environmentally friendly … is your member of Congress participating? 2014

PlasticbagsrecycleHave you started reclaiming, reusing, recycling, repurposing and or reducing items from your life that will cut the amount of material going into landfills or buying locally to hopefully reduce your eco-footprint as well? I’m in; even PBO alluded to a big change being needed for the next generation.

It’s a rant

Unfortunately, the House of Representatives, led by Republicans are the minority party but they control the purse strings and if you listen closely, they sound like they had different school books, syllabus and teachers, so, the path

aquabountysalmonto sustainable 21st Century living was is going to be a struggle.

Though after NAFTA the struggle for American workers was bad it also made most us all rely on goods made in foreign lands with questionable ingredients and on the cheap; I for one have looked at my clothes and sighed after finding brands that once sold mostly “made in the USA”   went to the dark side. I guess cheap really is too addictive. cheap labor cheap material is addictiveUCScleanairactpix


Addictive, but the question is –  will authorities at the top recognize that NAFTA needs reforming due to an increase of carbon foot-print,  allowed foreign companies to possibly use toxic chemicals, use less than 100% organic and in some cases, let our children play with toys made with excessive amounts of lead.  We need a quick acceptance an apology and a big change implemented in every state regulating not just what comes into the US of A, but how, what is dumped, recycled and where; it makes sense on so many levels given what we now know about pollution, climate change, landfills and the effects on Americans …and our at risk population, whether folks want to admit it or not a reality check is needed.  Washington State, along with a few others decided they are all in on banning plastic bags though the effort needs to be much more vigorous as cooperation from big corporations who do not always implement the process fast enough, but we have to start somewhere right.


However, it is obvious that as those at the top debate and delay changes in our man-made and natural global warming experiences, they are leaving minorities and the poor out of the conversation of sustainable living, let alone offer up alternatives or commit to viable restorations of communities most impacted by bad urban planning. frackingWe have all heard or know that certain populations are definitely unable to control the negative impact that some big corporations are having on their communities or environments as more and more cases are revealed, aired and reported. It is disturbing to know that some cases are over twenty – thirty years old or older, the sad truth that there were are too many middle class, minority and poor communities built on or near freeways,  landfills, gas lines, ex-chemical plants, manufacturer plants or smokestacks with dirty air while providing jobs at those same facilities though the people had no idea that they and the lives of their families could be negatively affected and life in some cases probably cut short. The abuse of land in rural and or urban settings is not just offensive it is still unchecked and just one more thing the EPA needs to revisit.Deforestation-Amazon-1024x667_1_460x230


The idea of sustainable living is not new, yet, it means something different depending on what State you live in and how your officials deal with the agencies we are supposed to trust whether the issue is about fracking, mad cow, GMO ,salmonella etc. or bird flu.  Most people I know love all kinds of food and are careful about at home preparation, but I do believe that the way food is inspected, accepted and processed is still suspect and an update in federal laws regarding food inspection are overdue.  I hope we all agree that our food should not be considered a state’s rights issue; it is a keep the American population safe& healthy issue. I come from a fishing based family that believed in staying away from so-called store freshly caught and to always smell the fish, ask if wild or hatchery and if it’s wrapped in plastic question it all because it may look like the real deal but … I will admit I remember when most if not all seafood caught,  was “bought and sold fresh” and or” wild” but not farmed because my family preferred to buy at the market or buy at the pier, but mostly from my family fishing for it. When farm fisheries started popping up my family felt it might be a good way to keep wild off the endangered list, but unfortunately some collateral damage was created when some reports of  nasty toxic developments at some not all farmed hatcheries were found .

Cantwell-bristolbay-callout Unfortunately,

folks did not know in the early stages the influx of farmed fish to grocery stores and restaurants meant insufficient labeling or the profound lack of available information for consumers to make independent and or intelligent decisions by leaving out info whether it’s about fish, beef, chicken, clothes or toys they are selling comes from the most “environmentally friendly” way possible instead of taking risks that could hurt liveschickenofthesea

written 2/1/2013

Dave Reichert: Why won’t you debate

After opposing equal pay for women, marriage equality, and a fair minimum wage, and after wasting 24 billion taxpayer dollars shutting down the government, is it any wonder he is shying away from the public eye?

He should be afraid to debate that record. That’s why I’m challenging Dave Reichert for Congress.

I believe it is the responsibility of any person seeking elected office to stand up and debate the issues. If you can’t explain your positions then you haven’t earned your seat.

Instead, Reichert chooses to ignore constituents and marches in lockstep with Tea Party extremists. The people of the 8th Congressional District deserve answers. Click here to add your voice and demand Dave Reichert debate. 

I’ll debate Dave anywhere, anytime. I’m not afraid to talk about the values I believe in: equality, economic fairness, and an end to gridlock.

Our district is one of only 17 districts in the entire country where President Obama won and a Republican congressman holds office. We can turn this district blue with your help. We can make sure our country has a congress that wants to work, not obstruct.

I need you, my fellow Democrat, to support our campaign by signing our petition demanding that Reichert participate in a debate this fall.

The people of the 8th district need your help and I know we can count on you.


PS – This is going to be a close election and we need your help. Please consider contributing to our campaign to turn the 8th CD blue!

Ken Ellis and Strong Families via Change.org


Four years ago, Albuquerque police shot and killed my son, Ken Ellis III. He was a 25-year-old Iraq war veteran – wounded in action and suffering from severe PTSD – and a father. Nobody has ever been held accountable for his death.

Ken’s not alone – Albuquerque officers have shot and killed at least 27 people since 2010 in a pattern of unnecessary aggression and violence. Even the Department of Justice found that most of the police shootings in Albuquerque between 2010 and 2012 were unconstitutional.

My son Ken, an Iraq war veteran, is one of 27 people shot and killed by Albuquerque police since 2010. Sign my petition asking for officers who unconstitutionally shot people to be prosecuted.

Things are taking an interesting turn here – suddenly races in Nebraska are coming into play!

House Majority PAC Donate Now

Some of you may have seen the Politico article, “A wave for House Republicans?” that breaks the news that Congressional Leadership Fund and American Action Network are spending another $3 million in 7 House races, doubling down on some top targets and “expanding the map” into blue seats.

Let’s look at the facts: Republicans have not been able to “put away” Democratic incumbents even in tough districts, and so they are trying to bury us in an avalanche of money. Luckily, we’ve been paying attention to these races all along and reserved our time early so we are paying far less for our television than they are, and are well-positioned to win in every one of these seats – if we can ensure we aren’t being out-communicated by the other side.

The races that they are “doubling down” on are all races where the Democrat is currently leading. Republicans have already been spending or have reserved TV time in 4 of the 7 races they’re targeting, and Democrats are tied or leading – albeit narrowly in some cases – in all of them. For example, Joe Garcia (FL-26) and Bill Enyart (IL-12) are both tied in our internal polling. In our internal poll, we have Collin Peterson (MN-07) leading outside the margin of error and last week a public poll showed Peterson leading 50%-41%.

And in MA-06, where Seth Moulton is taking on Richard Tisei, our late September poll showed Moulton with a ten-point lead. Public polls have been all over the map, but most show Moulton with a strong lead. We’re on the air beginning Tuesdaywith this ad, a very straightforward comparative spot that we think will close the deal with voters.

To be clear, these races are all extremely close and this new influx of Republican money is concerning. House Majority PAC has spent or plans to spend in all of these races – if we could raise even a little bit more it would make a difference. For example, we would like to extend out our extremely effective ad supporting Garcia and showing Carlos Curbelo, in his own words, endorsing damaging changes to Social Security.

Democrats are leading in the races that they are using to “expand the map” as well.

CLF andAAN are attempting to put threeadditional races into play, including NY-18 where Sean Patrick Maloney is facing a rematch with NanHayworth.Frankly, we always knew this race would be close and it is a real indictment on the Republicans that they have ignored it for so long. Our polling here has consistently shown Maloney with a 3-point lead. We’re investing over a million dollars here, and paying much, much lower rates than the Republicans are. Here is our latest ad in this district.

Republicans are also looking to put IA-01 and HI-01 into play – two Democratic districts. The underlying dynamics of those districts and the public polling we have seen indicates that a national Republican wave is going to have to happen in order for those two districts to be truly in play. We feel confident we’ll hold those on November 4th.

Who are American Action Network and Congressional Leadership Fund?

AAN is a 501c(4) that doesn’t disclose its donors. CLF is a super PAC whose biggest donor this cycle is Chevron, which gave them $2 million dollars. In fact, the majority of their donors are corporations. Sheldon Adelson gave this group $5 million last cycle and may be funding these efforts again – we don’t know, because donors from now until the election aren’t public until December. AAN’s donors will never be made public. Both groups are strongly supported by Speaker John Boehner.
We are at a critical moment. In these 7 races, and others around the country, we find ourselves facing two dynamics – on the positive side, we see poll numbers improving slightly and Democrats are staying strong, despite the nasty attack ads. On the negative side, every day there is a new big Republicanbuy.We don’t have to match them dollar-for-dollar, but we can’t allow them to dramatically out-communicate us. A week from today, we have to wire millions of dollars to TV stations for our final week’s ad buy. We are still short of where we need to be, and we could use your help. Thanks for the consideration!