Jaxon Ravens – WA Legislative Update

“Last week, in the midst of subfreezing temperatures, a school in Fife, Washington, had to close because it didn’t have heat. A year and a half ago, lead was found in the water at Tacoma public schools – something that particularly affects brain and nervous system development in children. And in a statewide listening tour just over a year ago, we heard a dad from Eastern Washington describe driving hundreds of miles each week so that his child can attend special education classes in Spokane that were unavailable in their hometown.”
– State Senator Sharon Nelson, 01/14/2017
Can you guess what local Republicans have to say about these unmet needs of our state’s children, parents, and teachers? That it’s all “an illusion.”
Dear WA GOP — Lack of heat, lead-poisoned water, and inaccessible school programs are not illusions.
It’s clear – Washingtonians support fully funding our schools. Earlier this week, nearly 7,000 people rallied on the capitol steps to demand action from our legislators!
If there’s one thing that Republicans should be able to get on board with, it’s funding safe, accessible, comprehensive schools for our children. But they’re dragging their feet, refusing to pass a bill that would prevent massive budget cuts – these cuts would raise class sizes and lay off thousands of teachers, and hurt the kids who rely on a great public education.
We need to keep the pressure on Republicans to join Democrats and save our schools!  Sign our petition now to help hold Republicans accountable.
Thank you for your help,
Jaxon Ravens
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