On March 25 the Supreme Court will hear two cases

On March 25 the Supreme Court will hear two cases brought by for-profit companies that want to deny their employees coverage for birth control. The bosses at Hobby Lobby, a large chain of arts and craft stores, and Conestoga Wood Specialties, which manufactures cabinets, are arguing that their personal religious beliefs should trump the personal beliefs of their female employees, allowing them to evade the law and deny their employees birth control coverage.

Decisions about my birth control are not my boss’s business. If you agree, add your name to the big banner.

This Is Personal will be at the Supreme Court on the day of the hearings to rally in support of birth control coverage and to show America that every woman should have access to this benefit, regardless of her boss’s religious beliefs.

You can be there with us. Add your name to the banner that we’ll unfurl on the steps of the Supreme Court.

Already more than 27 million women have access to the birth control coverage benefit under the new health care law. Birth control, one of the most frequently used women’s preventive health services, is critical to women’s health and equality. Excluding it from insurance coverage for women while covering the full range of preventive care for men is discrimination—pure and simple.

If you agree — show it. You may not be able to be there in person, but you can still keep it personal. Add your name to the big banner.

Thanks for keeping it personal,

Thao Nguyen
Campaign Director
This Is Personal