Stop the Dakota Access Pipeline — again

This is urgent.

Donald Trump has taken the first step towards reviving the Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipelines, projects that thousands of people like you workeTake Actiond for years tirelessly to stop.

Our message is, has always been, and will continue be simple: we will resist any attempts to trample Indigenous rights and our climate in order to boost profits for the fossil fuel industry. We will resist this attempt to revive dangerous oil pipelines the American people do not want.

Pleas to the Trump administration have fallen on deaf ears, but we can still take action and stop this disaster before it starts. Citibank is one of the lead funders of the Dakota Access Pipeline. If it pulls its support, the financial future of this project would become very shaky, very fast.

This is our time to rise up. Tell Citibank to pull its support for the Dakota Access Pipeline and stop funding human rights abuse and climate destruction!

Citibank claims that it supports the protection of human rights around the world. But it’s still funding a project that directly threatens the Standing Rock Sioux’s tribal sovereignty, water supply, and ancestral lands.

Add to that the militarized police response to peaceful water protectors, and it’s clear that this company cannot claim to care about human rights and support this project at the same time.

Solidarity with Indigenous leaders is adding up. Several big financial institutions have already pulled their funding for the Dakota Access Pipeline — let’s add Citibank to the list! Tell it to stop putting profits over people TODAY.

It’s not yet clear exactly what Trump’s declaration today means in terms of starting up legal proceedings or construction on these projects — but it doesn’t matter. Any step backwards towards an America run on polluting fossil fuels is a reason to rise up, resist, and stop this administration from rolling back the progress that we’ve achieved.

You’ve stood with communities on the frontlines of these pipeline projects before, now we need you to step up again.

Sign on today to tell Citibank to stop funding the Dakota Access Pipeline!

In solidarity,

Mary Sweeters
Climate Campaigner, Greenpeace USA

P.S. Water protectors, climate activists, organizers, and people like you didn’t stop these projects just to let Trump bring them back from the dead without a fight. Take urgent action to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline by urging Citibank to withdraw its support!


We’ve stopped the Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipelines before, and we’ll do it again.


Tell Citibank to stop funding this dirty fossil fuel project NOW!

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