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Rep. John Cornyn V David Alameel, democratic party

Meet David Alameel – Republican Mega Donor – Texas Democratic Senate Candidate

by Deep ThroatFollow  5/17/2014

Being a Democrat in Texas must be tough. That’s gotta be a gross understatement. Wendy Davis and Leticia Van de Putte will not have much help from their US Senate running mate.

Meet David Alameel who has donated $ 1,435,661 to candidates and PACs since 1989 based upon a review of records found at Of that total $ 949,536 went to Democratic candidates and PACs; $ 486,125 to Republican candidates and PACs. If you exclude the $ 690,400 in 7 donations to Democratic PACs that seem to be driven by his desire to be the Democratic candidate for US Senate. David Alameel & his family have donated almost $2 to Republicans for each $1 he donated to Democratic. ~~

Having defeated Kesha Rogers by 72% is important! yes his donations may confuse you yet it could also mean the man is willing to work across the aisle and just a reminder his donations were in 1989 as stated in the article. I know no candidate is perfect but like everyone else do your research and vote Republican Rep.John Cornyn out of office ~~ Nativergrl77 information from:  dailykos, huffpost and David Alameel’ website …

Democrat David Alameel believes in the American Dream because he has lived it himself. He came to America when he was just twenty years old leaving behind his large Lebanese Christian family. David pumped gas and worked in the fields to help his family. He proudly served in the U.S. Army, then worked his way through college and received a Dental degree from the University of Texas. Later he moved to Dallas and founded a network of dental clinics that grew into a multi-million dollar enterprise. In recent years he sold that business and has become a highly successful investor and an expert in financial markets. He is a strong critic of Wall Street and says we must reform current policies “that subsidize big banks and corporations and hurt the middle class.”

Dr. Alameel and Martha, his wife of 40 years, have two grown children, Mark and Nadya, and one grandson. Dr. Alameel has served on various civic boards and organizations in the Dallas area. He is an active philanthropist, with an emphasis on educational opportunity. He founded the Alameel Foundation to provide community services in the DFW area, and he serves as President of the League of Latin American Citizens Greater Texas LULAC Council. 

Dr. Alameel has been an active supporter of Democratic causes and candidates in Texas, including St. Senator Wendy Davis, who is a personal friend. He received the “Centennial Award” from President Bill Clinton in 1999.


- Dr. David Alameel
“I will fight to make sure corporations pay their fair share of taxes. We need fair economic policies that create jobs and income for all American families instead of just benefiting Wall Street and the super-rich.”

“I’m a veteran and a strong supporter of the military, but after 12 years, it’s time for us to bring the troops home from Afghanistan and use the billions we are spending there to improve our economy at home by investing in good jobs, good schools And protecting Social Security and Medicare.”

“I will NEVER vote to cut Social Security or Medicare; and I will ALWAYS fight Wall Street attempts to weaken or privatize them.”

“Every child deserves the opportunity for a quality education, regardless of what neighborhood they come from.”

 Dr.Alameel on the issues

Protecting Women’s Rights

David Alameel believes in a woman’s right to choose and that politicians or the government should not interfere in these deeply personal decisions that should be made by a woman, with her family, her doctor and her God.

That is why Dr. Alameel will always fight to protect Roe v. Wade, which the Supreme Court set as the law of the land decades ago, from Washington politicians who are seeking to undermine the basic rights and freedoms of millions of Texas women.

Furthermore, in the United States Senate, Dr. Alameel will demand equal pay for equal work between men and women. In the 21st Century, there is no excuse for discrimination in the workplace or for U.S. Senators like John Cornyn who voted against the commonsense Lilly Ledbetter Act.  David Alameel would be a proud vote in favor of this important legislation.”

Immigration Reform

David Alameel supports the DREAM Act and comprehensive immigration reform that is both humane and respectful of our laws.

We can’t let a problem become a tragedy, especially for the hundreds of thousands of children born or raised in America who live in a twilight zone of uncertainty for themselves and their families.

We need to create:

  • A faster track toward a program of lawful work permits.
  • A responsible roadmap to citizenship for law abiding and hardworking people who have no criminal record and are only asking for a fair opportunity.


As a father, David Alameel believes that the best investment we can make is in a quality education for ALL children, not just the privileged few.

That is why he has been part of numerous non-profits that provide scholarships to young Texans who work hard in school.

As a Senator, David Alameel will continue to fight for education funding to make sure that our children get the world class education they deserve in order to compete in the increasingly global economy.

Jobs and Economy

The super-rich and mega-corporations have rigged the system in their favor.  They are pulling the strings of puppet politicians like John Cornyn and other Washington Republicans in favor of Wall Street – not hardworking Texas families.

We need to stop sending politicians to Washington who care more about the bottom line of CEOs on Wall Street than working families in Texas.

As Senator, David Alameel will advocate for:

  • Forcing big corporations and Wall Street executives to pay their fair share in taxes.
  • Creating good paying jobs in Texas that can’t be shipped overseas.
  • Taking big banks to court when they ruin our economy, not giving them another bailout.
  • Ending tax breaks for corporations that ship American jobs to places like China and India
  • Raising the minimum wage so families can work with dignity, put food on the table and keep a roof over their heads.
  • Extending unemployment insurance benefits to the long-term unemployed
  • Ensuring tough enforcement of equal pay laws which helps all of our families


Official Google blog … Little Box Challenge

Little Box Challenge opens for submissions

These days, if you’re an engineer, inventor or just a tinkerer with a garage, you don’t have to look far for a juicy opportunity: there are cash prize challenges dedicated to landing on the moon, building a self-driving car, cleaning the oceans, or inventing an extra-clever robot.

Today, together with the IEEE, we’re adding one more: shrinking a big box into a little box.


Of course, there’s more to it than that. Especially when the big box is a power inverter, a picnic cooler-sized device used to convert the energy that comes from solar, electric vehicles & wind (DC power) into something you can use in your home (AC power). We want to shrink it down to the size of a small laptop, roughly 1/10th of its current size. Put a little more technically, we’re looking for someone to build a kW-scale inverter with a power density greater than 50W per cubic inch. Do it best and we’ll give you a million bucks.

There will be obstacles to overcome (like the conventional wisdom of engineering). But whoever gets it done will help change the future of electricity. A smaller inverter could help create low-costmicrogrids in remote parts of the world. Or allow you to keep the lights on during a blackout via your electric car’s battery. Or enable advances we haven’t even thought of yet.Either way, we think it’s time to shine a light on the humble inverter, and the potential that lies in making it much, much smaller. Enter at—we want to know how small you can go.

Posted by Eric Raymond, Google Green Team

Iowa deserves this? Republican Steve King in his own words ~~ a reminder

Information from CBS seems to infer that Rep. Steve King is going after President Obama’s Aunt .

Congressman Steve King, an Iowa Republican, today requested that President Obama’s aunt, Zeituni Onyango, testify before the House Subcommittee on Immigration, Citizenship, Refugees, Border Security and International Law in order to address “the public perception that favoritism played a role in the grant of asylum to Ms. Onyango.

We should all let Rep. Steve King know that Eric Holder stated that we are a nation that avoids talking about race and was in no way was Holders statement shaped or formed the way King stated in his interview

2014 Primary Election …

Planned Parenthood Votes Northwest

It’s that time of year again – election season! You should have received your ballot in the mail for the 2014 primary election, and it has to be returned by August 5.*

There are a lot of hard choices this year, but we’re here to help. Click to see Planned Parenthood’s endorsed candidates in the primary!

Every year, Planned Parenthood Votes Northwest performs an exhaustive vetting and interview process to determine which candidates are passionate advocates for women’s health and reproductive rights.

This year, our great list of endorsed legislative candidates includes people like Shari Song in Federal Way, Rich Cowan in Spokane, Tami Green and Christine Kilduff in Pierce County, and Irene Bowling in Mason County.

All of these rising leaders are strong champions for women’s health, and they’re facing off against politicians who would block the Reproductive Parity Act from even coming up for a vote.

See these and dozens of other candidates endorsed by Planned Parenthood across the state.

We hope you will join us in choosing to support candidates who believe in reproductive health and rights. And don’t forget to vote by August 5!


Treasure Mackley
Political & Organizing Director
Planned Parenthood Votes Northwest

*If you have not yet received a ballot, visit the Secretary of State’s website here:


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