an election affected by overt & unforeseen events

Mike-Myers-Dr-EvilMy election rant

I read a post on Facebook that rang true for me. It was written in a seemingly calm tone because to be honest the feeling of unrest is still brewing within me and for so many others because, as they say trouble is “still a foot” I will admit when the first reports came in and I saw 3 to 33, I had a sinking feeling and included with that was msnbc staff … journalist’s? kept saying we will give you as much information as we can without giving away the whole store  far too many times for me least we talk about the interview with the gold star family who acted uncomfortable ending the interview with a strange look and huge hesitation then stating, which I love and respect: whatever the outcome tonight the fight will continue … those instances may mean nothing to you but they were just a few markers I picked up on that were not so obvious like the overt voter suppression at the polls. The nation heard over 800 polling places were quietly closed …after the fact, state after state with republicans in charge were able to block folks with the new voter ID law. This ish going on in certain states never made it into the airwaves in time or it didn’t get the coverage it should have. However, we did hear seemingly educated black journalists and activists say Hillary wasn’t my choice so I didn’t vote for her …What? Like some have said… hindsight is … 2020? Oh for the love of gawd where has the idea of  … acting with common sense and or for the greater good..though i admit, yes these idioms are considered myths …

I voted for Hillary because I backed a sane woman who had been in the system long enough to have made friends on both sides of the political aisle  … and while battling the media, certain politicians, a man(trump) no one knows politically, who has no experience in politics threatened things that WILL hurt family friends folks I have worked with.  Then there’s the FBI, republican’s…oh did I mention the media because  they dragged her named through it, let accusations stand and some helped provoke lies! This Woman stood up, tried to not only crack that glass ceiling in politics she withstood the bull that still exists NOT just in the life of average jane, or those in politics but a nation of mostly white folks decided to choose this white guy, deeming him their savior.   Yes,  the break down is clinical! I blame POC for giving our Nation the finger ,I blame bernie bots for not realizing we have a binary choice to save our Nation,I blame republicans for continually finding ways to block the Black vote without punishment and I blame the uninformed …  the idea that trump refused to be vetted is unprecedented and It’s shameful. NO, I couldn’t didn’t wouldn’t support bernie after doing research on his past, the idea that anyone would change his political label that many times should have given folks a pause. I don’t know why but the bernie NIMBY bill &vote for dumping #toxic Waste on #SierraBlanca among several other things bothered me … the lack of time spent either fighting with for negotiating or in lock step with the black community or any community of colour was a red flag and in comparison I saw positives in  Hillary Clinton that were good bad and ugly …the “predator comment” happened during a time of much violence and death.  The police the courts lacked among other things the ability to do DNA tests because science wasn’t there yet allowing the police to swoop in and take a lot of black lives … to jail, some killed in excessive force others resisted and a lot were guilty …a whole lot of black men were swept up by anger violence and just so folks know Black men, women, families, politicians and pastors tended to agree that something was happening and it wasn’t just the everyday black man it was a group choosing to be violent but most stayed silent while the clinton administration at the time chose to say it out loud and that became their thing but it was a shared thought … it just wasn’t voiced out loud.

Those who voted for bernie in the Primaries voiced their opinions but he lost and like Michael Moore, should have seen the evil lurking and did the right thing by supporting sanity over fascism on Election day.   ok, yes i keep going back to that old saying, for the “greater good” because it seems like an action based on common sense… where was it, what happened to it? We all heard the rhetoric from trump, who threw down with 16 -17 experienced politicians; seemingly scared unwilling to go for the jugular all fell out like cowards down they went for the count.  I don’t believe you can be in politics for 30yrs and not be apart of the shit that happens, stuff is said and done while coming together for the “greater good” but hey that’s just me. It was obvious the perception of the democratic party was “doing criminal things” to bernie by bernie bots took on its own ugly and became a Hillary Clinton distraction , who knows but I never was quite accepting of all the hacking happening only to those leaning left of center and not much or a thing to the RNC or republicans in Congress

Again, that post on Facebook, summed it up for me; The option came down to Fascism, racism, misogyny, xenophobia, fraud, rape charges, hidden taxes and ties to Russian intelligence, dictatorship, Putin and hacked emails that may or may not be tied to him as well.  We the People, finally hear after the election that yes indeed trump had/has ties to Russia and that ladies and gentlemen is probably just the beginning to some ish that will dribble out or our main stream media will ignore, cover it like old news or shudder because of their mostly conservative owned stations. Anyway, the post continued stating the other choice offered up what most said was a flawed but calm, qualified and predictable candidate … It shouldn’t take a brain surgeon or folks like mmoore to tell working class whitefolks they should have supported and voted for sanity V fascism, but here we are. i agree, mourn get your stuff organized because trump said a lot, threatened far more than acceptable, waved his finger at a lot of folks and we all know that actions, his actions do speak louder than his words and my told you so … #MidtermsMatter

get ready for 2018 MidTerms

… Nativegrl77