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a message from Petra Falcon, Promise Arizona

In the last few months we have witnessed an unprecedented number of unaccompanied refugee children arriving at our southern border from El Salvador, Nicaragua, and Honduras.

Call a key Democrat and tell them to protect the children from deportation!

My name is Petra. I am an immigrant rights activist in Arizona, as well as a mom, a grandmother and a human being. A few weeks ago I visited a border patrol holding facility in Nogales, Arizona, that housed 800 unaccompanied children under 18-years-old, including some children as young as five or six, without an adult family member. What I saw that day will stay with me forever.

It was disturbing. I saw the faces of children with fear and desperation in their eyes. Children locked behind cages with barbed wire that reminded me of dog kennels. I will never forget the pain in their eyes. Something must be done to help them.

In the last few months we have witnessed an unprecedented number of unaccompanied refugee children arriving at our southern border from El Salvador, Nicaragua, and Honduras. Thousands of children have made the perilous journey in order to escape crime, gang violence, sexual abuse, and other dangers in their home countries. How we respond to these children in the coming weeks will define us as a nation and our legacy for years to come.

Will you stand on the right side of history and take action on behalf of these children? Click here to take action now.

We have seen the response from House and Senate Republicans, who want the children to be stripped of their rights and immediately deported. Deporting children back to the countries they are fleeing from puts their lives at risk and is unacceptable. This kind of response is shameful! Even from a party with a long history of callousness towards vulnerable populations, this is a new low.

We need real leadership from Congressional Democrats to stop Republican’s shameful attacks. We need Democrats to stand up now for the rights of refugee children at the border. Take action now to tell Democrats in Congress to stand up and protect the rights of the children!

Right now members of Congress are hearing from both sides. As we speak, anti-immigration groups are organizing and calling on Congress to speed up deportations and strip refugee children of some of their most basic legal rights, which exist to ensure that they get a fair hearing and to protect them from being sent back to violence in their home country. We need to make sure that our message is louder. With your help we can drown out messages of hate and replace them with messages of compassion and tolerance.

Which message do you want to send? Take action now by making a call!

In solidarity,

Petra Falcon
Executive Director, Promise Arizona

Team Turner …


Team Turner,

I’m with my call time manager right now dialing for dollars, and he told me we are $4500 away from meeting our on-line fundraising goal for this filing period!  Can you make a donation of $20.14, $50, $100 or $250 right now and help us reach our goal by 11:59pm tomorrow?

I’m so proud of what we’ve accomplished and how many people have joined Team Turner as volunteers, surrogates, and donors since this journey began.  In fact, just recently I received endorsements from Cincinnati Women’s Political Caucus, Ohio Council of Machinists, National Organization of Women Ohio Chapter, Columbus Fire Fighters Local Union #67, and United Steelworkers, District 1.  USW International President Leo Gerard said:

“According to the GOP, some Americans, especially those who disagree with them, are sub citizens who don’t deserve fundamental human and political freedoms.  Electing Nina Turner as Ohio’s next Secretary of State is one of the first steps we can take in our journey to win back the rights of voters and workers across this country.”

Now, we need YOUR endorsement! Will you show your support by making a donation of $20.14, $50, $100, or $250 right now?

Team Turner believes in the power of public service and we’ll continue to advocate for the rights of all Ohioans regardless if they’ve made a donation. This campaign has always been about grassroots, but with only 97 days until Election Day, we need enough financial support to ensure voters from accross the state know who I am and what I stand for.

Hatin …


House GOP Focused On Suing President Obama Instead Of Solving Our Country’s Problems


With just two days left before Congress heads out for the month long August recess, House Republicans are busy. Not raising the minimum wage or ensuring equal pay for equal work; not investing in an infrastructure for the 21st century; not preventing corporations from moving their addresses overseas in order to dodge paying their fair share of taxes. Instead, they are focused on authorizing a lawsuit against President Obama.

Like the House GOP’s 50-plus votes to repeal or dismantle the Affordable Care Act, this lawsuit is a political stunt to appeal to the far right wing of their party. Like the millions of dollars they have spent investigating and re-investigating Benghazi, it is a waste of taxpayer money.

And you don’t need to take our word for it. The Editorial Board of USA Today concluded that “a fair-minded look at the suit’s merits suggests it’s really more of a political grudge match.” And Candice Miller (R-MI), the member of Congress overseeing the lawsuit, admitted that “we don’t know yet” how much the stunt will cost taxpayers.

Another House Republican, Rep. Walter Jones (R-NC), has come out against the lawsuit and in the process revealed what could be the second act of this sideshow: impeachment. Calling the lawsuit “theater,” Jones asked, “Why not impeach instead of wasting $1 million to $2 million of the taxpayers’ money? … If you’re serious about this, use what the founders of the Constitution gave us.”

It’s not as if there is nothing else going on for these House Republicans to focus on. Unless action is taken before August, there will be a construction shutdown as the Highway Trust Fund runs out of funding, putting thousands of construction projects up to 700,000 jobs at risk. The House and Senate have been ping-ponging different versions of a short-term fix back and forth because the House GOP refuses to develop a long-term solution that invests in our nation’s infrastructure and keeps America working.

And earlier today, Senate Republicans blocked a bill to close the “corporate desertion” tax loophole. The loophole allows corporations that earn most of their money in America to renounce their corporate citizenship by moving their address to a tax haven and avoid paying U.S. tax obligations.

In spite of these and many other issues that need to be addressed, the House GOP priority lies with suing the President. Meanwhile, President Obama doesn’t appear too threatened: “Stop being mad all the time,” he said of Republicans at an event today, chuckling. “Stop just hatin’ all the time. Let’s get some work done.”

BOTTOM LINE: Instead of doing their job to help millions of Americans, the House GOP is focused on another political stunt to sue President Obama that will likely cost millions in taxpayer dollars. At the same time, deadlines loom and if Congress doesn’t act it will deal the economy a self-inflected wound at just the wrong time.

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Child care workers. Maids. Fast-food employees. Restaurant servers. Home health care aides.

National Women's Law Center
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Support a new economic agenda that works for women in low-wage jobs.
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Child care workers. Maids. Fast-food employees. Restaurant servers. Home health care aides.

They’re jobs that are more likely to be done by women.

And that’s not good news.

Because if you’re in one of these jobs, which typically pay $10.10 an hour or less, you may well be living below the poverty line. You may be struggling to afford health care and child care. And you may face discrimination and sexual harassment.

We just released a new report showing that regardless of their education level, age, marital or parental status, race, ethnicity, or national origin, women are more likely to work in a low-wage job than their male counterparts. For women to get ahead, we need to improve working conditions and policy supports for workers in these jobs.

Sign on to support a new economic agenda that works for women in low-wage jobs.

Working in a low-wage job makes supporting a family incredibly difficult. In addition to the constant struggle to make ends meet, workers in these jobs face a drumbeat of challenges and headaches — like lack of access to affordable child care and paid sick days, discrimination and harassment, unpredictable work schedules, and barriers to reproductive health care.

Not to mention a wage gap. Yes, even in these low-wage jobs, women working full time, year round are paid 13 percent less than men.

Something’s got to give.

Pledge to support an economic agenda that works for women in low-wage jobs.

In our report, Underpaid and Overloaded: Women in Low-Wage Jobs, we outline an agenda that addresses the needs of low-wage workers. On the agenda:

  • Increase economic security
  • Support workers with family responsibilities
  • Enforce protections against employment discrimination
  • Create and expand pathways to educational opportunities
  • Strengthen opportunities for collective action

Sign the pledge — to show your support for taking action for women in low-wage jobs.

If we can make these policies a reality, they won’t only improve the lives of workers in low-wage jobs and their families. They’ll make our economy stronger for everyone.

Thank you for everything you do for women and their families.


National Women’s Law Center

P.S. Visit www.nwlc.org/LowWage to download the full report.