Companies sourcing Conflict (Palm Oil) – Ashley Schaeffer Yildiz, Rainforest Action Network

Dear Friends

Do you know the origin of the ingredients in your favorite chips? How about your favorite instant noodles or candy bar? Chances are fairly likely that one of the ingredients is coming from rainforest destruction: Conflict Palm Oil. Companies sourcing Conflict Palm Oil, like PepsiCo, are decimating Indonesian rainforests in order to make these cheap snacks.

And this corporate greed is pushing the sun bear to extinction in the process.

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Sun bears are the smallest species of bear on the planet, and very few people have ever heard of this little bear. Known for their love of honey and sweet fruits (perhaps you can relate), they are recognizable by the white patch of fur on their chests. Unfortunately, while you may have never heard of a sun bear before this email, it’s likely you’ve eaten many products produced by destroying their home.

Donate to fight the companies driving critically endangered animals to extinction.

The sun bear’s habitat is quickly disappearing. RAN has been incredibly successful in shifting the policies and purchasing practices of major industries — but if sun bears hope to have a future in the wild, we urgently need your support today. On one end of the supply chain, we have successfully moved snack food giants into ethical sourcing policies and practices. And on the other end, we’ve also convinced giant corporations to stop buying from suppliers that destroy rainforests for their products. But we need your help to continue this work and ensure corporate promises are kept.

Today, you can make a difference for the sun bear’s future (and constant search for honey) by making a generous tax-deductible donation.

Never give up on the sun bear,


AshleyAshley Schaeffer Yildiz
Senior Responsible Food Campaigner
Rainforest Action Network