Can a Dietary Supplement Treat a Concussion? No

08/25/2014 03:15 PM EDT

Some companies are marketing untested, unproven, and possibly dangerous products that claim to prevent, treat, or cure concussions and other traumatic brain injuries.

Learn why dietary supplements can’t treat concussions and why using them for this purpose can be dangerous. Read the Consumer Update to learn more.

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FWD: a message from … Zach Silk, Yes on 594

I saw this gun posted for sale online yesterday in Mill Creek.

And, I know you’re not a convicted felon or anything … but if you were, you could just hand over $550 in cash and buy this .45 caliber pistol with no background check at all. He’ll get back to you within an hour.

Really — that’s how huge the loopholes are in our gun laws here in Washington.

Help us close the loopholes in our gun laws that allow people prohibited by law from owning firearms: Pledge to vote Yes on 594 today.

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If you’ve read this far, you’ll be horrified to know that recent research suggests that 4,400 people each year WHO LEGALLY ARE NOT ALLOWED TO BUY GUNS buy them online in Washington.

4,400 EACH YEAR.

Click here right now to do something about it.


Zach Silk
Campaign Manager
Yes on 594

Ten years in prison

Eight Greenpeace activists are each facing almost ten years in prison for participating in a peaceful protest to protect Indonesian rainforest.Indonesia RainforestSign our statement of support today for the action they took and the right to peaceful protest.

take action today

In just a few weeks, eight Greenpeace activists, who last March participated in a peaceful protest at Procter & Gamble’s Cincinnati headquarters to protect Indonesian rainforest1, will be going on trial. greenpeace

They’re each facing two separate felony charges — burglary and vandalism — and if convicted, they could spend almost ten years in prison.

These are crimes they did not commit. The charges in this case are an attempt to intimidate us and prevent more people from taking action — especially when it relates to large corporations like Procter & Gamble. The eight individuals on trial in Cincinnati are prepared to accept the consequences of their actions for a cause they believe in. But they aren’t burglars. And they aren’t vandals. That’s why they’re going to trial.

I’ll be there in person in Cincinnati during the trial doing everything I can to support the eight individuals and their case. You have a role to play too.

Add your name to our statement of support today and show these individuals that they’re not alone and that you believe in the right to peaceful protest.

When I took the job of Executive Director of Greenpeace USA, I didn’t think that this would be how I’d introduce myself to you. But this is a very serious moment, and we need your help.

I’m Annie Leonard. You might know me from my most recent project, the Story of Stuff, but I actually got my start in the environmental movement at Greenpeace over 20 years ago. And I’ve seen firsthand the power that peaceful protest can have.

I’ll be delivering your messages of support personally to the activists. It’s important that they know they’re not alone and that the there is broad support for the action they took. And it’s important that we work together to protect the right to freedom of speech which allowed this action to take place, and which will continue to allow other activists to take direct action in the future.

Add your name to our statement of support today and show these eight individuals that they’re not alone and that you believe in the right to peaceful protest.

The right to peaceful protest is one of the single most important tools at our disposal, not only to protect the environment, but to bring about positive social change in a democracy. It should be allowed to be exercised without the fear of unjust legal consequences.

Carmen, I can’t tell you how excited I am to have come home to Greenpeace as its Executive Director. Or how excited I am to work with you in the days, months and years to come to make our world a greener and more peaceful place.

Thanks for all you do. I’ll be sure to keep you updated as we get closer to the trial and the proceedings begin.


Annie Leonard
Greenpeace USA Executive Director

1. For more information on the protest and why these activists did what they did, check out this blog post.

When Women Succeed America does

by Nancy Pelosi ~~ 6/6/2014

I just had the pleasure of joining my fellow Democratic women in Congress on a “When Women Succeed, America Succeeds” bus tour from Seneca Falls, NY down to Boston, over through Ohio, and all the way to Chicago.

It was an exceptional opportunity to hear directly from hard-working women about the obstacles they face, and discuss the real possibilities for action. After this trip, I’m more confident than ever that our Women’s Economic Agenda would be a great start in unleashing the power of women.

what do you think?

Watch this short video highlighting the “Women on a Roll” tour and take our survey on the Women’s Economic Agenda >>

Click here to attend the Organizer academy >>

Click here to take the survey:

“When women succeed, America succeeds” is not just a title for our economic agenda for women and families, it’s a statement of fact.

Together, we can make the progress that we need — raising the minimum wage, passing equal pay legislation, guaranteeing paid family and sick leave, creating quality job opportunities, and promoting affordable child care.

That’s why it was so fitting that we launched our “Women on a Roll” tour in Seneca Falls, home of the first Women’s Rights Convention which was held in 1848. They had a dream, they had a vision, they had a plan and they got it done — that is what we have to do.

I hope you’ll be a part of this.

Thank you for standing with us.

Nancy Pelosi

Liberia and Ebola

Introducing Liberia

After almost two decades of war, Liberia – a lush, rainforested country draped across West Africa’s southern flank – seems at last to have found some breathing room. With Africa’s first woman president at the helm, the peace, while still fragile, is holding and Liberians have thrown themselves with gusto into the work of rebuilding their shattered land.

If Liberia does stabilise and open up for travel, it will offer intrepid adventurers a fascinating glimpse into what was previously a wonderfully hospitable and fascinatingly enigmatic society. Liberia’s artistic traditions – especially carved masks, dance and storytelling – rivalled those of anywhere on the continent, and traditional culture was strong. This was especially true in the country’s interior, where secret initiation societies played a central role in growing up, and today still serve as important repositories of traditional knowledge and life skills. For now though, most of this cultural wealth remains inaccessible to visitors, and independent travel outside of the country’s capital Monrovia is not considered safe.

Liberia’s dense, humid rainforests – some of the most extensive in West Africa – are alive with the screeching and twittering of hundreds of birds, who are kept company by forest elephants, pygmy hippos and other wildlife padding around the forest floor. Along the coast, deserted white-sand beaches alternate with humid river deltas and tranquil tidal lagoons, while inland plateaus rise to verdant hill country on the borders of Côte d’Ivoire and Guinea.

Though the situation is definitely looking up, it’s advisable to get an update on local security conditions before setting your plans.

Resource: Lonely Planet