allow Medicare to better negotiate prescription drug prices.

Instead of strengthening and preserving these critical programs, Mitch McConnell plans to end Medicare as we know it. Under a proposal backed by Mitch McConnell, insurance company bureaucrats would be put in charge of making seniors’ health care decisions, and seniors would see their out of pocket costs increase by nearly $6,000 per year. Thousands of current seniors across Kentucky would be forced back into the prescription drug “donut hole,” costing them approximately $13,000 more between 2014 and 2022 than under current law.[30] I believe we’ve got to balance the budget, but we’ve got to do it the right way, and that means protecting the benefits and programs seniors have paid into over a lifetime of hard work.


As a Senator, my number one priority will be putting Kentuckians back to work in good-paying jobs. Kentuckians lost more than 118,000 jobs at the worst part of the recession[31] and they are still struggling to provide for their families. Mitch McConnell failed to put Kentuckians back to work. To increase family incomes, I will work to ensure that all Kentuckians and all Americans can earn a living wage for their work, and make sure that women get equal pay for the same work as men.

We must cut red tape and allow businesses to grow and create new jobs. As Secretary of State, I worked with both parties to create a one-stop shop for Kentucky businesses to interact with multiple state agencies through one point of contact, reducing tape and making it easier for business to grow and create more jobs. There are currently 854 federal regulations affecting small businesses.[32] We must reduce this regulatory burden. Our federal government shouldn’t prevent small businesses from succeeding and creating jobs in Kentucky.

We must target burdensome federal regulation of Kentucky’s energy sector, allowing our state to create new middle-class jobs across the state. Kentucky is leading the way in domestic energy development and the industry holds tremendous potential to grow Kentucky’s economy, creating middle-class jobs across the state, but the federal government stands in the way. I will fight to reduce this regulatory burden on Kentucky’s energy industry.

We must encourage manufacturing to return to Kentucky. I’m encouraged that companies like General Electric are opening manufacturing plants across Kentucky, but we must do more to create these new investments in our state. We should end tax breaks for companies that move jobs overseas and expand tax credits for companies to invest in research and development and in new machinery and equipment here at home. We should also invest to develop an advanced manufacturing workforce in Kentucky.

Cutting Spending

The Federal deficit is out of control and it threatens the long-term strength of our nation. In 2001, the budget was in balance and the nation was projected to be debt-free by 2011.  Now – after a decade of unpaid-for spending and the worst downturn since the Great Depression – this country owes $16.7 trillion.[33]  The debt impacts our ability to make investments critical to growing our economy, including education, infrastructure and workforce training.

Mitch McConnell has failed to address our nation’s out-of-control spending. With him in Washington, Kentucky has repeatedly witnessed threats of government shut downs, gone to the brink of default and listened to overheated rhetoric that has done nothing to improve the lives of Kentuckians. We can’t afford for Washington and Mitch McConnell to continue to play the same old political games with the budget.

I believe that there is a responsible path to balancing the budget. We need to start by going line-by-line through the budget to cut waste, fraud and abuse and we must ensure that tax dollars are being used smartly and efficiently.  Nearly 680 renewable energy initiatives across 23 federal agencies and their 130 sub-agencies costing taxpayers $15 billion is certainly not an efficient use of taxpayer dollars. [34] I also believe that we can make our Medicare and Medicaid programs more efficient without slashing coverage. Medicare spending is unsustainable.  But rather than pushing for privatization, or vouchers, or shifting costs to seniors – supported by Mitch McConnell – we should be looking for ways to spend smarter on our entire health care system.  And to ensure our country never goes into debt again, I will fight in the U.S. Senate to pass a balanced budget amendment.


Our veterans have made the ultimate sacrifice. We owe them the care they were promised and the benefits they have earned. As Secretary of State, I have worked to ensure that members of the military never have to ask, “Does my vote actually count?” I traveled to the Middle East to meet with deployed soldiers to learn how to improve voting procedures for military personnel stationed overseas.  My recommendations formed the basis of a bipartisan bill that was signed into law that will allow military members and their families to register to vote and update their registration online, ensure that military voters have sufficient time to vote in special elections and extend existing protections to state and local elections and National Guard members.

Washington has fallen short of honoring our commitment to our veterans. Our veterans should not struggle to find jobs or access care. Kentucky is the home of over 350,000[35] veterans, the fourth largest in the nation.  It is a disgrace that so many veterans across Kentucky have compensation claims pending, more than 6,000 in the Louisville VA backlog alone.[36]  I’m shocked that Mitch McConnell opposed plans to reduce this backlog and voted against veterans jobs legislation.[37] This is wrong.

I’m committed to serving Kentucky’s 350,000 veterans and I will fight for the quality health care, benefits and treatment they have earned. We must expand education and training opportunities for service members and veterans, facilitating public/private partnerships that help them translate their military skills for the civilian workforce. We must improve access to health care services, including mental health, prosthetic care and wound regeneration. And we must improve collaboration between the Department of Defense and Department of Veterans Affairs, ensuring that veterans receive the benefits and medical care they deserve in a timely manner.

TAKE ACTION: Protect Workers and Children from Pesticides

The two million farmworkers who labor to put food on our tables are about to get new protections against pesticides. By taking action now, you can help ensure that these protections are strong enough to do the job.

The protections are proposed by the EPA in improvements to the Agricultural Worker Protection Standard, which hasn’t been upgraded since it was passed in 1992. However, the standard can be improved.

The proposed rule is in response to a 2011 petition from Earthjustice and our partners on behalf of several farmworker and public advocacy organizations requesting improved protections from pesticide exposure. Exposure to pesticides and their residues causes farmworkers to suffer more chemical-related injuries and illnesses than any other workforce nationwide.

Help improve these proposed standards by expressing your concerns—today—to the EPA.


Andrea Delgado
Legislative Representative, Earthjustice

Meet Brad Hutto …

running against Lindsay Graham … who we all know but need some reminders …

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) introduced a bill in November of 2013, that would ban abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy in the United States unless the woman is a victim of rape or incest or her life is in danger. He also stated, “Nothing bad is going to happen,” Graham said. “Good things will happen. Babies will be born that wouldn’t have made it otherwise, and only God knows who they will grow up to be.”

 I don’t know about you but women should be treated just like men … as individuals ! Instead the GOP continues to put us all in one basket claim we are too emotional and then tell us what is good for us … #Midterm2014Matters it is time for a change … Nativegrl77



Brad Hutto is running for the United States Senate because Washington DC is broken.

Congress doesn’t listen to the voters anymore. Big money, powerful special interest groups, and extremist agendas are blocking progress. Brad will reject the culture that makes Washington DC dysfunctional and will take South Carolina values to Capitol Hill.

Brad is a problem solver who will work with both sides to get Congress working for us again. Rather than appearing on the Sunday talk shows and manufacturing stunts to make the national news, Brad believes the people back home should be the highest priority for a Senator representing South Carolina.

It’s time for our allies abroad to take more responsibility for their own security. He disagrees with our current Senator, Lindsey Graham, who believes the United States should be the policeman for the world. Instead Brad realizes that we should do more to improve our own infrastructure and create jobs here. Brad would make improving education a national priority so our country doesn’t slip further behind the rest of the world. He thinks South Carolinians deserve a US Senator who cares about their concerns and about where they live. Brad understands what it’s like to live, work and raise a family right here in South Carolina.

Jobs – Brad has a long history of fighting for jobs and small businesses. He received a perfect score of 100% from the South Carolina Chamber of Commerce for his hard work and leadership for creating jobs. As our Senator, he will roll up his sleeves on day one to help bring good paying jobs with benefits here in South Carolina. Instead of obsessing over international politics, Brad will work to ensure that South Carolina workers are properly trained and that the business environment is attractive for job creators. He will work to restore and improve the state’s crumbling infrastructure and to rebuild failing schools in the state’s rural areas.

Valuing Work – All able-bodied Americans should work, and their hard work should be rewarded. Too many people who work full time to support their family have to rely on food stamps to put food on their tables. Brad supports raising the minimum wage to $10.10, getting people off of food stamps and once again honoring hard work in this country. Brad will stand up for working families.

Education – Brad understands how important education is to improving the lives of South Carolinians. He will fight to ensure South Carolina gets its fair share of national funding and help keep state leaders focused like a laser beam on our schools. He knows that without a properly educated and trained work force, businesses looking to relocate will simply go someplace else.

Fiscal Discipline – Just like families all over America are doing, Brad believes it’s time for Congress to tighten their belts, spend less and cut waste. He believes we should better prioritize spending to reflect the real needs our country faces within its own borders. Brad will fight any attempt to balance the budget on the backs of senior citizens who have already made huge sacrifices for our country. He will oppose any attempt to harm Medicare and Social Security.

Health Care – Brad wants to fix the Affordable Care Act and allow everyone to keep or obtain a plan that best suits their families’ needs. He will not support legislation that will put the insurance companies back in charge or return us to a time when insurance could be denied for pre-existing conditions and families could go bankrupt because of lifetime caps.

Environment – As an avid outdoorsman and sportsman, Brad knows that we must do more to protect our natural resources. From the mountains to the lakes, to the coast, South Carolina is blessed with a unique beauty that generates tourism and creates jobs. Brad will fight against those who would do harm for their own short term goals.

Energy – Brad will continue to lead efforts to invest in alternative forms of energy like solar, wind and gas. We can’t continue to rely on foreign countries to supply our energy.

Women’s Health – Government should not dictate health decisions for women in this country. He believes women should be empowered to consult with their families, healthcare providers, and religious advisors to make reproductive health decisions. Women do not need Washington politicians like Lindsey Graham telling them what to do.

Liberty and Justice for All – Everyone should have an equal chance to obtain happiness and fulfill the American Dream. Brad opposes efforts to restrict basic freedoms. Liberty to share love and life is an inherent right, and this includes the right to marry the person that you choose. He believes that America is strongest when everyone is free, respected and valued.

Resources: Huffington Post … state-election site …

Air Quality Awareness Week, April 28 – May 2, 2014.

Learn how air quality affects your health during Air Quality Awareness Week, April 28 – May 2, 2014

Monday: Do Your Part: Reduce Your Contribution to Air Pollution
Riding Bike Nearly every day, each of us contributes a little to air pollution – but we don’t always realize it. Take a few minutes to think about how you contribute to air pollution. Then come up with a plan to make some changes.  Here are some tips from one of our partner agencies, the Maricopa County Air Quality Department in Arizona.  Try out their suggestions during Air Quality Awareness week! More

Air Quality Awareness Week(April 28 – May 4) is a great opportunity to learn more about how your local air quality may affect your health.
You may have heard references to “Code Orange” or “Code Red” air quality days during local weather reports. Air quality assessments are taken from the Air Quality Index (AQI), which indicates how clean or polluted your air is.


Tuesday: Air Quality- Important at Every Age
Girl on Swing Two of the most common pollutants in the U.S. are ozone, or smog, and particle pollution.  They can be harmful to the health of hundreds of thousands of Americans each year. You could be one of them, especially if you’re very young, an older American, or otherwise on the list below. More

Poor air quality can pose health concerns to children, older adults, and those with certain kinds of health issues; but even healthy young adults can be adversely affected by polluted air. Depending on the air quality and your level of sensitivity, staying indoors may sometimes help to alleviate symptoms.

Wednesday: Air Quality & Your Health
Beach Vollyball You’re doing a lot of things to keep your heart healthy. You eat right. You exercise. You don’t smoke. Are you paying attention to air quality? If not, today’s the day to start. More

Other resources:



  • AirCompare– Compare the air quality in different U.S. counties.
  • Sign Up for Air Quality Notifications– If you’d like to be advised when the air quality gets into unhealthy ranges, sign up for notifications via email or cell phone.
  • Keep the Air Cleaner — Find out how you can promote cleaner air through transportation, household, and lawn and garden actions.



Thursday: Get Outside…with the Air Quality Index !
Air Quality Index Logo During the warmer months, people tend to increase their exposure to air pollution because more people are outside more often- working in the yard, swimming, doing sports and summer camps, and camping.  More



Friday: Traveler’s Health
Carpool Don’t forget to check the Air Quality Index when you’re on vacation or travel.  No matter where you go, you can always access the AQI. More