48 hrs to delay Electoral College vote

Electors from both parties are calling for the truth about Russia’s interference in the election before they are forced to vote in less than 48 hours. Let’s give them the support they need to win their right to know!

This could be our chance to stop a stolen election — ten Electors from both parties are calling for a security briefing about Russia’s interference in the vote.

And they have less than 48 hours to get it before they are forced to cast their ballots for President.

The CIA says there is Russian interference, Obama has called for a full intelligence review and Trump is denying everything. Knowing the facts is the least the Electoral College deserves!

Click here to get the Electors the information they need!

When everyone voted we didn’t know that Russia had likely interfered in the election to get Trump in power. And when many states were decided by tens of thousands of votes it’s likely this information would have changed the outcome!

But there’s still so much we don’t know because it’s incomplete or classified and maybe that’s the right call. Electors, though, hold our entire future in their hands and need the clearance to get information, even if it’s secret from all of us. That’s their job — to protect against gross injustices, corruption, and terrible outcomes from a popular vote.

We can’t know if there’s a case for the Electoral College to change their vote. But we can make sure those individuals hold the basic information they need to make an informed decision. Let’s support their right to know and give the Electors a huge national wind at their back:

Click here to get the Electors the information they need!

This is a no-brainer: tell the people who will ultimately choose our next President the whole truth! And we can win it in time — it’s already a bipartisan call, now we can make it a national one.

With hope,

Emma, Andrew, Nick, Joseph and the whole Avaaz team


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