“people are waiting for aid not for more weapons



Over the weekend, I received a message from one of my interpreters, a Yazidi from Northern Iraq, that I had to share. The English is obviously quite broken, but I hope you’ll read it and sign our petition to Congress urging them to OPPOSE sending arms to the Syrian rebels.

“cant belive that american are sending weapon to guys are using it to kill my familly who are still trying to defence tgeresef on sinjare mount after i serve the american troops as terp for more than seven years starting 2003 [...] if you really care about me and my familly and my peole stop it dont let it happened i serve truley with your guys dont send weapon to kill my daughter wich carry your name”

“my familly were so happy last few days cause i told them that my friends are coming to save us from isis [...] then cant tell them they are giving weaon to them do my familly deserve to be killed by your weapon after all my services to american troops for more than seven years please dont do that my familly are still stuck in sinjar mount hungry and thirst old people are waiting for aid not for more weapon to the terrores no different syrian rebels are same isis”

For his safety, I removed information about where he served and who he served with. But his message is clear: after years of service to our country, he is terrified that the weapons we’re considering sending into Syria will be used against him, and his family, in Iraq.

VoteVets cannot support sending arms to Syrian rebels that many reports continue to suggest are still fighting alongside some of the same groups we fought against in Iraq, and are even reportedly entering into truces with ISIS.

It’s time to stand up to John McCain’s plan for Syria: sign our petition calling on Congress to oppose arming the Syrian rebels.

The House is set to vote as early as tomorrow. That’s why your letter is important.

Jon Soltz
Iraq War Veteran & Chairman

Who’s Up and Who’s Down


Corporations Are Doing Great. Workers, Not So Much.

Burger King is the latest American-born company that is ditching corporate patriotism in favor of exploiting a tax loophole by moving its headquarters abroad. Companies like this and others insist that they make these decisions because America’s corporate tax rate is too much of a burden for them to be competitive. But the reality is that America’s corporations have never done better. It is America’s workers, with wages stagnating and prices increasing, that are having a harder and harder time to make ends meet.

Let’s look at corporations first. Corporations are capturing a greater share of the national income overall. In 1946, corporate profits accounted for 4.5 percent of all the money earned over the course of the year. Now they have more than doubled that share to 11.2 percent.


Meanwhile, corporate tax obligations make up a smaller share of federal revenue. In 1946, 30.2 percent of all taxes collected by the federal government came from corporations; now corporate income taxes only cover 9.9 percent of federal revenue.


Center for American Progress fiscal policy expert Harry Stein explains the backward logic of corporations complaining that taxes are too high: “The claim that taxes are somehow ‘crushing’ corporations gets it backward—corporations could not survive without taxes. To list just a few examples, federal taxes fund education and training for the American workforce, a national transportation network to deliver products to market, a navy to keep shipping lanes safe from piracy around the world, and a legal system to protect copyrights and patents.”

While corporations have been doing better than ever, workers have not been capturing their fair share of these profits. Simply put, trickle-down isn’t trickling. In 2013, the share of corporate income that went to workers hit its lowest point since 1950, according to an analysis from the Economic Policy Institute.


Workers aren’t earning less because they’re working less. Oppositely, their productivity increased 8 percent between 2007 and 2012 while their wages actually fell.

BOTTOM LINE: These new economic numbers are more proof that our economy is not working for most Americans. Companies may point to the tax code as a reason for their corporate desertion, but the fact is they are doing better than ever. It’s middle and working class families, the real engines of the economy, that are left with less. We need an economy that works for them.

meet fred Duval … for Gov. Democratic Party, AZ

  • AZ Illustrated Politics: Fred DuVal Says Legislature Flunked the Session

    Posted By on Sun, May 4, 2014 at 9:05 PM

    On Friday’s AZ Illustrated Politics: Democratic gubernatorial candidate Fred DuVal said lawmakers earned between a D (for “disappointing”) and F (for “failure”) for recently completed legislative session. DuVal called for more dollars for education and child-welfare programs; said he was opposed to expanding programs that provide public dollars for private schools; criticized lawmakers for passing anti-gay and anti-abortion legislation; and promised to reverse Gov. Jan Brewer’s push to deny driver’s licenses and in-state tuition for DREAM Act kids.

    Republican National Committeeman Bruce Ash and Pima County Democratic Party chairman Don Jorgensen tackled immigration issues, the latest skirmish over equal pay in the race between Congressman Ron Barber and Republican challenger Martha McSally, and the legislative session.

  • http://www.tucsonweekly.com/TheRange/archives/2014/                <—; video for article above       …fred-duval
  • Jobs

    “If you work hard and play by the rules, you should be paid enough to live on.”

    Business and education leader Fred DuVal has experience in the renewable energy industry, helping get U.S. trucks off of foreign oil and onto American natural gas. Read Fred’s detailed blueprint to grow good-paying jobs in Arizona.

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  • Opportunity

    “It’s time to stop fighting and start fixing.”

    The culture of corruption and polarization at the Capitol is hurting Arizona’s national reputation and holding back our economy. Read Fred’s plan to clean up the Capitol and introduce a new Ethics Commission, so we can put aside the political polarization.

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  • Education

    “Read my lips — no new cuts to our kids’ schools.”

    Restoring funding to our children’s schools is the most important thing we can do to move Arizona forward. Learn about Fred’s experience helping run our public universities and keeping the doors of higher education open to everyone.

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  • George Takei Endorses Fred DuVal for Arizona Governor

    Phoenix, AZ — Business and education leader Fred DuVal, who is running for Arizona governor, today announced the endorsement of actor, author, activist, and social media mega-power George Takei.

    “I’m incredibly grateful to have the support of an influential and prominent American and part-time Show Low resident like George Takei,” said DuVal. “George has dedicated his life to advancing equality, and together we’ll work to move Arizona Forward.”

    Fred DuVal: When Will Brewer Stop Fighting DREAMers?

    Phoenix, AZ — Business and education leader Fred DuVal, who is running for Arizona governor, released the following statement today criticizing Jan Brewer’s decision to re-litigate the Ninth Circuit’s decision blocking her callous prohibition on driver’s licenses for DREAMers.

    “When will Jan Brewer stop fighting DREAMers? Her callous ban on driver’s licenses for DREAMers has already been thrown out, but she continues to do everything in her power to make it difficult for them to succeed.”


    Resource: Fred Duval website … http://www.fred2014.com




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Defend Mother Earth: March to Demand Action on Climate!

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Defend Mother Earth!
March to Demand Action on Climate
In just two weeks world leaders will descend on New York City for a UN summit on the urgent climate crisis convened by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, who has called on the world to support an ambitious global agreement seeking to dramatically reduce global warming. With the world watching and our shared future on the line, we’ll join thousands taking to the streets in the People’s Climate March from New York to Rio de Janeiro to demand a world safe from the perils of climate change, to demand immediate action by global decision makers.Join us! On Sunday, September 21st march in New York City or in your community to demand action for climate justice, for Mother Earth, for our shared future. To change this dangerous trajectory we’re on – to bend the course of history – we need everyone on board.Read the rest and find out about next week’s events here »