Activists tell President Obama to Keep it in the Ground! check out the vid

Yesterday evening, President Obama heard a message loud and clear during his speech in Columbus, Ohio. Rainforest Action Network activists in the audience asked the President to keep fossil fuels in the ground.

Climate activists disrupt Pres Obama speech

We’ve petitioned President Obama.

We’ve called the White House.

We’ve shown up at every fossil fuel auction for a year now.

We even occupied the Department of Interior and got arrested.

Now we are going directly in front of President Obama to ask him, “will you follow through on your pledge and protect our communities from climate change?”

Yesterday, RAN also released a report on President Obama’s climate legacy, showing a tale of two Presidencies: With one hand, President Obama has made some key decisions to stem climate change, like rejecting the Keystone Pipeline and signing a historic climate agreement in Paris. But with the other hand, the president and his agencies are still serving up tens of millions of acres of public lands, onshore and offshore to dirty energy companies to drill, frack and mine.

To truly tip the scales and make a real dent in our carbon pollution, the President must end federal fossil fuel leasing.

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We have to keep the pressure up. We are sending this report to dozens of key people close to the President – people who have inspired him, who know him, who can influence him to do what’s right.

But we need your help. We can’t allow President Obama to leave office without doing something to protect Gulf communities from oil drilling and disasters; without doing something to stop fracking wells that border homes in New Mexico, Colorado and Nevada; without ending this broken system of selling the rights to public lands and waters for fossil fuel extraction.

This isn’t the first time we’ve spoken to the President, and it won’t be the last. Click here to help us get the message out that President Obama still needs to do more on climate change.

For the climate, and for a better future,



Ruth Breech
Climate and Energy Senior Campaigner
Rainforest Action Network