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Today Senate Democrats voted for passage of a bill that will prevent thousands of teachers from being laid off and provides Medicaid funding to states. “I think what this bill is a reminder of even when we’re going through these incredibly trying times, that it’s our obligation as a generation to make sure that we provide more opportunity, not less to our kids and grandkids,” said Sen. Michael Bennet.

Senate Republicans are pushing a job-killing agenda that includes opposition to tax cuts for small businesses, opposition to clean energy jobs, and protection for tax loopholes exploited by multinational corporations. More info and vote details at:

At a press conference in the U.S. Capitol today, Senate Democrats discussed the next steps for a clean energy bill. Republicans are blocking 700,000 clean energy jobs, but they’re protecting tax breaks for CEOs who ship American jobs overseas. “It’s a terrible disappointment,”said Reid. “But everyone should understand we are not giving up on energy.”