windturbinePresident-elect Trump has promised to deport millions of immigrants, gut the EPA, withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement, defund Planned Parenthood, and attack workers. We believe he intends to keep these promises.

During this time of great risk, NextGen Climate plans to support our friends and allies as they oppose Trump. Of course, we will defend the progress made in recent years on climate policy, but we cannot ignore the other future attacks on all our shared values.

NextGen Climate is teaming up with our progressive allies to oppose these attacks.

One of the most successful movements in recent years has been the Fight for $15 campaign by the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), which has helped lift hundreds of thousands of workers out of poverty and created new opportunities to transform service work in America. While we have made progress, the Fight for $15 campaign alone is insufficient to resolve the issue of income inequality in our country.

On Tuesday, November 29th, SEIU is planning a national day of action in hundreds of cities across the country to continue the struggle for higher wages and oppose deportations and attacks on health care.

Join Fight for 15 on this day of action.

Please take a moment and read this message from SEIU President Mary Kay Henry.

There will be events in most major cities. If you registered on the Fight for 15 site, and there is no action nearby, an organizer should contact you about other ways to support workers like baggage handlers, fast-food cooks, home care workers, child care teachers, graduate assistants, and adjunct professors.

Sign up to attend an event near you

NextGen Climate is part of the movement to stand against the Trump presidency. We’re glad you’re with us.


Heather Hargreaves
Vice President, National Program
NextGen Climate