Stop Spraying Pesticides in State Marine Waters

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Don’t let large corporate shellfish growers poison our marine waters with the pesticides Imazamox and Imidicloprid!

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As Washingtonians, we all enjoy having salmon, waterfowl, diverse marine life and bees as part of our world.

Large corporate shellfish growers’ efforts to spray pesticides in our marine waters to increase unsustainable shellfish production threatens a myriad of aquatic life.

Both, protected native and non-native eelgrass will be eradicated, migratory waterfowl food sources will be eliminated, salmon smolts will lose important cover and bees will be exposed to a destructive neurotoxin that has been blamed for colony collapse disorder all over the world.

Send a message to the Washington Department of Ecology today: “Do not approve the spraying of Imazamox, Imidicloprid or any toxic chemicals in Washington marine waters.” We need to protect our marine life and human health. The proposed spraying will add to the chemical burden of years of spraying the pesticides Glyphosate, Imazapyr and Carbaryl on Willapa Bay shellfish areas.  The WA State Attorney General already referred to Willapa Bay as “chemical soup” in a 2012 motion for summary judgment.

Your comments will lend a voice to prevent destruction of wildlife that cannot speak for itself. The Dept. of Ecology will take note if thousands of citizens tell them we noticed and care about their actions. 

Thank you for all that you do for Washington’s environment and human health.

Dorothy Walker, Sierra Club
Washington State Marine Ecosystem Campaign