What’s going on in the water ways of Washington …sigh

So, I am checking out the local news on 8/15 when a picture of the Pilchuck River with pink or rust coloured goo is on the screen. The reporter tells us that they are now attempting to “SaveTheSalmon” which might be dying along with other “aquatic life” after coming into contact with it.  netfishingApparently, this river is heating up because  of a lack of oxygen that trees, scrubs and bushes create but they have been cut back far too much creating an environment to grow this harmful goo. We also learn that this river,maybe others do not meet clean-water standards at this time and flows from the Cascade Mountains east of Granite Falls to Snohomish before joining the Snohomish River.

Last week reports were that a Gray found in Ballard Locks and a young Hump Back Whale found beached in West Seattle in bad condition … very thin, had lice, netting and while scientists were there no results as to why these Whales were so thin had lice though the weaker Whales may suffer from a lack of food…. let me say that again, whales are suffering from not finding enough food which invokes all kinds of connotations attached

I am no expert, have a lot of opinions thoughts and feelings about Whales in general living here and having spent a great deal of my youth around water.  I feel that our Navy should get a cease and desist letter ordering all the sonar tests stop until they find out if this is indeed affecting our Whales or at least tell the public what the sonars are being used for or against. I also want to know what part do humans play in the deaths of Whales when they are unable to find enough food, why there are less Orca’s, why has the state sided with whale watchers when it’s obvious our water ways are not garbage or fuel free and could possibly be why some grey whales continue to be found washed up on our beaches. There should not be whales in captivity … unless it could no longer survive in its natural habitat

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