a message from Rachel Maddow … a repost

Rachel Maddow just did a harrowing exposé on North Carolina Tea Partier Thom Tillis — whose race will be “the tipping point for the Senate battle,” according to Nate Silver.

Maddow reports that Tillis is the worst of the worst: “Tillis has helped cut off access to medical care for struggling families; he opposes gay rights; he’s helped impose ridiculous new voting restrictions; and he’s curtailed reproductive rights while expanding opportunities to carry loaded guns in bars.”

The scariest part? North Carolina is the GOP’s #1 target: the Kochs have spent more there than in every other race COMBINED, pulling Tillis into a 41-41 tie with Democrat Kay Hagan.

To stop Tillis and other extreme Republicans from winning and costing us the whole Senate, we must neutralize their air assault with our $60 million, 4,000 staff powered Grassroots Victory Project — our “largest and most data-driven ground game yet,” according to the New York Times.




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pam bondi & rick scott, Republicans … marriage equality

by Scott​ Arceneaux

We knew that Pam Bondi and Rick Scott were pushing their radical agenda when they said that marriage equality would cause “great harm” to the state.

Now, they’re digging themselves deeper into the hole.

Earlier this week, Bondi tried to stand by her statement by claiming that marriage equality would make the state’s computers crash and that the paperwork needed to get it done would bog down the state’s systems.

Bondi and Rick Scott don’t get it. 19 states already have allowed their citizens to marry the ones they love — and their state hasn’t crumbled. Can you click here and tell Rick Scott and Pam Bondi to let all Floridians marry whomever they love?

Together, we can help our state get away from the bigoted leadership of Rick Scott, who is no stranger to gay-bullying. In 2010, Scott said that “I don’t believe that foster care should be done by single-sex couples.”

Add your name to tell Rick Scott and Pam Bondi that enough is enough: It’s time to realize that love is love.

Thanks for all you do,

Scott​ Arceneaux

meet david perdue, a Georgia Republican

Running against Michelle Nunn, Democratic Party.

I actually searched his website for information that would provide reasons to vote for him. I found his background, seemingly doing business with folks for folks and by folks overseas a bit scary! I could be wrong, but I can see American jobs being subjected to lower wages and or going overseas where we all know a living wage just does not seem to exist.  I am willing to be corrected, but this person seems bad for trade for jobs and again, do your research. I say that I am not a one-issue voter, but any candidate that advocates a right to life definitely chooses to ignore mothers from all backgrounds, their need to control their lives and engage in family planning. David Perdue definitely is a Republican that should stay a businessperson, though if you go to his website, jobs Women and a safer country all seem at risk in his hands in my opinion

Defending Our Values

There are principles I share with a majority of Georgians. I believe that we should promote a culture that values life and protects the innocent, especially the unborn. I also believe that we must protect traditional marriage, keeping it clearly defined as between one man and one woman. Being pro-life and believing in the sanctity of marriage are my deeply held personal convictions. I will not waver in defending them if I have the privilege of serving you in the U.S Senate.
See David’s response to National Right to Life

The National Debt

The crushing national debt has surpassed $17 trillion. We must act now to rein it in before it becomes unsustainable. Of course we have to cut wasteful spending and unnecessary bureaucracy. We have to eliminate the billions of dollars in failed government programs and redundant agencies. However, the best way to begin getting the debt under control is to grow the economy without a tax increase.

Comprehensive Tax Reform

In the midst of a terrible economy, this would be the worst possible time to raise taxes on anyone. Too many families and too many businesses are struggling to get by. I will not support a tax increase of any kind. Furthermore, the federal tax code is too complicated and misaligned. It should be completely overhauled as a means to promote growth and encourage more domestic economic investment. My preference is the Fair Tax.

Term Limits

I have never run for public office before, which in my opinion is a good thing. Just look at the results we have gotten from career politicians. They have created a crisis in Washington. We can’t expect them to fix it. That’s why I support term limits: a maximum three terms in the House, two terms in the Senate. I’ll stick to that commitment myself. Until we get term limits in place, we should enforce them at the ballot box by voting the career politicians out of office.
See David’s term limit pledge

Balanced Budget Amendment

Every Georgia family understands that you can’t perpetually spend more than you take in without going bankrupt. The problem is that the professional politicians in Washington won’t make a tough decision. I would absolutely vote for a balanced budget amendment. However, we need immediate tax and regulatory reforms along with appropriate spending cuts so that we have a right-sized, responsible budget sooner rather than later.

Repeal ObamaCare

ObamaCare is an overreaching federal program that will actually reduce the quality of health care and increase costs. I am one of the millions of Americans that had my personal policy cancelled after being told I could keep it. To make matters worse, Obamacare is discouraging full-time job creation. The consequences of politicians passing a massive bill without reading it continue to emerge. We need to repeal ObamaCare and replace it with more affordable free market solutions.

Revitalizing American Manufacturing

I believe that we are on the verge of revitalizing American manufacturing. The private sector is primed to create quality jobs by manufacturing innovative products that require a skilled workforce and high-tech facilities. These products are needed for domestic consumption and more importantly for exports to foreign markets. But the manufacturing industry’s renewal can be stunted if we don’t correct bad energy policies, the lack of infrastructure, failures in education, and the punitive tax code.

Increasing American Exports

The best opportunity for long-term economic growth is to boost our exports to emerging economies worldwide. In fact, I have started my own exporting business where we ship American-made products overseas. They have an increasing demand for American goods, both quality manufactured products as well as other needs such as agriculture products. Increasing exports requires elected leaders who understand global trends and how to remove barriers to growth. If so, we can create a new age of American prosperity.

Local Control of Education

I grew up the son of two teachers. I married a teacher. I have seen firsthand that parents and local educators make the best decisions on how to meet the unique needs of students. For example, my mother started a program for gifted students that is still a model for schools across Georgia to this day. True innovation starts at the local level, not in Washington. We should dismantle unnecessary federal bureaucracy, including the push for Common Core, and get that funding into the classrooms.

Energy Independence

Decades after an oil embargo led to gas rationing and long lines at the pump, we still don’t have a plan for energy independence. Instead, our own government limits our options by being overtly hostile towards domestic energy producers. In the process, they force us to rely on energy resources from countries that wish to do us harm. With the right leadership, we can finally have a domestic energy policy that is environmentally responsible in the long-term while meeting our current needs.

Secure Our Borders

Securing our borders is a matter of national security. The debate in Washington over illegal immigration has become unnecessarily complicated. Out-of-touch politicians have created another massive bill, like ObamaCare. Simply put, we need to strictly enforce current laws and any new laws should be straightforward, focusing on true border security. Until the federal government gets serious about immigration security and enforcement, discussing anything else is pointless.

The Right to Bear Arms

Growing up in Middle Georgia, I have been hunting since I was young, but I understand the 2nd Amendment is not only about hunting. It is hard for me to question the wisdom of the Founders. They crafted a Constitution that has only been amended 27 times in over 225 years. Ten amendments were their own, designed to explicitly protect certain rights. The 2nd Amendment is clear. We have ample gun laws on the books now, and I believe we should focus on enforcing them.
See David’s response to the National Rifle Association

Resource: His website

freedom paved with struggle

The World is watching … a repost


While the fight for Democracy breaks out all over the World, we are seeing the marches the violence against protesters who have had enough. We also see a World in transition, a few men, dictators who want to hold tight onto their empires ruling regardless of how many of their own call for Sovereignty while others want  21st Century living are killed.  Now, we have to include Governors, Mayors and Police Officers using excessive force who are supposedly hired take an oath to serve and protect.  However, there seems to be a growing movement for citizens to question and challenge dictators and clerics who have ruled with iron fists and have engaged in outdated ancient practices for centuries. Who knew Americans would be enduring policing that appeared in the days before people of color were legally given civil/humane rights.  It is important that the people remember there is always strength in numbers.

Always remember strength in numbers

It is so hard to understand, believe, accept, or fathom that we are in the 21st Century, yet, there are people on the Continent of Africa dying at the hands of their own in the Arab World for wanting to be heard, for wanting to be participants in their own futures and yes, this is not new. There are mothers with children, older men women and students coming out in droves protesting to tell these dictators it is time for a change. In a desperate move to control the truth, dictators have tried to cut off all connections to the outside world or insist and expect the world to believe that the U.S. is at fault, meddling in the process of change, which they claim should happen slowly. When Protesters did not leave, most if not all these tyrants offered up some concessions to the people like crumbs while trying to divert responsibility until their patience ran out with tantrums and threats, crackdown, use extreme force, and death to those who refuse to obey. It is my hope that more people rise up against these despots, but as we watch in horror, the backlash seems hardly worth the effort. I wonder if anyone has had or even allowed himself or herself a chance to stop and consider what personal freedom would mean for them and their families. If they feel, they deserve to be happy let alone an opportunity, a change from the old ancient ways to a life with the freedom to speak, better wages, human rights, to actually be a participant in the process of life.

We all know that the demand to be heard these days is great and how amazing it is to see people on two different continents with similar reactions by those who control, who truly are working for an agenda that is one of great self-interest. This seemingly symbiotic thing going on, though we are worlds apart is one that must be met without fear of evil to get the change needed and wanted. The big difference is … for them it means that any action of independence is not only a risk but fear of authority may not be an option… with the inevitable possibility of death

The journey toward freedom is sometimes paved with danger




Support Nina Turner


Proud only begins to describe the way I feel about my Mom.

She and my dad have always been the two people in this world I’ve looked up to. Whether it was playing on the running track at Cuyahoga Community College when she was a student, or walking home from the bus stop with her after a long day of work and school—me in her left arm, books in her right—my mom made me feel like the most important person in her life.  I am so blessed for all that she has done for our family.

We’ve come a long way since those days, thanks in large part to my mom’s tireless efforts and selfless dedication to our family.  It was tough, but she made it look easy.  I know these same qualities will make my mom an excellent Secretary of State.  She will work tirelessly to ensure that all Ohioans have access to the ballot box and opportunities to build their measure of the American Dream.

Please take a moment to make a donation of any amount in honor of my mother and all she has overcome to get to where she is today.

People ask me all the time about my mom, and all I can do is tell the truth – she is simply an incredible woman. Her constant work as a true public servant for the people of Ohio only reminds me of why Mother’s Day is so important. I try to make sure she knows how I feel all year long, but this day of recognition is more than well deserved.

My mom didn’t rest until our family had achieved our American Dream, and I know she won’t rest until ALL of her fellow Ohioans have that same opportunity.

Send my mom a Mother’s Day message in support of her race by making a contribution to her fight for access and opportunity for all Ohioans.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Jeffery Turner, Jr.