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400,000 and counting

That’s the number of consumers who’ve asked Trader Joe’s grocery to sell only meat raised without antibiotics. This tidal wave of support shows grocers and factory farmers that you DO want drugs out of food animals so we can better fight off antibiotic-resistant superbugs in our communities.

Chris Meyer, Vice President, External AffairsWe’ll be delivering your petition signatures soon in a high profile way. If you haven’t joined our campaign, there’s still time to get involved.

Chris Meyer, Consumer Reports


Consumer Reports Did you know you can actually overdose on vitamins? Or that those ‘natural’ supplements may be anything but. Consumer Reports examines the 10 surprising dangers of vitamins and supplements in this month’s issue.  Learn more…

1.2 million messages to lawmakers this year from consumer advocates like you!

YOU showed us the money

Many of you sent in photos of refund checks you got from insurance companies that wasted your money. We put together a quick, fun video featuring you and your money being reunited, thanks to a provision in the health care law that holds insurers accountable to you.

But opponents still want to take away your right to a refund by gutting the law. Our video shows critics that the law works – cash doesn’t lie! Watch it now, Take actionthen forward it to your state Insurance Commissioner.

Get antibiotics off your grill this Labor Day It can be tough shopping for meat raised without antibiotics, thanks to confusing labels and few grocers that carry a variety of no-antibiotic meat. Look for these labels so you know you’re really buying chicken, pork and beef without drugs.

Can’t drive 55? How about 55 miles per gallon? That’s the new standard (54.5 mpg) required of all new cars starting in 2025, thanks to a strong push from those of you demanding better gas mileage. The new rules were just finalized, so check out details here.

Fact Check: Health care law’s ‘cuts’ to Medicare You’ve likely heard politicians claim the Affordable Care Act is taking away Medicare benefits. We turned our fact checker on this claim and found out who is saving money (taxpayers), who is getting less money (health insurance companies), and who is getting more benefits (seniors). Check out the facts here.

Planning on living forever? Sometimes it seems possible with all the new medical implants on the market. But surprisingly these devices are held to lower safety standards than prescription drugs. With your help we fought for new safety rules in Congress. Find out what we won, lost and what’s next.

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