President and his news conference


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President Obama holds a news conference at the White House. August 20, 2012.



This Week’s Top 3 On ThinkProgr​ess: The Paul Ryan Edition


This week was full of news about Mitt Romney’s vice presidential pick, Paul Ryan. Here are three important stories about Romney’s selection that you don’t want to miss:

1. 12 Things You Should Know About Vice Presidential Candidate Paul Ryan

2. INFOGRAPHIC: Everything You Need To Know About Romney’s Dishonesty On Medicare

3. After Documents Show Paul Ryan Secured $20 Million In Stimulus Grants, He Claims ‘I Never Asked For Stimulus’


Igor Volsky Deputy Editor, ThinkProgress

must see Vids

The First Lady Speaks at the 2012 Kids’ State Dinner

First Lady Michelle Obama welcomes junior chefs and their parents to the first ever Kids’ State Dinner at the White House. August 20, 2012.

Live from the 2012 Kids’ State Dinner with Sam Kass

Sam Kass speaks to young chefs at the White House for the first-ever Kids’ State Dinner. August 20, 2012.More

August Newsletter​: The Sahel Crisis – you asked, we answered

Mercy Corps

August 2012 Newsletter

Answers from the field about the Sahel hunger crisis

Niger: Answers about the hunger crisis

You asked. Country Director Thierno Diallo answered. Find out what it’s like for Mercy Corps staff who are working to save lives and build resilience in the face of the Sahel hunger crisis in West Africa. Read more ▸

Top stories

Syrians take refuge in Lebanon

Lebanon: Syrians take refuge in Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley

How is the conflict in Syria affecting the families who have been forced to flee? Country Director Rob Maroni finds that it’s the children who suffer the most.

Creating spaces for learning in South Sudan

South Sudan: Creating spaces for learning

Classes held under the trees are often interrupted by rain and threats of violence. We’re building new temporary classrooms in Bentiu so students like Daniel can stay in school and have a safe place to be a kid.

Conservation efforts honored in Myanmar

Myanmar: Innovative conservation efforts honored

Find out how mangrove nurseries and fuel-efficient stoves have transformed rural communities into thriving agricultural centers in this energy-poor nation.

Saving children's lives in the Horn of Africa     Ethiopia:Helping children survive in the Horn of AfricaFamilies are still going hungry after the worst drought in 60 years caused famine in East Africa one year ago. Our mobile health clinics continue to treat starving children who have nowhere else to turn.


Garry Kasparov Faces Jail Over Pussy Riot Protest (Video)

Aug 19, 2012 by

Garry Kasparov was speaking to reporters outside the Moscow courthouse where the sentencing of the band Pussy Riot was taking place. Suddenly he was violently seized by police and forced onto a bus. Later he was beaten by a group of police. The police department has announced they are investigating whether Kasparov bit and injured an officer. The officer in question is highlighted in this video striking Kasparov with his fist. At no time during or after beating Kasparov does the officer show any sign of injury. The officer stays at the scene after Kasparov is forced onto the bus for the second time and the officer uses both of his hands to adjust his vest.