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whitehousebannerIt’s not exactly a secret that Washington hasn’t worked as well as it should. Between the constant gridlock and partisanship, most people just tune this town out. That was especially true this year when the government literally shut down.

Yet, even in spite of all that, thanks to the grit of the American people, this country continues to move forward. After the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression, folks are getting back to work and the economy is getting stronger.

And late this year, Washington took a cue — and managed to make some progress itself.

While it’s too early to declare a new era of bipartisanship, what we’ve seen recently is that Washington is capable of getting things done when it wants to. And there’s an opportunity next year for this town to do its job and make real progress.

Here are just a couple areas where there’s been progress made recently — check them out, and then take a look at our full 2013 year-in-review.

For the first time in years, both parties in Congress came together and passed a budget. This budget doesn’t include everything that everyone wanted — but our economy will grow a little faster, be a little fairer for middle-class families, and create more jobs because of it.

Our businesses created 2 million jobs in 2013. That’s more than 8 million private-sector jobs in just over 45 months.

The economy is growing. Just last week we learned that, over the summer, our economy grew at 4.1% — its strongest pace in almost two years.

We’ve cut the deficit in half since 2009. That’s four years of the fastest deficit reduction since the end of World War II — and it means we’re improving our nation’s long-term fiscal position while strengthening our economy.

We produce more oil in the U.S. than we import from abroad. Thanks to an all-of-the-above strategy, we’re reducing our reliance on foreign oil — and that means lower energy costs for consumers.

The American auto industry is thriving. Last month, the auto industry added more than fifteen thousand jobs. And just a few weeks ago, the United States sold its final stake in General Motors.

Americans are getting better health coverage. Since October 1st, more than 1 million Americans have selected new health insurance plans through the federal and state marketplaces. And millions more are getting better health care thanks to increased protections and benefits.

There’s a little less gridlock in Congress. Leaders in Congress took action so that executive and judicial nominees (except to the Supreme Court) can be confirmed with a simple majority vote. Now we’re filling critical vacancies, and the government will work better for Americans because of it.

So while the politics in Washington can be frustrating and change takes time, that’s no excuse for inaction. In the New Year, we need to help American businesses continue creating jobs, make sure Americans are ready for those jobs, and make sure those jobs offer the wages and benefits that give families a fair shot at financial security.

We also need to look out for those who are searching for a job. Congress needs to extend unemployment insurance, something we’ll be making a priority when members come back to work.

There’s a lot of unfinished business, but there are also things we can build on. If you saw some things in this list that you think more people should know about, then pass them on.

Thanks, and happy holidays.


Dan Pfeiffer Senior Advisor The White House @Pfeiffer44


New Year’s Resolution​s Made Easier: Spread the Word

a repost: Our Resolution might be for 2014 but the message is still relevant!fairpaynwlc
 This post is for 2013 …yet

I don’t know about you, but most of my New Year’s resolutions revolve around saving money and living a healthier life… sound familiar? Well, thanks to the health care law, making those resolutions a reality just got easier and cheaper!On New Year’s Day, many more health plans came under the reach of the health care law and will be required to cover certain women’s preventive health services with no co-payments.

Spread the word by forwarding this email! Make sure your friends and family know they may have these important services in their health plan!

You may be getting certain preventive services with no co-pay, thanks to the health care law.
These services include:

  • well-woman visits
  • all forms of FDA-approved birth control
  • breastfeeding support, supplies, and counseling
  • screening for gestational diabetes
  • DNA testing for high-risk strains of HPV
  • counseling for sexually transmitted infections, including HIV
  • screening for HIV
  • screening and counseling for domestic partner violence.

Over the past few months, I’ve heard so many wonderful stories of women who have received one or more of these important benefits without a co-pay because their plans were already covered by the new law. Now, even more women won’t have to worry about the cost of a co-payment when obtaining preventive health care — a significant step forward for women’s health.

Make sure your friends and families know important preventive services may be covered in their health plan with no co-pay! Spread the word by forwarding this email!

Want to learn more? Visit www.nwlc.org/nocopay.

Thank you for all that you do to protect women’s health!

Top Tweets of 2013

Top Tweets of 2013As 2013 draws to a close, we’ve put together a timeline of the year’s top @WhiteHouse tweets.Over the past twelve months, @WhiteHouse added almost a million new followers and continued to be an important tool for the White House to engage with the American people and give updates from President Obama and his Administration.

Check out the top tweets of 2013 and be sure to follow @WhiteHouse on Twitter.

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