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85 percent to goalWe had some big wins this year, but we have an even bigger job in the coming months as we enter scary knowns and even scarier unknowns.

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I won’t lie—there are a lot of reasons to be worried that Donald Trump’s presidency will be a disaster for science, public health, and the environment.

He named Scott Pruitt, who built his career suing to stop environmental safeguards, to lead the Environmental Protection Agency. He takes policy advice from Bob Walker, who wants to eliminate NASA’s earth science research program.¹ The list goes on and on.

Worse than what we know, though, is what we don’t. Trump is the most erratic, unpredictable candidate to ever win the presidency. Will his administration’s attacks on science and climate policy be even worse than we expect?

That’s what keeps me up at night, Carmen: that uncertainty, coupled with the industry-funded advisers he surrounds himself with. And it’s exactly why your support is needed so much right now.


The uncertainty of the Trump presidency; you can’t avoid it, so what do you do about it?You double down on the facts. You put grassroots pressure behind them, and you raise the stakes for anyone who would ignore or undermine them. Not just because it’s the right thing to do, but because it works.

We know it works because we’ve spent decades battling wealthy special interests that touted the same anti-science agenda as Trump and his team. And we won:

  • Our economic impact analysis showed that, per dollar invested, the solar and wind industries create far more American jobs than the fossil fuel sector. Our work has gotten states across the country, with both Republicans and Democrats in power, to adopt policies that accelerate the adoption of renewable energy.²
  • Our campaign to hold major fossil fuel companies accountable for their climate science deception galvanized state attorneys general from New York and Massachusetts to open investigations into possible investor fraud by ExxonMobil.³
  • Our effort to give consumers much needed information on nutrition resulted in a new labeling policy from the Food and Drug Administration, requiring companies to include the amount of added sugars in packaged food.⁴

Even with Congress, state legislatures, and industry groups fighting us tooth and nail, these big wins should remind us just how much change we can effect when we stick to the science, promote the facts, and band together.

There are just three days to go before the 2016 tax-deductible giving deadline.

Hold corporate and political leaders accountable to ensuring our health and safety and the future of our planet by renewing your support now.

Our unwavering commitment to scientific integrity and the facts is why the Union of Concerned Scientists is a top-rated organization on Charity Watch, accredited by the Better Business Bureau, and considered one of the most effective organizations working on climate change by Guidestar’s Philanthropedia. We operate 100 percent independently and receive no government or corporate funding, so there’s never a question about our independence or objectivity.

We’ve set an ambitious goal of raising $2,065,000 million in preparation for the fights ahead. Thus far, 19,505 have stepped up, contributing $1,755,432 million, but we still need to raise $309,568 more.

Be one of the defenders of science to step up this month by renewing your support today.

Thanks for putting your values into action, Carmen. And in the weeks and months to come.

Ken Kimmell Sincerely,
Ken Kimmell
Ken Kimmell
Union of Concerned Scientists

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