Union of Concerned Scientists – 2017 goals

UCSLOGOHappy New Year! We expect 2017 to bring a lot of challenges for science—and a lot of opportunities to make progress. As we ramp up our work for the year, we want to know, what issues are most important to supporters like you?

Take our short online survey today to tell us what YOU think are the best ways to challenge attacks on science and how you want to be involved in our work. Your thoughts and priorities really matter.

We made serious progress in 2016 despite many daunting challenges, thanks to your support. Together we exposed damning evidence that fossil fuel industry executives downplayed the reality of man-made global warming, strengthened fuel efficiency and emissions standards for heavy-duty trucks, and successfully advocated for the inclusion of added sugars in the Nutrition Facts label on packaged food.

As we prepare to defend science in this challenging political climate, here are some of the big important fights we’ll be facing in 2017:

  • We will be the watchdog for science. If the Trump administration and an emboldened Congress attack scientists, misrepresent science, or pass legislation that cuts science out of existing public health and environmental laws, we’ll be ready to fight back.
  • We will continue to pave the way for national climate action by bolstering our state-level clean energy strategies. We’ve recently scored victories in California, Illinois, Massachusetts, Michigan, and Oregon.
  • We will train scientists to effectively communicate their findings to elected officials and a sometimes-hostile media—and defend the need for sound scientific research.
  • We will continue to pressure major fossil fuel corporations to stop funding climate science disinformation, while standing up to the subpoenas we are facing from Congress and ExxonMobil for holding these very corporations accountable.
  • We will prepare communities for the impacts of climate change—especially low-income communities, tribal communities, and communities of color which bear a disproportionate burden of climate impacts and disasters—with our research on coastal flooding, dangerous wildfires, and sea level rise, and expert assistance to state and local planning agencies.
  • We will ensure science is used to reduce racial and economic inequity and that all people can contribute to and benefit from the pursuit of science.

With these—and other—campaigns ahead of us in 2017, we need to know—what do YOU care most about, and how do you want to bring about change in the coming year?

Click here to take our quick online survey by January 13. It’ll only take a few minutes of your time and will provide vital feedback that will inform our work in 2017.


Thank you for being part of UCS.

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