Join the resistance! Amazon Watch

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This past weekend, millions of women and supporters of women’s rights marched all over the globe. Amazon Watch also marched, joining our allies in confronting the real and present dangers threatening women and our entire planet. The Women’s March was a powerful message of solidarity and resistance, but it was only a first step in the resistance to the moves by the Trump administration.


Indigenous women of the Amazon have long been at the forefront of resistance on behalf of the planet and in defense of their rights and homes. Just as we stand with them, we also stand with our Sioux allies as the Dakota Access Pipeline fight re-escalates. We are all stronger together, and we must renew our commitment to support each other no matter where the next battle takes place. Women standing together in Washington and in the Amazon need our support and our action.

In defiance of climate deniers, of “alternative facts”, of handing over the reigns of government to the oil industry, of targeting women, immigrants and people of color, and in defiance of those who destroy nature to extract a profit – we stand together in resistance. Amazon Watch will continue to support efforts for climate justice and human rights in the U.S. and in the Amazon. Our allies and supporters know that our efforts are all interconnected and all lead towards the same goal: respect for human rights and the environment.

We are counting on your support. Each of us must commit to do more. Thank you for standing with us and with the resistance. May the forest be with you!

Leila Salazar-López
Executive Director