Stop palm oil slavery … Ashley Schaeffer, Rainforest Action Network

The palm oil plantations that Cargill has purchased from—and distributed to America’s household food brands—are rife with human rights violations, including slavery.

Want to remove this shocking reality from your pantry? Start by letting Cargill know that slave labor is unacceptable.

In Java last year, I interviewed two men with identical stories of being lured away from their hometowns with the promise of well paid work by Cargill supplier Kuala Lumpur Kepong (KLK).

The two were exposed to toxic chemicals in the palm oil fields with no protection and kept under lock and key at night by armed security. Each finally escaped these horrendous slave labor conditions without ever being paid.

I need your help to convince Cargill to stop filling America’s food supply with palm oil that causes environmental and human rights violations like these.

You’ve already been a massive help in putting Cargill on the path to protecting Indonesia’s rainforests. Just last week, Cargill announced it will finally be offering North American customers palm oil certified by the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO). Just two years ago Cargill claimed this was impossible. Your pressure made it happen. Thank you.

We’ve clearly got a few more steps to go to ensure Cargill’s on the right side of rainforests, and I’m asking you to take those steps by my side.

Are you with me?

For the forests,
Ashley Schaeffer
Rainforest Agribusiness Campaigner
Twitter: @probwithpalmoil

Top Tweets of 2013

Top Tweets of 2013As 2013 draws to a close, we’ve put together a timeline of the year’s top @WhiteHouse tweets.Over the past twelve months, @WhiteHouse added almost a million new followers and continued to be an important tool for the White House to engage with the American people and give updates from President Obama and his Administration.

Check out the top tweets of 2013 and be sure to follow @WhiteHouse on Twitter.

Check out the top tweets of 2013


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2013 Year in ReviewIn 2013, our economy grew, and our deficit shrunk. For the first time in almost two decades, we said that we’re producing more oil at home than we buy from the rest of the world. We honored our heroes. We bounced back from national tragedies and natural disasters. We strengthened our relationships with allies around the world and took action to promote the American dream at home.READ MORE

Weekly Address: The President and First Lady Wish Everyone a Happy Holiday Season

In this week’s address, President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.


First Lady Michelle Obama Helps NORAD Track Santa

Children from around the country phoned NORAD on Christmas Eve for updates on Santa’s whereabouts. A few kids got a special holiday treat on the other end of the line: First Lady Michelle Obama, who was helping out with  NORAD’s annual Santa tracking program.


The 2013 Misinforme​r of the Year is…

Media Matters for America
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Misinformer Of The Year: CBS News

MisinformerWhen it came time to decide the 2013 Media Matters Misinformer Of The Year, there was only one choice: CBS News. From 60 Minutes‘ failures on Benghazi, Social Security Disability, and the NSA to other network failures on pushing misleading Republican talking points, CBS News truly had a black eye in 2013. Eric Boehlert audits CBS’ grizzly 2013:

A Year On The Fringe

Alex JonesMatt Drudge wasn’t the only one to mainstream Alex Jones this year. CNN, Fox News and even the House of Representatives did the same, even as Jones pushed wild conspiracies (like how a government weather weapon may have been responsible for the devastating Oklahoma tornado). Ben Dimiero tours the year on the fringe:

Priorities Reversed

Hands OffBeltway pundits far too often focus on the debt while sneering at the social safety net. Unemployment, food stamps, disability, Social Security, and Medicaid have all been attacked in 2013. Craig Harrington explains what the pundits are getting wrong: Related: One of the most common mistakes journalists make is conflating centrist policy with objectively good policy. But sometimes the center is wrong. Columbia Journalism Review‘s Brendan Nyhan explains what deficit hysteria misses: 


KilmeadeFox regularly promotes Islamophobia, and 2013 was no different. We look back at the network’s hate in 2013:


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WomenIt seems conservative media can’t open their mouth without saying something horrible about women. Here are the worst of their moments in 2013, from “Abortion Barbie” to “something about the female brain.”


Death By Bicycle The Most Absurd Attacks On Clean Tech In 2013

20 Years Later: Returning to FDA to Regulate Tobacco


Mitch Zeller became the director of FDA’s Center for Tobacco Products (CTP) in March 2013, but he has been working on FDA-related issues for decades. In this webinar, he talks about his background and shares his thoughts on key opportunities for FDA to help reduce the health impact of tobacco use through product regulation.

The webinar will be moderated by Kathy Crosby, CTP’s director of Health Communication and Education, and will allow for questions and answers at the end of the presentation. To attend the online webinar, please book this date and time on your calendar now.


Visit our website to learn more about this webinar and find the log-in instructions. You can also find out how to send questions in advance via Twitter.