Fired for going to the ER? It happened to Alfiya.

A Better Balance
You should not have to choose between your health and your job.

ABB secured justice for Alfiya and many others like her in 2016. 
Dear Friend,
For three years, Alfiya was a star employee, arriving early, staying late, and always getting the job done. But when she called out sick to go to the emergency room with a serious injury, she got fired. Alfiya was sick, scared, and stressed. Then she called A Better Balance.
Fortunately, Alfiya works in New York City, where ABB championed the Earned Sick Time Act, giving workers the right to take time off without retaliation when they are sick or hurt. We fought for Alfiya and won a major settlement, including policy changes to prevent others from going through what she had to endure.
No one should have to choose between their health and their job. That’s why we pass laws to protect workers and stay engaged to help people like Alfiya enforce their rights.
We have proven that we can win fairness for women and families.  We vow to keep fighting—will you stand with us?
Together, we can change our nation so that no one has to choose between their job and their family.
Please consider making a gift this year to ABB as your help is now more critical than ever!   
In Partnership,
Dina & Sherry