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Minister Tapia:
Thank you for investigating Petroamazonas!
Now stop them from destroying the rest of Ecuador’s Amazon

Your petitions worked! Since last Thursday almost 10,000 of you signed the petition to Ecuador’s Minister of the Environment, Lorena Tapia, asking her to condemn a spill by state oil company Petroamazonas that contaminated the Aguarico and Parahuaico rivers where the indigenous Cofán, Secoya, Kichwa and Shuar communities drink, bathe, and fish.

Last week, Minister Tapia announced plans to open an investigation into Petroamazonas’ spill. Let’s thank the Minister and insist that she prohibit Petroamazonas, a company with a long history of negligence, from expanding its operations further into the Amazon.

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Alone At The Bottom


The United States Is The Only Developed County Without Paid Maternity Leave

The United States remains the only member of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, or OECD, that does not guarantee mothers any paid time off from work after the birth of a new child. The fact is not new, but it is so shocking that it deserves another look:

maternity leave

While mothers are technically guaranteed unpaid leave under the Family and Medical Leave Act, research shows that only about half of working mothers in the United States can qualify for job-protected leave–and wage replacement is at the discretion of employers, except in the three states that have paid family leave laws enabling workers to access some form of wage replacement. Meanwhile, paid maternity leave has proven benefits for families and the society as a whole. Check out these two charts below:


Women who have access to paid leave after the birth of a new child are more likely to return to work than women who do not have access to paid leave.


Countries guaranteeing longer paid maternity leave have lower child poverty rates that countries that do not.

BOTTOM LINE: Americans pride themselves on being the best. It is frankly embarrassing that the United States comes in dead last on ensuring economic support for new moms. Our workplaces have changed–and we need policies that keep up.

Majority minority ~~~ Washington State

  Please help replace ineffective Congress lifers(16yrs) like Jim Honeyford  with good public servants of the future, like Gabriel Munoz…. the Democratic Party ~ Nativegrl77

Gabriel Muñoz is running for State Senate in the 15th District

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I’m with Gabriel!

The 15th District in the Lower Yakima Valley is Washington’s only majority Latino district.

Jim Honeyford has been its State Senator for 16 years, but he’s lost touch with the people he’s supposed to represent.

He’s worked to protect the interests of wealthy corporations, not working class people.

Even though his district is majority Latino, he’s repeatedly voted against The Dream Act and The Real Hope Act.

Residents of the 15th District need a public servant who will answer to their needs and be passionate about improving the community. They need Gabriel Muñoz.

Gabriel Muñoz is challenging Jim Honeyford for State Senate. Will you add your name and support Gabriel Muñoz?

Gabriel Muñoz is going to be the new direction the 15th District needs. A proud U.S. Veteran and businessman, Gabriel is committed to extending representation to those ignored by Jim Honeyford.

He is asking for the opportunity to serve his community because he is committed to the values of selfless service, integrity, and personal courage.

Gabriel will work tirelessly to create better paying jobs by reducing taxes on small locally owned businesses. He will prioritize public education with state funding, so Washington state children are set to compete in the workforce and global economy.

After 16 years of the same ineffective Senator, Gabriel is ready and determined to help improve conditions within the state and the 15th district.

This race is critical to taking back the State Senate. Add your name to support Gabriel Muñoz today.

In solidarity,


Tattoo Kits & Infections



08/07/2014 08:30 AM EDT
Contaminated tattoo ink can cause potentially serious infections. After investigating a multi-state outbreak, FDA offers strategies for controlling your risk.

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It’s August and We’re Turning Up the Heat!

Officer Trischler with her 1-year old daughter, Rylen
Officer Trischler with her 1-year old daughter, Rylen
Dear Friend,

ABB is turning up the heat on employers who deprive pregnant workers of their right to equal treatment under the law.

A Better Balance, through our new Southern Office, has filed a charge with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) against the City of Florence, Kentucky on behalf of Police Department Officer Lyndi Trischler. Our client Lyndi Trischler, one of only two female police officers with the City, was forced out of her job after repeatedly requesting modified duty for her pregnancy-related disabilities, upon her doctor’s advice. The City maintains a discriminatory policy that provides modified duties for employees, but only those with on-the-job injuries are eligible to apply. Forced off the job, Officer Trischler faces imminent economic hardship. Her story is heartwrenching.

Read the full story, featured in Monday’s Washington Post, here. 

Last week, together with our partners, we sent a public letter to Walmart on behalf of Candis Riggins. Candis Riggins, a pregnant Walmart associate in Laurel, MD, kept getting sick from the chemicals she had to use to clean the store bathrooms. Multiple doctors told her she needed to stay away from the chemical fumes, but when she asked Walmart for a temporary transfer to a different position, they told her “no.” She was terminated less than a month before her due date, leaving her without income to support her new baby and other two children. Since then, she has been forced to move in with family because she can no longer afford her own apartment. Despite bowing to pressure from advocates and changing its employee policy last March, Walmart continues to violate the Pregnancy Discrimination Act by not providing accommodations for pregnant workers with a medical need for them, like Candis, as it does for non-pregnant workers.

ABB will keep the pressure on until the City of Florence and Walmart ensure fair and equal treatment for their pregnant employees.

As always, thank you for all your support,
Sherry, Dina, Phoebe, Jared, Elizabeth, Liz, Risha, Rachel & Morenike