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is it me or is Reality Tv slowly on its way out? im thinkin it’s wishful

i admit i have watched my share of  reality tv, and felt no guilt until the ugliness of the Kate+8 came out,won’t even mention the husband’s name,it’s a situation where neither seems grown up enough to take themselves off the air waves, it’s obvious to make ends meet, kate will need to write another book, gotta say listening to her say she has done enough tv to do movies? i was rooting for her til that and her need for a 8diamond ring? wtf Kate … is she really qualified?

another character… the ex-miss or the fallen miss Cali should have known if you make a sex tape, it will get out, how clueless is she, her behavior was offensive  and if this is what conservatism is then we are all in for an America that excludes and discriminates. I don’t feel this is what the majority of Americans want. i also question if  this is really what she feels conservative family values are all about? just asking

Anyone, supposedly 21 and slightly older on the hills,  the city, planet or state are very strange to watch.  As a person of colour, the black hills offended me but then so did these other shows claiming to highlight the fashion industry, the city and businesses in their States were definitely one-sided …the fashion district HAS got to have more ppl of colour to offer the show than just the bootlegger right?

and housewives in any state should wrap their shows up and end them, these shows are clearly harmful to the reality families themselves as several are getting evicted from their homes?, dating each others spouse or exes,  jail time and several divorces have popped up and out, who wants to see this stuff, really tell me.


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  1. Perhaps you have been bussier than you think and sorry to tell you it is just wishful thinking, although the shows you mentioned on this post are quite benevolent compared to others… especially those involving sophisticated woman disciplining and complaining about their children while it is rather apparent that they are under the influence of heavy drug use… those women make Kate + 8 show look quite normal.. What I find more offensive and disgusting is the heavy use of drugs and foul language especially around the children..


      1. Me that makes at least two of us…lol. I hope everyone is paying attention. There would be no programs like that if people refuse to watch !


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