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Sunday buzz…

The President has some new projects underway to deal with things confronting Veterans, Creating a Green zone, facing and improving Government, Innovation, and Economy. Unlike our counterparts the Democratic Party took up the challenge that was left to them and have made headway in spite of the big Wall Street Republicans side with…We the People will get it and vote them out of office. The Democratic Party has yet to completely step up to the challenge …when will they get it the 53% that voted for change is not the group of 1993-4 … The changes needed are becoming a reality …Democrats need to avoid shooting ourselves and accept the change will be slow but steady…we need the upcoming elections and  2012 to continue the changes and improvements necessary

BP is replacing another cap and the oil is gushing into the Gulf. In addition, while that is going on reports about the blobs, globs and oil coming on shore is not from the BP disaster. This has got to make you wonder just what is going on because if it isn’t from BP where and why and then it just gets deep …what have they been doing until now to combat the mess -Questions Governors of the Gulf Coast need to answer -where were the emergency plans because any state wanting oil drilling should have had one in place.

The noise from Lebron James decision really made some folks come unglued it was strange to hear such vitriol and was definitely filled with unsportsmanlike like conduct by reporters who forgot the man was a Free  Agent LJ, King James if you’re nasty. In addition, coaches, reporters, or so-called fans definitely still name calling, questioning his integrity. The donation LJ made to the Boys and Girls Club was all but put on the back burner by most reporters. It was the embarrassing part for me because that was a great act that got pushed aside for the negativity of it all…that ain’t right and gotta ask yourself was it racial, jealousy, haters or pr …it definitely is a whole lot of miss-behaving nasty words that need to be squashed.

Congress will be back in Session on Monday with plenty to do plenty of complaints at a time when reports suggest another recession or worse is at hand or as talking heads refer to it as a double dip. It can be avoided if folks in Congress would just work for the best interest of the people instead of what will keep them employed on the Hill because as most know Republicans voted against the unemployed …my thought is people should use their votes to voice how those NO votes made them feel and vote out Republicans. If you have not already heard, Republicans have invited lobbyists to the Hill next week. The week will start out slow but unless you live under a rock, the intent is clear; do Republicans think voters will continue to put up with them siding with Wall Street and not Main Street or the Street. The public will finally notice and call Republicans out. The Senate will convene around 2pmEt on Monday and there will be debates/votes and confirmation of a judge. The House meets on Tuesday and while the Senate battles it out on legislation given them both chambers will have climate change & clean energy, immigration dadt to deal with in a period of 4 months before the November elections; can they do it. Congress will have to make a good faith effort to get these things done and any budget issues might merit the use of reconciliation.


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Governors Focus on The Federal Budget Deficit

With the National Governors Association (NGA) wrapping up its three-day meeting in Boston today, PoliticsDaily.com Senior Correspondent Jill Lawrence joins the Washington Journal live from Boston to review the conference and discuss the 2010 elections. Today’s closing NGA plenary session focuses on “The Federal Budget Deficit: Risks and Challenges.” The panel will hear from former Senator Alan K. Simpson (R-WY) and former Clinton White House Chief of Staff and Senate candidate Erskine B. Bowles (D-NC), co-chairs of the National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform, who will provide their insight into the monetary challenges facing the nation.

Top Political Leaders Appeal to Party Line Voters

This morning on the Washington Journal, strategist Leslie Sanchez will discuss the 2010 political landscape, the new Arizona immigration law and its impact on Republican Party, as well as new polls showing GOP messages leading Democrats on several policy fronts. In Nevada, Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele spoke Friday at a state Republican Party Convention dinner. Earlier in the week, some Democrats and Republicans had called for him to resign after he referred to the war in Afghanistan as “a war of Obama’s choosing.”   Nevada GOP Senate nominee Sharron Angle also spoke at the dinner. The “Tea Party”-backed candidate is challenging Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) in the November elections. President Obama was in the state Thursday to campaign for Senator Reid, who is seeking a fifth term.

Saturday …Is it just me or did everything after the Lebron James announcement get out of hand?  Some teams, owners, so-called fans, coaches were upset and while they engaged in bad behavior did everyone forget -he was a FREE AGENT  -move on

We all need to make the effort to be a part of a group reminding folks of the dangers Americans face if we go back to the status quo.

The truth is Republicans long to go back to the status quo,  have been and still are the negative element to this financial melt down and have vowed to bring down President Obama. The problem is not only will they bring this President down they will take us all down with them and that cannot be what folks truly want. This President had a great campaign showed his knowledge, poise and when things became rough he acted Presidential unlike the Republican ticket, which was not only unqualified but out of touch with issues effecting all Americans of all financial and or racial background. The Republican ticket stated that our economy was fundamentally sound -huh? as we all know that was far from the truth

If you listen to the cable heads, mainstream TV, radio noise, and others seemingly on the side of Republicans, you would think they feel the public is not smart enough to see, hear, and feel the election rhetoric begin. It is on the public to see the forest through the trees as they did with the 2008 elections and hear what the Pundits say but make choices based on facts not the rhetoric from those that get paid to possibly sway the public to one side or the other when they step into the voting booth. The choice to stick with the way things are now or the option to move forward into the 21st Century seems obvious.

However, if you are a woman and or person of colour the status quo has changed over time and what seems to be catching rapid fire is the desire to back in time when women or people of colour were seen maybe and rarely heard. I need people to hear that America was built by immigrants that those very people who want to vote against comprehensive immigration have ancestors who probably had some involvement knew someone maybe helped someone who was undocumented. I don’t believe that undocumented people want anything less then most people  – a job a place to live have children and be safe . Immigration is the elephant in the room and though it has been around for decades, everyone knows it is time to make the changes and why. Immigration affects our economy our families and will continue to be the huge elephant in both chambers of Congress until Politicians get it and deal with it.

Friday comments ...In the days, weeks, and months to come, the news will focus on the upcoming November elections, we all should be watching listening and sorting out just what are these candidates and their supporters or financial backers saying. This nation is at a moment when we need to make intelligent choices ones that will make the difference to not only our economy but to the nation. It may seem silly if you are sitting back with no real issues in your life like the people on the Gulf Coast because the reality of our circumstance is all in that one place. It was going fine people living their lives when a big financial company decided to bet against the people and the environment by not investing in certain safety features thus cutting costs… sound familiar. That being said an explosion happened eleven people died with over 100 people swimming or were rescued thank goodness but the fact is not much news came out about the explosion until a couple of plumes and maybe a brave survivor started making comments. The story is long the effects will be longer and the truth, well we do  not have the truth yet but the leak –ish it is a gusher that still continues on and has brought the Gulf Coast people to their knees not just financially, emotionally, physically but it reflects what our nation is going through. The people on the Gulf Coast needed help as businesses closed,  people losing their jobs and the air has, on some occasions been so bad they have had what is called, “bad air days.” BP and the government I guess have limited the beach and oilrig views but we hear the daily comments from reporters from the fishing industry and the people who need to speak up and out more frequently. I blame BP but the other group responsible for not getting things done quicker is the local government. The Gulf Coast governors like Gov Jindal are out there doing photo ops but are falling short on getting things like respirators to the workers. This should be a concern of local government and if not then someone has to start a phone tree to call the White House because we all know that the air can harbor deadly things even if you cannot see it you smell it and that can only be ignored for so long.

In addition, like the BP disaster the facts that almost brought our nation to its knees cannot be ignored. The house of Bush gave taxes breaks to the wealthy in 2001 sold as a stimulus and again in 2003 then he made an investment in 2Wars, which resulted in massive debt and a quick trip to a recession just short of a depression…, which is still possible by the way because Republicans refuse to help … is anyone paying attention! Bush did not pay for these things among other things and this led us into our current situation!

The Democratic Party is trying to move Americans into the 21st Century, we cannot afford to go backward, and who would want to because Republicans do not have our best interest in their minds and what better evidence is there then the NO votes that could have gotten us out of this crisis sooner.

It is with great happiness to say thank goodness it’s Friday! TGIF has long been a cliché we all indulge in every week and some laugh at though very accurate as our workweek ends on this day. The thing is the week does not end for the President, he has been at work getting our economy back on track for less than two years, and though pundits and cable heads would have you believe that it is not happening, they are wrong. The recovery has had many obstacles placed in the way of this President, some include members of the Democratic Party, which is very odd yet should give the public a better view of how hard this whole thing was going to be. If anyone remembers at all, our then young Obama and candidate for President stated many times that he cannot get the change we believe in or need alone. It still is true that the change we need is one that everyone has to take part in which means that independents should be calling legislators to act in the best interest of the people, stop stalling, holding back and up appointments the President has a right to have to govern.

Speaking of governing, in a year of major elections that will change how our Congress looks many Economists state few in Congress have the courage to commit to change and act boldly to get America straightened out. If you listen to those pushing the negative poll numbers at us, should we all give up just because they say so, this is not the time for democratic supporters, voters the 53% that put this President in office to now turn their backs. The fact is we have 2 political parties and one nation under god but Republicans have forgotten that and have instead set out on a mission to not only bring down this President but in doing so will take the rest of us down with them.

We have Republicans who continue to be obstructionists along with a couple of members of the Democratic Party. It is up to people supporting the effort to rectify the nonsense that the last guy left by speaking up and out if given the opportunity. President Obama was given the worst economy since the depression has pulled the US back from the ditch that we all faced; actually, a huge percentage of people did fall into that ditch and are now collateral damage the house of Bush failed to stop while he was still in office. In fact, most of the people I talk to cannot even remember where he was after the announcement of just how bad a crisis we were in before this President took over. The President had an agenda during the 2008 campaign that did not include a complete financial crisis. The Mccain/Palin ticket said oh our economy is fundamentally sound and that was the first sign as to whom we all needed to vote into office. The facts slowly came out and we probably have not heard all the truth which means things obviously were worse than they knew people on the right keep trying to hold this President to the original numbers; the fact is everything is relative and the numbers have to adjusted folks. The President can give Congress an agenda but it is up to them to move us into the 21st Century, which means creating and voting on legislation that will put those laws on the books but treated as failures.

There have been major changes not failures made by this President and reports of him being weak are just a joke that he needs to fight the verbal beat downs that people on the right are engaging in… please who has time for that and this President should pick the right time to take up the verbal fight. I prefer that he make progress into the 21st Century anyway we can and when the move stalls we must challenge him or those who continue to stall block and vote against it. In my opinion, the progress our President or the Democratic Congress has made seldom gets significant PR. The fact that they do not is annoying, disappointing. The fact that the someone in the administration admitted that the President’s own advisors pleaded with him to give up on Health Care Reform evidence on how hard a time this new administration is having. We all should be thankful this President did not listen then and quite possibly start to move left of center asap… the cliché -we got his back use to be par for the course  but now my question is where are the independents and will they help or hinder our move into the 21st Century?

Other News …

**New rules for Vets with PTSD will be announced Monday making it easier to file claims

**A lawsuit against the AZ sheriff has been filed claiming an illegal or abusive use of power

**FaceBook has announced it will shut down the Gifts giving aspect of its site