Defend refugee families from Trump #AllAreWelcomeHere”

Last Saturday, millions of us poured into the streets from Barrow, Alaska, to Washington, D.C., to Tallahassee, Florida at the Women’s Marches. I myself was proud to march with my family in our nation’s capitol. Our display of unity showed the world how powerful we are when we rise up together.

Now, Donald Trump is lashing out against values held by the majority of people in this country – and against families just like mine.

Yesterday the President signed executive orders beginning construction on a destructive and unnecessary border wall, creating a much-expanded deportation force, and exacting retribution against sanctuary cities.

Reports are that in the next few days Trump will sign another order attacking refugees – people fleeing war and seeking protection. This order will likely include what amounts to a Muslim ban. People needing refuge will be turned away because of Trump’s fear and hatred.

Will you join me in taking a “Solidarity Selfie” and letting the world know we reject Trump’s fearmongering?

Years ago, my family immigrated here from Iran and we’ve been happy to call the U.S. our home ever since. If Trump’s ban on Muslims had been in place, my family would have never made it here.

Trump’s vision of our country is based on fear – not hope.That’s not the country we marched for on Saturday. That’s not the country that my family adopted as our home.

Like all bullies, Trump is a coward. He attacks those who are most vulnerable, thinking no one will stand up for them. But he’s wrong. The country will stand for hope not fear, and I know you will stand with us to say no to Trump’s border wall, refugee ban and discrimination against Muslims.

Speak out by sharing a “Solidarity Selfie” today on social media:

  • Write a short note on a piece of paper – something like “Refugees Welcome,” “Here to Stay” or “I Stand with Immigrants” “#AllAreWelcomeHere” or your own message
  • Take a picture of yourself with the paper
  • Tweet the photo of yourself, along with a note, at @POTUS. Make sure to include the hashtag #SolidaritySelfie and mention @PplsAction if you have room!

You can see some samples of #SolidaritySelfies on Twitter.

In solidarity,

Mehrdad Azemun
People’s Action