WOW … it’s real

WomenshcThe War On Women is real

inciting, perpetrating, engaging in intimidation ,offering up threats let alone committing murder  …. has to stop

In this year of 2016, we continue to see conservative activists and Republican Governors assaulting not only a woman’s right to choose but forcing clinics to close … think about that small business person with a clinic, there to help women are now left without a safe affordable healthcare clinic close enough that delivers women’s health care in all its forms. They continue to be quietly eliminated along with reputations of doctors, being treated as baby killers . Unfortunately, Doctors have suffered over thirty years of  intimidation, threats and violence … for providing women more often than not, safe affordable health care which still needs to be  reiterated to republican folks… it’s a constitutional right to exercise Freedom and CHOICE.  I have to admit, one could assume that republicans, pledging to be constitutionalist would back away from actions that clearly conflict with laws on the books least we talk about the idea that freedom and choice sound like at least two beliefs conservatives seem to push whenever possible but of course only when it suits their ideology … going out of their way to disrespect a woman’s intelligence the relationship with their doctor’s by legislating against

it’s shameful to hear certain tv cable channels and or tv commentator’s using the death of Dr George Tiller to project their own agenda…


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