President Obama Talks Middle-Cla​ss Tax Cuts with Mayors and Their Constituen​ts

Yesterday, President Obama held a conference call with a bipartisan group of mayors and community leaders from around the country to discuss preventing an income tax increase on middle-class families.

Several of the mayors asked some of their constituents who had shared what a $2,000 tax increase next year would mean for their families to join the call as well.

Check out some photos and tweets from leaders who listened in from cities and towns nationwide.

President Obama Talks Middle-Class Tax Cuts with Mayors and Their Constituents

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First Lady Michelle Obama and Toys for Tots Spread Holiday Cheer
First Lady Michelle Obama stopped by a Toys for Tots service project on Monday at the Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling with “boxes and boxes” of gifts that were donated by White House staffers, American CEOs, and even First Daughters Malia and Sasha.

President Obama’s Record and Proposals for Cutting Spending
The President has signed $1 trillion in discretionary spending cuts into law through the Budget Control Act, and his budget calls for more than $340 billion in entitlement savings from Medicare and Medicaid, and $250 billion from other mandatory programs


Diversity in Congress … begins

 Last month’s election was a landmark for Democrats and our country. And as the new DSCC chairman, I can’t wait to start working to strengthen and secure the Democratic majority!

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Gandhi’s 4-step recipe for victory and more from Joseph Huff-Hannon –

AvaazpixHave you heard Gandhi’s four-step recipe for victory? “First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, and then you win,” he said. We’re seeing examples of this every day at Avaaz’s new petition site where members are launching their own campaigns to change the world in ways big and small.

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Here’s how the recipe works:

1. Tell friends about an issue you care about in your community or the world and ask them to show their support with our community petitions site.
2. If the petition goes viral, the media pays attention and the bad guys say: “You’ll never win!”
3. The Avaaz community charges in with global backing and resources to fight the opposition. Public support balloons and decision makers are forced to reckon with it. Together, we start turning the tide.
4. And then we win.

Now it’s your turn. Launch the next game changing campaign at Avaaz’s new community petitions site: :

The recipe worked for Shanker, an Avaaz member from India whose brother tragically took his own life when he couldn’t escape the clutches of a imperious employer. Shanker’s brother’s employer had lured him to Bahrain with a misleading job offer and then blocked him from ever leaving the country. When Shanker found out that 100 of his brother’s co-workers were trapped as well, he launched a petition on the Avaaz site and 20,000 people around the world joined it, leading the corporation to set all of it’s trapped workers free!

All of us have the power to spur changes like this. We just need to share our passion with each other and pool our voices. If there’s something happening in your community or the world that you’d like to change, start a petition today:

With hope,

Joseph, Ian, Ari, Ricken, Marie, Oli, Adam and the whole Avaaz team