Modern Slavery :



Florida’s tomato farms supply 50% of all U.S. fresh tomatoes1 but have also been called America’s ‘ground zero for slavery.’ Countless workers have been found held against their will, threatened with violence and forced to haul hundreds of heavy tomato buckets a day for little to no pay.

And right now is the worst part of Florida’s tomato picking season – the days are hot and the vines have nearly been picked clean making it hard to fill quotas. In these final days, there is also tremendous pressure for tomato farms to turn a profit making conditions ripe for worker exploitation.

It’s important that we act now.

A new solution called the Fair Food Program has been proven successful in the fight against modern slavery in Florida’s tomato fields. But a major U.S. supermarket chain, Publix Super Markets, is refusing to support the Fair Food Program. Publix continues to buy tomatoes from growers that are not partners of the Fair Food Program and where workers still toil beyond the reach of its proven protection from modern slavery.

Tell Publix Super Markets’ CEO William Crenshaw to join the fight against slavery in the U.S. tomato industry.

After decades of abuse, Florida’s farmworkers finally have a chance in the fight against exploitation with the Fair Food Program, demanding a policy of zero tolerance for human rights abuses, including slavery, on tomato farms.

The White House recently called the exciting new program “one of the most successful and innovative programs” in the world today in the fight to uncover – and prevent — modern-day slavery, and just last week United Nations investigators called it “impressive” and praised its “independent and robust enforcement mechanism.”

Leading brands including Subway, Whole Foods Market, McDonald’s and Trader Joe’s have already joined the fight against forced labour and now only buy tomatoes from growers who comply with the following Fair Food Principles:

  • A code of conduct for tomato growers;
  • Complaint mechanisms for farmworkers;
  • Education sessions to help workers understand their rights; and
  • Regular auditing of farm operations.

It’s been four long years of public pressure but Publix, one of the largest purchasers of local tomatoes, still refuses to take responsibility for their supply chain. 

Tell Publix to make the right decision to join the Fair Food Program and ensure our tomatoes meet the highest human rights standards in the food industry today.

Will Publix Super Markets, which prides itself on making Fortune’s “Best Companies to Work For” list, continue to turn a blind eye and give excuses, or will it leverage its vast market influence and lead the way in cleaning up slavery in the tomato supply chain once and for all?

We think Publix will make the right choice, but it won’t happen without broad public support. Once you’ve sent your message to Publix, please forward this email on to your friends and family, urging them to join the fight that is ending slavery in the U.S. tomato industry.

Thank you for your support,

Debra, Kate, Ryan, Mich, Hayley, Nick, Jess, Amy and the Walk Free team.

Toxic T-shirts?

ZARA is using cancer causing chemicals and polluting the world’s waters.Toxic Water in China

It’s time Zara cleaned up its act. Send a message now urging it to detox by 2020!


For months, Greenpeace conducted research into many of the world’s top clothing brands and found disturbing news — ZARA, along with several other retailers — is polluting waters in China with hazardous chemicals.

Those chemicals then wash into our waters when we rinse our clothes. Most of the fashion industry is treating public waterways like its own private sewers.

It’s time we eliminate hormone-disrupting chemicals from the world’s waters before it’s too late. That’s why we’re challenging some of the most popular clothing brands to eliminate toxic chemicals from its process by 2020 — and we need your help.

If 40,000 of us send a message to ZARA in the next 48 hours it will encourage the company to take the pledge to detox its clothing and stop the use of hazardous chemicals. 

Let’s face it, beautiful fashion shouldn’t cause toxic pollution. H&M and British retailer Marks & Spencer know that. These companies have committed to eliminating all toxic chemicals from its supply chains and products. But ZARA, one of the world’s biggest fast fashion retailers, remains silent.

ZARA is famously responsive to trends and keeps a close watch on buzz about its brand. If all of us can pressure the company to follow in the footsteps of those who have committed to clean up its act, this is one trend it won’t be able to ignore.

We know it’s possible to clean up the toxics, we’ve seen it happen before. Thanks to you, the detox campaign secured commitments from Puma, Adidas and other sports apparel makers to clean up their practices and detox their line by 2020. So it can be done, but we’ll need your help.

Reach out to ZARA right now with an urgent message to clean up its practices and detox today.

As consumers your voice is critical to convincing ZARA and other companies to do the right thing. If the company responds the rest of the industry could follow, so it’s urgent we act now.

Thanks for your help,

John Deans
Greenpeace Toxics Campaigner

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Truth-Telling About Obamacare

Whether it’s a CNN anchor bucking the trend on awful Obamacare coverage, an Atlanta anchorwoman explaining how diversity is a core American value, or the President of the United States having enough of one network’s phony scandals, there was a lot to see this week.

John Whitehouse Twitter: @existentialfish

CostelloA new report this week indicated that Obamacare would give millions Americans enough flexibility to choose to work less. Many news outlets bought into conservative spin and distorted this important development, but one CNN anchor pushed back, correctly noting that the report was all about choice: Related: On the other hand, the Associated Press White House Correspondent disregarded the facts of what the report actually said while discussing it on Fox News:

Diversity Makes America Great

Brenda WoodSome conservatives whined at a Super Bowl commercial featuring a multi-lingual version of ‘America the Beautiful.’ Georgia anchorwoman Brenda Wood took those people to task. Watch for yourself: Related: Bill O’Reilly’s interview of President Obama before the Super Bowl was dedicated to pushing Fox’s phony scandals. Even Obama had enough of it:

Fox Freaks Out At CVS

CVS Multiple Fox News hosts are outraged over CVS’ decision to stop selling tobacco products in their stores, as they pivot towards providing health care. Gretchen Carlson even asked if it was legally permissible for a store to choose to stop selling cigarettes: Related: Conservative gun advocates are in an uproar after 20/20 demonstrated how accidents can easily occur when guns are within the reach of children.


Debo AdegbileConservatives are having issues correctly pronouncing the name of President Obama’s nominee for the DOJ Civil Rights Division. We give them a hand:


IngrahamDoes Laura Ingraham, a leading anti-immigrant voice, know that Puerto Ricans are American citizens? Her baseless attacks on Justice Sonia Sotomayor raise doubts:


RothFox News’ idea for a debate on whether Disney should create a plus-size princess centered around the notion that such a princess might encourage obesity. Seriously:


Trans-Pacific Partnership
News Broadcasts Almost Completely Ignore The Trans-Pacific Partnership, A Massive New Free Trade Proposal

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