Tell Speaker Boehner to squash the lawsuit & the impeachment talk ~ a repost

It is important that voters know Republicans are not only using Taxpayer money to sue POTUS, but their 50 votes to repeal ACA cost $34Billion, the Benghazi hearings Millions, the GOP Shutdowns = $24Billion and the IRS hearings about  $14Million + … just to name a few. Voters, who normally side with Republicans, need to ask their representative to acknowledge this behavior as big government…Nativegrl77


Bottom line: President Obama’s impeachment could be a reality if we don’t step up in a BIG way.

The only way we can force Boehner to squash this impeachment talk is with an absolute EXPLOSION of grassroots support.



NFL coach says beating a woman is “not that big of a deal” ?

Roger Goodell (@nflcommish): Set Consistent Punishment Guidelines for NFL Players Who Commit Violence Against Women

Gretchen Tome
Baltimore, Maryland

did you hear what happened at LAX airport?

sign the petition by Daily Kos and SEIU (Service Employee International Union) in demanding that Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) hold companies accountable for unsafe working conditions—and prevent such future tragedies.

Cesar Valenzuela was killed at work in February, while driving a baggage tug at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). He was working for airport contractor Menzies Aviation, and got run over after being thrown from the vehicle while driving.

The official safety report was just released, and Menzies had violated basic safety rules. The vehicle didn’t have a working seat belt. Menzies discouraged workers from wearing seat belts. And equipment inspections weren’t done properly.

This death could have been prevented, and Cesar should be alive today. He died leaving a wife, and two children without a father.

Los Angeles World Airports’ Board of Airport Commissioners has the power to remove a company’s license to operate because of serious safety violations. It is time for LAWA to act and hold companies like Menzies accountable for unsafe working conditions at LAX.

Sign the petition by Daily Kos and SEIU demanding that LAX hold companies accountable—and to revoke Menzies’ contract—to prevent such future tragedies.

Keep fighting,
Chris Bowers, Daily Kos

If they’re sent to Iran, they’ll die

John B. Emerson, ,: Save Ali, Shahnaz and Arat’s lives by granting them US visas. This would save them from pending deportation back to Iran where they face certain imprisonment and probable execution for their beliefs.

Darrel Weaver
East Earl, Pennsylvania ~~ He killed my husband

Scarlett A. Wilson: Charge Alexander Duke with the murder of my husband, Stewart Pelfrey

kayley parrish
north charleston, South Carolina