Be a Seed for Change 2017 … in this era of trump!




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Kwesi Chappin, Color Of Change

We need to train activists and organizers to fight locally all over the U.S in opposition to Mr. Trump. 

Help us continue to build real power by making a donation to Color Of Change that we’ll use to build the opposition movement this country needs.


I AM a MAN … Striking Memphis sanitation workers in 1968

I Am A Man Ernest C. Withers 22×28″ offset poster ~ Gallery

I Am A Man, Sanitation Workers Strike, Memphis, Tennessee

AFSCME Local 1733 sanitation workers strike in Memphis with National Guard members looking on, 1968. (Date: 1968)

… rights movement are those from the Spring of 1968 as Black sanitation workers went on strike in Memphis, Tennessee holding signs that read “I am a Man …

Civil Rights …  god and nature NOT the government ?