Ida B. Wells-Barnett Marched 100yrs ago for – Women’s voting rights

100 years ago
Social activist Ida B. Wells-Barnett marches in Washington, D.C., with 5,000 suffragettes in a protest supporting women’s voting rights.
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meet tom corbett

running for Gov of PA against Alison Schwartz

Pro-life; supports state restrictions on abortion. (Nov 2010)

  • OpEd: Corbett knew federal LGBT laws; OK to change mind. (Dec 2013)
  • Supports anti-LGBT-discrimination bill, but not gay marriage. (Dec 2013)
  • Apologies for comparing gay marriage to incest. (Dec 2013)
  • Defines marriage as between a man and a woman. (Nov 2010)
  • End antiquated system of state-owned liquor stores. (Feb 2014)
  • Give up on privatizing state lottery program. (Jan 2014)
  • Justice Reinvestment: eligible offenders out of system. (Feb 2013)
  • 290 new state troopers plus 90 new civilian dispatchers. (Feb 2013)
  • Cancel unneeded expensive prison project in Fayette County. (Mar 2011)

I have to be honest, his stance is too extreme for me to want to list. So, like everything else regarding Midterms2014 …. do your research because this guy is not a great Public Servant in my opinion and if you seek out the definition of Public Servant you will see it as well …


Idea of the Day: Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act Is Invaluable to Our Democracy

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Posted On February 19, 2013

On February 27 the U.S. Supreme Court  heard arguments in the case Shelby County v. Holder, a challenge to the constitutionality of Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act of 1965. This landmark law outlawed discriminatory voting practices by ending the disfranchisement of minority voters and preventing vote dilution through racial gerrymandering and other techniques that negate the minority vote when the white majority votes as a block.

Section 5 furthers these goals by requiring nine full states and parts of seven other states with a history of racial discrimination in voting to ask either the Department of Justice or a three-judge court in Washington, D.C., for approval before making any changes to voting laws—a process known as preclearance. Congress determined the jurisdictions originally covered under Section 5 by using a plan laid out in the Voting Rights Act and also created a scheme for states to “bail out” of coverage if they have complied with the Voting Rights Act for 10 years.


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Vote – A Duty, A Responsibility, A Privilege

by Kirsten Crippen  Kennewick, WA…

Ilya Sheyman, Political Action

There’s been a dramatic development in the most important Democratic Senate primary in the country.

In the wake of a tropical storm, voters in Hawai’i went to the polls yesterday to choose between MoveOn-endorsed Sen. Brian Schatz—an Elizabeth Warren-style progressive—and his challenger, Colleen Hanabusa. But as of this morning, the race was too close to call. Sen. Schatz is ahead, right now, by just 1,635 votes out of more than 200,000 cast.1 And because the storm delayed about 8,000 voters from casting ballots, the race is being extended to give them a chance to mail in their votes.

MoveOn members in Hawai’i have been working their hearts out on this campaign. Over the past two weeks alone, MoveOn volunteers made over 23,665 calls reminding people to vote for Sen. Schatz. We’ve used voting data and polling to determine which Hawai’i voters were least likely to vote in this special election—voters such as young people who voted two years ago in the presidential election but were likely to skip voting this time—and focused on them. MoveOn members’ calls may well have secured the margin of Sen. Schatz’s lead so far.

MoveOn members’ grassroots election work is a huge deal for Hawai’i—and this close race is a reminder of how important our work will be in other states in November. Please take a look at some photos from the MoveOn for Schatz office in Honolulu, and then pitch in to fund MoveOn’s work to finish the job in Hawai’i and elect progressive candidates all across the country this fall: 

MoveOn members across Hawai’i overwhelmingly endorsed Sen. Schatz for his early leadership in support of expanding Social Security. And in his election-night speech late last night, Sen. Brian Schatz thanked the 39,000 members across Hawai’i and “everybody who cares about protecting and enhancing Social Security” for all the support.2   But the stakes of our effort in Hawai’i are about more than just one primary. We’re also looking at this race as a dry run for the general election. For Democrats to hold the Senate in November, it’s going to take exactly the kind of voter turnout effort we’re honing right now in Hawai’i.

In the next few weeks, we’re planning to open at least four offices in major cities around the country. Our strategy is based on a core truth: if everyone showed up to vote, we’d win every time. Can you pitch in to fund MoveOn’s work to turn out progressive voters and elect progressive candidates all across the country this fall?

Yes, I’ll give to support MoveOn’s campaign to elect progressive candidates all across the country this fall.

Together we’re showing that progressives and voters will get the backs of champions who fight against income inequality and for other core progressive values. And this fall, we’ll build on our efforts in Hawai’i to Save the Senate from a right-wing takeover.

Thanks for all you do.

–Ilya, Alejandro, Shingayi, Matt, and the rest of the team


1. “Schatz, Hanabusa refuse to concede in deadlocked race,” Honolulu Star Advertiser, August 10, 2014

2. “Brian Schatz addresses supporters,” KHON2 News, August 9, 2014