Bluefin Tiuna … off the hook

Center for Biological Diversity

Bluefin boycott Atlantic bluefin tuna need your help to gain much-needed protections from our neighbors to the north. The Canadian government proposed “endangered” status for the imperiled ocean predator in May 2011, and now Canada must decide whether to grant legal protections for bluefin.

Ask Canada to adopt protections for this majestic, too-swiftly disappearing warm-blooded fish.

In the fall, Canadian waters provide critical feeding grounds for Atlantic bluefin tuna. Waters off Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island host “giant” bluefin — some weighing half a ton — before they return to their spawning grounds in the Gulf of Mexico.

Help give these giants a break from fishing so their endangered population can begin to recover. Act now to support Canadian protections for Atlantic bluefin tuna.

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