freedom paved with struggle

The World is watching … a repost


While the fight for Democracy breaks out all over the World, we are seeing the marches the violence against protesters who have had enough. We also see a World in transition, a few men, dictators who want to hold tight onto their empires ruling regardless of how many of their own call for Sovereignty while others want  21st Century living are killed.  Now, we have to include Governors, Mayors and Police Officers using excessive force who are supposedly hired take an oath to serve and protect.  However, there seems to be a growing movement of citizens who have begun to question and challenge dictators and clerics who have ruled with iron fists and have engaged in outdated ancient practices for centuries. Who knew Americans would need to question leaders of cities states and counties or be enduring policing that appeared in the days before people of color were legally given civil/humane rights.  It is important that the people never forget American history and to always remember there is strength in numbers.

Always remember strength in numbers

It is so hard to understand, believe, accept, or fathom that we are in the 21st Century, yet, there are people on the Continent of Africa dying at the hands of their own … in the what is called the Arab World for wanting to be heard, for wanting to be participants in their own futures and yes, this is not new. There are mothers with children, older men women and students coming out in droves protesting to tell these dictators/clerics it is time for a change. In a desperate move to control the truth, dictators have tried to cut off all connections to the outside world or insist and expect them to believe that the U.S. is at fault, meddling in the process of change, which they claim should happen slowly. When Protesters did not leave, most if not all these tyrants offered up some concessions to the people like crumbs while trying to divert responsibility until their patience ran out; replaced with tantrums, threats, crackdown, using extreme force, and death to those who refuse to obey. It is my hope that while the people rise up against these despots and we watch in horror, they know the efforts will help the next generation though the backlash seems hardly worth the effort in the moment. I wonder if anyone has had or even allowed himself or herself a chance to stop and consider what personal freedom would mean for them and their families. If they feel they deserve to be happy let alone an opportunity, a change from the old ancient ways to a life with the freedom to speak, better wages, human rights, to actually be a participant in the process of life. Then stop to think of how we Americans have issues with our leaders use the 1st Amendment and realize that the militarization of our police departments are quite possibly taught in the realization that our country is becoming more brown …that brown and black men are the enemy at large while we had the first person of colour in the White House the fear or fear mongering reached ugly levels …

We all know that the demand to be heard these days is great and how amazing it is to see people on two different continents with similar reactions by those who control, who truly are working for an agenda that is one of great self-interest. This seemingly symbiotic thing going on, though we are worlds apart is one that must be met without fear of evil to get the change needed and wanted. The big difference is … for them it means that any action toward independence or right to speak is not only a risk to life and family but the fear of authority may not be an option in many cases knowing the inevitability of death, for Americans, freedom to be is or used to be the possibility of death, though the last few cases of men and women of color dying by the use of extreme force has caused great concern

The journey toward freedom is sometimes paved with danger