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“Score one for a customer rebellion!” — that’s how Diane Sawyer announced on ABC Nightly News Friday night that big banks are backing off debit card fees after 300,000 people signed Molly Katchpole’s petition against Bank of America’s $5 debit card fee.

Not only is Bank of America revising its $5 debit card fee, but big banks like Chase and Wells Fargo are publicly canceling their plans to charge their customers for debit cards.

You must watch this segment from ABC Nightly News about Molly’s petition. It’s a truly inspiring story about what’s possible when we organize together.

Molly’s fight against Bank of America isn’t over. While BofA is revising its fee, many customers, including Molly, would still have to pay $5 for a debit card fee even after the bank’s revisions. But, as the Wall Street Journal put it, the “big banks blinked.”

Here’s what else the media is saying about Molly’s petition against big bank fees:

  • ABC: “Banks Back Down from Fees”
  • CBS: “Bank of America Backs Down After Consumer Backlash”
  • Mother Jones: “Banks Surrender on Debit Card Fees”
  • Daily Mail: “Victory for customers as big banks back down from debit card fees”
  • Time Magazine: “Banks Back Off Unpopular Debit Card Fees”
  • NY Daily News: “After outcry, Wells Fargo, Chase, Bank of America back off on debit card fees”

Dan Rather covered Molly’s petition too, saying that has become a “nerve-center for social justice the world over.”

But here’s what’s most exciting: If a 22-year-old from Washington can best the biggest bank in America with a petition, think about what else is possible.

Watch ABC Nightly News’ report on how banks backed down because of Molly Katchpole’s petition on, then share with people you know.

Thanks for being a change-maker,

– Jess and the team


Support Senator AL Franken

With so much at stake in 2012, I’m doing everything I can to help Democrats win across Minnesota and around the country. But every time someone asks me if Midwest Values PAC (MVP) can help out another great candidate, the answer is the same: “I’ll have to ask my team.” By which I mean you.

After all, it’s your support that has made it possible for MVP to get involved in some of 2012’s most important races, supporting progressive heroes like Sherrod Brown and Kirsten Gillibrand. And, of course, we’re standing with Minnesota’s own Amy Klobuchar, Keith Ellison, and Tim Walz.

But I want MVP to be able to support even more great candidates in 2012 — which is why I’m asking you to help me help them by making a contribution of $5 or more today!

I’ll give you a perfect example: Elizabeth Warren. This progressive champion and consumer crusader is running for Senate in Massachusetts, and she’d be a powerful voice standing up to the special interests in Washington.

I’m proud to give her my endorsement — but I want to be able to do more. Your contribution to Midwest Values PAC will make it possible for me to stand with even more great candidates like Elizabeth when they need it most — so click here to donate today!

I wish I could help every single one of our party’s great candidates stand up for Medicare and Social Security, fight for good jobs and clean energy, and take on the right-wing special interests. And with the Senate majority at stake — and the House in play — there are lots of races to choose from.

I’ll keep fighting to support progressive candidates around the country no matter what. But MVP can only help if MVP members like you are there with me.

So, on behalf of all the progressives hoping MVP will be there for them: How about it? Can you contribute a few dollars to help me elect great Democrats in 2012?

Thanks for all you to do support me — and all the other great progressives out there.


a message from Gov.Howard Dean

I’m going to get straight to the point. If the so-called Super Committee votes to increase the age of Medicare eligibility from 65 to 67, it will completely erase all the gains we made in providing healthcare to every American under President Obama.

Medicare is the only universal healthcare program that exists in the United States of America. No one who supports moving back the age of eligibility can possibly be considered an advocate for universal health insurance.

In fact, if that happens, the legacy of the Democrats for the past four years will have been to do far more harm to the healthcare system than good.

By raising the age of eligibility from 65 to 67, hard working Americans who are in their 50’s or 60’s, and cannot afford insurance under the current system will have to wait two additional years before Medicare kicks in. They would be forced to stay in the private healthcare system – if they can afford it.

I personally know people who are on crutches this year because they cannot afford the hip replacement they need until they turn 65 a year from now.

It also means that you’ll have more people putting off care for an extended period of time and entering the system as more expensive Medicare recipients. This could actually increase overall spending on Medicare — eliminating much or all of the “savings” the Super Committee may imagine they can achieve with these cuts.

This is bad policy and we have to stop it. I will personally not support any candidate for any office that attempts to cut back Medicare in this way. Democracy for America is preparing right now to run aggressive campaigns, including hard-hitting TV ads, against anyone — Republican or Democrat — who supports increasing the age of Medicare eligibility.

Please contribute $12 right now to fuel DFA’s campaign and deliver the resources to win.

We’ve succeed in bringing Washington politicians to their senses before and we can do it again. Because when we work together, we win.

Thank you for everything you do.


Governor Howard Dean, MD
Founder, Democracy for America

a message from Nancy Pelosi

If we continue to stand together, I believe this moment will mark the turning point on the road to a Democratic victory in 2012.

The American people are rejecting the Tea Party Republican agenda that puts tax breaks for the wealthiest people in our country ahead of creating jobs.

Now, it is up to us to seize this moment.

That’s why the looming October 31st FEC fundraising deadline is so critical. This is the last fundraising deadline before the one year out to Election Day marker and House Democrats must have a strong showing.

Please contribute $3 or more to our Million Dollar Match Campaign before October 31st and your gift will be matched dollar-for-dollar by a group of House Democrats.

The world will be watching to see if Democrats can maintain the momentum and exceed our million dollar goal. Our results will be closely scrutinized by the media and political pundits as an indication of our strength and determination to take the fight to the Republicans.

With just 25 seats standing between us and a new Democratic Majority, we can’t wait for tomorrow.

Contribute $3 or more to our Million Dollar Match Campaign before Midnight Monday >>

Let’s stand together for a new direction that places creating jobs over reckless tax breaks for billionaires and Big Oil.

Thank you for your support,

Nancy Pelosi

A small fish with a big problem

Menhaden. It’s a small fish that makes its home along the Atlantic coast and that other fish love to eat. Unfortunately, humans love it too.

Help us collect 40,000 comments before the Nov. 2nd deadline by taking action now.

We like to grind it up, put in pet food and stick it in fish oil supplements. So much so, that this once abundant fish is in serious trouble. If something isn’t done soon to stop the overfishing of menhaden, the entire Atlantic coastal ecosystem could be in danger.

That’s why right now the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission (ASMFC) is considering changing the way they manage menhaden. As part of the process, they have opened up public comments. They don’t often hear from the public on this issue. Which is why we are hoping to overwhelm them with support by generating 40,000 comments before the deadline.

This is our chance to show broad public support for ending the overfishing of menhaden and preserving the Atlantic ecosystem. But the comment period closes in just 48 hours.Greenpeace


Tell the ASMFC to protect the menhaden and protect the Atlantic ecosystem by taking action right now.  WWW.GREENPEACEUSA.ORG

Menhaden have been called “the most important fish in the sea.” They are critical to the Atlantic marine ecosystem as prey for other fish and wildlife such as striped bass and ospreys. Millions of recreational anglers depend on a healthy coastal ecosystem to support the populations of striped bass, bluefish, and other species recreational fishermen love to catch. Without menhaden the Atlantic fishing industry—and the 63,000 jobs it supports—could collapse.

Unfortunately, that’s a real possibility. Overfishing of Atlantic menhaden has been going on for over 25 years and the population is on the brink. Scientists estimate that only 8% of the original menhaden population exists today. We have to act now to protect the menhaden and the entire Atlantic ecosystem.

Don’t wait. There are just 48 hours left to submit a comment to the ASMFC and protect the Atlantic ecosystem.


Greenpeace has been working on overfishing around the globe for twenty years, and we’ve been working on protecting the menhaden now for almost a decade. I attended a public hearing in Virginia this month, and delivered my comment in person. The hearings are stacked with industry insiders, so your voice is crucial for us to successfully reform menhaden management.

This is our chance to finally protect the species once and for all. If the menhaden population collapses, our entire Atlantic ecosystem and the fish and birds of prey that depend up on it will collapse as well. We can’t let that happen.

Submit your comments now before it is too late.

For the Oceans,

Phil Kline

Phil Kline
Greenpeace Senior Oceans Campaigner

P.S. Forward this email to anyone in your address book who cares about the fate of the world’s oceans. The more comments we can generate in the next 48 hours, the better the chance we can protect the menhaden and the entire Atlantic ecosystem.