Donald Trump could kill the Middle East peace process.

In weeks, Donald Trump will kill the Middle East Peace process…unless Obama steps in and recognizes Palestine as a country, giving unprecedented momentum to the two-state solution.

Join the call on him to act:

He’s been clear about it. He doesn’t think Palestinians have the right to a country, he supports illegal settlement building and wants to move the US embassy from the capital in Tel Aviv to disputed land.

It’s a diplomatic bomb that will destroy any hope of a negotiated solution. We have one chance to stop him.

President Obama is laying out a plan for a two-state solution, Israel and Palestine living side-by-side in peace. It’s what most Israelis and Palestinians want. But a key way for him to protect the path to peace is by recognizing a Palestinian state before Trump takes office. The plan is already on his desk — but he needs to have the political support of the world to act. Let’s give it to him. When we reach 1 million, Israeli and Palestinian youth will deliver it to the White House. 

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In many ways this is too easy not to do. The United Nations has already recognized Palestine, it makes no difference to foreign policy nor does it affect the US’s consistent support of Israel in practically every way. It’s a gesture, one of fairness and progress and a nod to the future everyone agrees must come to pass: a free Israel next to a free and independent Palestine.

And there’s never been more momentum or more at stake. 

The US just refused to veto a UN resolution condemning Israel’s settlements and Secretary of State Kerry just went on television to give a long argument for a two-state solution. Netanyahu is weakening, under investigation for fraud, and members of Israel’s government are making statements that seem to break from the radically right-wing official position.

All this, weeks before the diplomatic bomb of a Trump Presidency sets in. Let’s act before it’s too late:

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When Palestine went to the UN to win statehood, we were there, driving the movement and at the center of the historic result. But it’s only a step towards independence, and the dream of a free and independent Palestine can’t soar without the recognition of Israel’s staunchest ally. We can be at the center of the movement again, in these last crucial weeks.

With hope,

Dalia, Emma, Fatima, Diego, Aloys and the Avaaz team

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